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Comet Elenin is a Mother-Ship of the Galactic Federation; ~ The Latest about Comet Elenin ~from Dr. Georgi Stankov

Part 2
Elenin's Third Function -
The third reason, why Elenin has appeared on our skies, is associated with Nibiru.
Therefore, it is no coincidence that all false-flag announcements of NASA
and the dark Cabal regarding Elenin are deliberately associated with Nibiru.
In my last book, I have written the following about Nibiru at the end of 2010,
when I received much detailed information from the causal worlds about this celestial body
(see letter to Kahu Fred, in my book
"The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction..").
A am quoting the most important passages from this email,
as they give you a clear explanation, why Elenin has arrived at this time:

"I have no strong opinion on the Planet X, also known as the 12th Planet or Nibiru,
which is on the way to earth with Reptilians on board from the Draco Planet
in the Orion constellation, as it will not affect Ascension,
but I can give you some detailed information on it.
It is an artificial planetoid now approaching earth that cannot be observed
with a telescope because it is cloaked like a stealth bomber.
There are some videos about this planet in Internet,
however according to my opinion, these are presenting optical artifacts.
Until now the existence of this planetoid has been kept secret by the
scientific establishment for reasons, I will disclose below,
although the author Sitchen wrote some books about this planetoid in the 70s and 80s,
and this was a popular theme in the New Age movement in the USA at that time.

However, very soon the astronomers can no longer hide its existence
and will be compelled to announce it, as it will affect earth’s orbit sometimes next year.
What I cannot tell you at present with certainty,
is whether this announcement will precede the announcement of the existence of
the Galactic Federation of Light Forces
which are preparing earth's Ascension or will be done thereafter.
Anyway, the people must be prepared for some spectacular revelations,
beginning next year, as there is very little time left prior to Ascension.

As you may know, there was an assessment on the energy conditions on earth
in July 2010 in the higher realms -
the so called second harmonic convergence
(the first one was in 1987 when the actual process of earth's Ascension truly unfolded) -
and it was concluded that the threshold (light quotient) of awakened souls on earth
had not been reached, because many light workers were seduced by the dark forces
and have been distracted from their initial soul contracts of enlightenment.

As the Forces of Light have to respect the free will of the incarnated entities on earth
and have to be asked by a sufficiently large number of human beings to officially intervene,
they have postponed many times the "First Contact”,
which they have extensively announced during the last three years through numerous channels.

I was personally involved in the July decision in the dream state,
in which I am most of the time in full consciousness.
This will be the normal state after Ascension in the 5th dimension.
It was actually decided that the first very small wave of light workers,
who have already ascended in the 5th dimension by augmenting the frequencies of their
physical vessels during the individual light body process (LBP) in the last 10-15 years,
had to stay on earth for a while and help other light workers to progress in their LBP.
This was a huge sacrifice on the part of these highly evolved entities,
which they, including myself, made on behalf of their soul brothers and sisters,
who have difficulties with the current energetic changes on earth
and have not progressed sufficiently in accordance with their pre-conceived soul contracts.

This help is energetically accomplished by augmenting the energies
of the ascended light workers in the higher realms,
while they are repeating the LBP in a short version once again and by projecting these
harmonious energies onto the laggards.
This is a very complex energetic phenomenon based on the laws of constructive
and destructive interference that can be hardly explained in verbal terms.

It is essentially the same job, which many light workers are performing nowadays
on earth by augmenting the frequencies of this planet with their astral fields at the quantum level.
They are, so to say, conduits of Light that flows from the higher realms through the
human bodies of the light workers into the earth body and has the function to
delete the low frequencies of Darkness that have reigned for eons of time on this rather toxic planet.
For this reason, the first and second waves of human Ascension were merged
and will most probably occur around 11.11.11., when the last, but one, star gate is opened.
The third wave will be mass Ascension of humanity as announced for the end of 2012.

Now, all these events are associated with the coming of the Planet X (Nibiru) in many ways,
as everything is interconnected in the universe.
Most of the plots of science-fiction films from Hollywood were given by proxies of the dark forces
to prepare the masses for the inevitable revelations that will begin next year.
This practice began in the early 50s after the transmission of the famous play of
H.G. Well about the invasion of Mars aliens before WW2 triggered a panic in the USA.
Since then, the Elite and the hidden government decided to keep their contacts
with the dark forces secret and eliminated anybody who tried to reveal the truth.

The ultra-secret dark forces know about the upcoming Ascension for many years,
as they have been informed by the Greys and the Reptilians,
who have some technologies (remote viewing) that enable them to see future timelines.
The human Elite is building huge underground bases with the help of these aliens
in the hope to survive the Rapture and proceed with their enslavement of
incarnated human beings on the descended planet.

For this reason, the Elite and the hidden Government of the New World Order
are now trapped in a dilemma:
Should they go with the dark forces or with the Forces of Light of the Galactic Federation,
which has contacted the US- and other governments on many occasions in the last years,
but the latter have so far declined to co-operate with them?
This is due to the fact that most of the responsible politicians nowadays
are reptilian shape-shifters who have their own agenda and do not care at all about mankind.
The Reptilians are in much smaller numbers on earth at present than the Greys,
but they control most of the Elite and the Khazars in the financial sector.

As you see, the history of mankind is much more complex and dark
than most people and light workers currently assume.
There is a kind of refreshing naivety among most light workers that is overwhelming
and breath-taking and this attitude has hindered an earlier Revelation of the true situation on earth -
the expose of the Powers That Be and the Disclosure of the Forces of Light.

The Dracos, although military more powerful than the Greys,
have conceded that the Greys from the Orion Empire control earth and humanity,
because they are more experienced in the management of planets.
Their number is much smaller than that of the Greys and for that reason Planet X
is currently approaching earth with a large number of Reptilians.
They want to establish supremacy on the remaining catastrophic earth
after the shift will occur on December 21, 2012.

This is part of the agreement between the Forces of Light and the dark forces
at the highest level of Cosmic Providence.
It provides that these evil aliens will not expand any further in this part of the universe
after earth’s shift and Ascension, as the catastrophic earth,
on which they will continue to exhibit their unlimited control,
will not be able to render the necessary resources to expand in this part of the galaxy.
But these dark ones always break their contracts.

However this should not bother us, who will ascend in the 5th dimension.
After Ascension, when half of mankind will be in the 5th dimension,
the situation will change in the blink of an eye.
The technological basis of the new ascended humanity will be much more advanced
than that of the current controllers of earth,
Soon, human beings will have access to soul-technologies,
which do not need external devices, but work on the basis of immediate imagination and realisation.

The Reptilians on Nibiru are coming to earth at this point in time
because they consider themselves to be the legitimate owners of this planet.
Their original planet is now dying and they are in search of a new planet.

Since earth is for more than 500 000 years under the control
of the Draco/Reptilian faction from the Orion Empire
(not with standing the fact that there have been local enlightened civilisations,
such as Lemuria and Atlantis),
their intention is to debark on the catastrophic earth shortly after Ascension.
This earth version will degrade into greater 3d-density and separation from the Source,
after the shift has taken place and the 5th–dimensional earth has already ascended
with a substantial part of the enlightened human population.

The 3d-earth, which will remain under the control of the current Powers That Be,
will evolve into greater density and separation from the higher realms - from God.
This is the experience that some incarnated entities have chosen to have on earth at this time.
Purely for this reason, there is a huge battle between the dark and light forces on earth
for the souls of the sleeping majority.
Its outcome is not predictable with respect to the number of harvested souls on both sides.

The alternative is - paradise or hell.
The final date of Ascension is however a done deal and independent of the actual outcome
of this battle for human souls.
By the way, this battle was depicted allegorically by John in his Revelations
as the battle between Gog and Magog at the time of the appearance of the Antichrist,
respectively the Beast.
This was an allegory for the dark forces, constituting of Greys and Reptilians,
and their human proxies on earth.

However, there is one additional unknown variable in this cosmic drama.
Some small Greys (zeta reticuli) are not very happy with the arrival of the Reptilians
on Planet X, because they know that they will have to become soon or later their slaves,
as these Reptilians are more powerful than them.
Some Greys are inclined to help the humans get liberated from the Reptilian influence.
In this respect the landing of the Reptilians from Planet X on earth B is not yet certain.
However, it will pass near the earth’s orbit and this will have a huge devastating effect
on the remaining 3d-earth, where life will become intolerable very soon after the Shift.
This planetoid will not affect the ascended 5th dimensional earth."

I have quoted this email on Nibiru in some length in my answer to you,
 as it explains the true role of this planetoid in the End Times.
Currently there is much confusion about this celestial object.
This information is almost one year old, but it is now brilliantly confirmed by my latest news
from the causal worlds.
Of course, the ultimate proof will be given in the next two months.

I have made in this interview with you the most precise and specific forecast
that I have ever seen in Internet or published in the New Age literature.
If nothing happens, as predicted by myself, it will be the greatest blunder in my whole life.
However, I am firmly confident in the accuracy of my information from the causal worlds.
I have never received such a precise information,
unless it is absolutely correct and its realisation (materialisation) is around the 100%-range of certainty.

I am working with astral probability alternatives since the year 2000
and have established in the meantime a fairly robust method of assessing the probability range.
The events that I am discussing in this interview will certainly happen,
because such is the divine plan for this planet.
They will happen in this fall, as the portal 11.11.11 is the deadline for these events.
That is why Elenin will approach earth in this time.
However, I cannot tell you the exact sequence of events with a 100% certainty.
Except from that, everything fits into my scenario for this fall,
as I have predicted it more than an year ago - actually as early as 1998,
when I was first informed by the causal worlds
that I will be the first Ascended Master in the End Times.

And now let me explain to you the causal relationship between Elenin and Nibiru.
Elenin is the good comet, the harbinger of Light and Ascension.
Nibiru is the bad comet - the comet of Darkness and further enslavement of the
remaining mankind on the catastrophic earth B. It makes sense, doesn't it?
It does not make any sense only to those, such as the channel Matthew and his followers,
who do not assume the further existence of a debased earth B.
Mathew is omitting this fact from a psychological point of view,
as he does not want to scare the many light workers, who are reading his messages.
However, he is doing a disservice to their enlightenment,
as they do not have the full picture and cannot interpret the current events in a correct manner.
Hence the importance of this interview,
as I put all the pieces together and complete the final cosmic mosaic of earth in the End Times.

By the way, the arrival of two comets in the End Time is a recurrent motif
in many old prophecies, such as those of the Hopi.

The Galactic Federation knows very well the intentions of the Reptilian faction
on Nibiru for the End Times and for that reason it has sent Elenin,
so that it can arrive before Nibiru and create a "fait accomplis" on earth,
before this planetoid nears our planet and harvests those souls that will remain
on planet B.
By launching Elenin, the Galactic Federation will hinder these reptilians
to influence the outcome of the Ascension process that will begin
to unfold on a global and visible scale during this fall and will soon encompass the whole humanity.

This will lead to an enormous spiritual boost that is currently circumscribed
as the "Quickening", although this process has begun in the year 2000.
Those few incarnated souls, who have decided in their soul contracts to stay
on the catastrophic earth B, will most probably reject or neglect the occurrence of such
dramatic events as the coming of Elenin, the splitting of the two earth versions,
the first wave of ascended human masters, etc.
Instead, they will experience in their fear-driven timeline the collapse of the old economic order,
with which they identify themselves, and the many natural catastrophes
that will peak in the remaining 15 months prior to mass Ascension
as part of the final cleansing of mother earth from the rest dark energies.
These devastating events will determine their future life on earth B.
The split of humanity in these two timelines will officially begin with Elenin in October 2011.

Around September 9 -11, 2011,
a new, very powerful high frequency cosmic wave will sweep over earth and humanity.
It will merge with the already existing high frequency energies
that flooded this planet in July and August.
Their combined effect will be felt after September 20.
The new energetic situation will no longer support the old world order,
so that all its financial, political,
and social structures will crumble within a very short period of time.

As you see, I am giving you an all-round picture of the Ascension scenario
in the coming several months.

Now let me explain one central question, around which a lot of confusion
has arisen among all light workers in the last several years.
The term "Ascended Master" is not really understood by most people.
You may remember that we have discussed this issue on several occasions in the past.
Now I would like to summarize this topic.

Essentially, there are two different forms of Ascension - individual and mass Ascension.
The individual Ascension is independent of the planets' alignment of the 11 ascended civilisations
from the Galactic federation with earth and the central sun of the galaxy,
which will be the future 12th member of this organisation some time after Ascension.
This celestial constellation will trigger Mass Ascension on December 21, 2012.

The individual Ascension presupposes that the person has gone through all stages
of the light body process and has augmented the frequencies of his physical,
biological body to that of the crystalline 144-grid of earth.
In this case, his body is also of crystalline nature.
When this level is reached, the individual can transform his physical vessel into light body
and leave the material 3d-plane.
He will no longer be visible to the other people that remain on this planet
and will soon move to the new template of the ascended earth that already exists in the 5th dimension.
(Important novel information for advanced physicists:
The 144-octave of universal Creation vibrates with a time period,
which is equivalent to the Planck's time of the big bang.
I have explained this fundamental natural constant in volume I and volume II on physics.).

Now, according to my information from the causal worlds,
it is not even necessary for the individual to have augmented the frequencies
of his physical vessel to the 144-octave of universal Creation in order to ascend,
as the new blueprint of the ascended earth vibrates in the lower second level of the 5th dimension,
which still contains some form of physicality.
The vibrational octaves of these levels are below the 144-octave.
In this case, the ascended entities will permanently move to the 5th dimension
and will not be able to show up in the still existing 3d space-time of earth.

There will be other individuals, who have elevated the frequencies
of their physical bodies beyond the 144-octave, as is the case with me.
I have reached this octave on October 13, 2010, when I temporarily ascended in the higher realms.
Because of that I was able to return once again on earth and to continue
with the augmentation of my body frequencies in the 3d-space-time.
By the end of February, my soul informed me that I have reached the 190-octave,
which is equivalent to the 6th dimension of pure ideas.
This level is associated with the causal worlds, from where I get my information.

I am fairly aware of the fact that there are other classifications of astral strata
in the esoteric literature, but they essentially relay the same knowledge:
The higher the frequencies of your four bodies (physical, emotional, mental, and ethereal) are -
the more evolved your soul is, until you reach a level,
where the soul is dissolved into the bigger soul family or monad and merges with the Source.
At this level, there is no longer any separation between individual souls.
This ought to be basic esoteric knowledge.

Now, the following is a completely new information,
which I have not found in any channeled or other message so far -
and you know that I have a good overview on this type of literature.
The paradoxical situation is that the higher the frequencies of your physical vessel are,
the more easily you can present your body in the 3d-density on earth.
This is the actual difference between various ascended masters.

Generally, all souls that have finished with their incarnation cycle enter a new dimensional level,
which can be described as the 6th dimension.
These souls are generally defined as Ascended Masters in the popular channeled literature.
You know that I am fond of precise definitions as to avoid any misunderstanding.
This is the core of the new Theory of Science of the Universal Law.

These Ascended Masters cannot return on earth, as it is very difficult for them
to create a light body that will be visible to normal human beings.
I am not saying that it is energetically impossible, as it is definitely not the case.
This act of materialisation of high frequency energies simply affords an enormous amount of energy.
However, in All-That-Is reigns the basic "mini-max-principle" of Creation,
which I also define as the "principle of cosmic optimisation".
It says that it is the duty of any sentient, creative cosmic being to achieve the maximal,
the most beneficial result with a minimum of energy input.

No responsible Ascended Master will ever show himself on earth by creating
a visible light body through the exhaustion of huge amount of pure energy,
unless there is an absolute necessity to do so.
In addition, if a society, like the current human civilisation,
is living under the veil of total forgetfulness, such an appearance with only infringe
upon the rules of incarnation on this planet.
This is the only reason, why the Forces of Light do not usually show themselves on earth,
although there are no principle hurdles that prevent them from doing it.

Only in the special case, when the incarnated entity has transformed his physical vessel
during his last incarnation under the usual material conditions of 3d-space-time on earth,
can this entity materialize and dematerialize his body anytime at his discretion.
I define such an incarnated soul as "transliminal soul".
This is a unique achievement that goes beyond the popular term "Ascended Master".
The reason for this is that the ethereal and astral fields of such an entity
have incorporated so much high frequency energies from the 6th and higher dimensions
that his body fields are mere prolongations of these dimensions
in the dense 3d-space-time on earth. In order to be a transliminal soul,
one must have reached at least the 144-octave of earth's crystalline grid.

Now, below the level of Ascended Masters, as described above,
there are several distinct levels of Ascension.
For instance, one can ascend in spirit to the 144-octave,
but still dwell in his physical vessel, until the final mass Ascension in December 2012 takes place.
After that this entity will no longer dwell in the lower 5th dimension,
but will automatically reach the highest 5d-levels, where he can exist as pure energy.
This entity, or soul, can create anytime a light body and appear in the second level of the 5th dimension,
where most of the incarnated human beings will find themselves after Ascension.

These entities are the current star seeds, who will be the new spiritual leaders
of the ascended humanity.
The energetic differences in the higher dimensions between individual souls
are much more pronounced than on earth, where an old,
high frequency soul cannot be easily discerned from a young or baby soul
of low vibration at first glance.
This is the chief reason, why old souls find it so difficult to stay on this toxic planet -
it defies any spiritual hierarchy.
Quite on the contrary - the less evolved the soul on earth is,
the higher its social status and greater its power abuse.
This is the trademark of the old order of the Orion Empire - the dominance of the Cabal -
 that will collapse this fall.
As you see, all pieces fit ideally into the grand cosmic puzzle and find an easy explanation.

Now let me approach one final question on your part.
How many light workers (star seeds) will ascend in the first wave?
First of all, let me be clear on one issue.
Not all candidates for Ascension will ascend simultaneously at the same time.
There will be this period between October 16 and November 11,
when many individual Ascensions will take place.
The total number of ascended human entities during this period cannot be specified at this time.
The original divine plan of the White Brotherhood of Ascended Masters
was to have about 20 million in the first ascension wave.
This number is half of all star seeds, living on this planet,
who have also reached the biological age to ascend.

According to my estimation, the number of first Ascended Masters will be much lower -
somewhere between 2 and 5 million.
But again - these are guess numbers.
Even in the highest realms,
there is no certainty about these numbers as any candidate must give his firm consent
to ascend when the call for ascension comes.
Many may retreat out of fear from disintegrating their physical bodies
and expanding their energetic fields in the very last moment.
Based on this scenario, humanity must expect many dramatic events
in the coming months and weeks.
By the way, this is also not new - there is a general feeling of impatient,
heightened awareness among all light workers that something big is in the making on this planet.
All channeled messages in the last several weeks are full of such predictions.
One must be blind not to see the signs of imminent change.
This prognosis, though maybe the most daring, precise,
and detailed one in the current times,
is thus not a unique manifestation of personal intellectual courage -

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Comment by patrick on October 11, 2011 at 3:57pm

thanks again Claude

the important part really is that Comet Elenin seems to be a messenger of the rising (positive timeline) vibration, or a catalyst maybe. The next alignment and the perigee with earth will be on the 16th. What will happen then I wonder ?

Comment by Claude on October 11, 2011 at 10:58am

Hello Patrick...!

Thank You for your comment/share

Yes...I truly enjoyed reading this Document..

I edited it..and enhanced it, to make it easier to Read For All. As you have Seen.


Comment by patrick on October 11, 2011 at 6:53am
Great article.
'Around September 9 -11, 2011, a new, very powerful high frequency cosmic wave will sweep over earth and humanity.'
It was around this time that Occupy Wall Street started, going on to grab the world's attention on 27th September with the NYPD mace attack on women peacefully demonstrating.

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