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Ok, this may be a little off topic for S.O.E. but since I see about 20+ new videos posted daily I wanted to ask some of the people here, knowledgeable people only, their opinions about video editing and rendering equipment. I am currently building an new computer to edit video and run 3D animation apps and high resolution photo editing soft ware. The target programs I'm looking to run are as follows.

maya, 3D max 7, soft image, Flash (ok, yeah I don't need a lot of horse power for this one) and photo shop, (yeah not much needed hear too)

In addition I'm going to run video editing soft ware (don't know which one yet) and all of the typical production apps

So I already know the system I'm building I just need help deciding on a graphics adapter.

At risk of being seen as materialistic on this forum here is a list of parts I will be using

Intel i7 (2.66, I can over clock but why would I need to at this point)

12 gigs ddr3 ram

1.5 TB hard drive

1000 watt power supply

42 inch 1080p monitor

using an one board 8.1 channal sound card (maybe will upgrade later)

Don't have the paper on me telling me what mother board I'm using but it's a very good one and is SLI and Crossfire compatible (like any one worthwhile is taking advantage of this lol) with 3 PCI 16x slots, I think 2 PCI slots, an IDE header (I know) 6 sata connections, 1 Esata connection and 6 slots for DDR3 ram supporting 2 gigs each.

running fedora 11 or red hat

Ok so I need some one who knows and does heavy high res video editing, preferably animation, to recommend a graphics adapter, I need a workstation class graphics adapter, No gaming rig cards, I'm not blowing 2+ K on a toy

Any why the price I'm willing to dump on a graphics adapter is about 4-6 hundred dollars so about mid to entry level. willing to use 512mb would like to go higher, know that isn't likely.

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