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Comet Elenin is a Mother-Ship of the Galactic Federation; ~ The Latest about Comet Elenin ~from Dr. Georgi Stankov

The latest from Dr. Georgi Stankov about Comet Elenin
Part 1
Is it a ship...its a comet...its Nibiru...?
who knows what the bloody well it is...with soooo much disinfo seeping through it
difficult to keep up at the best of times hey...suppose we'll know sooner or later folks...
The sooner the I'm going for the next few months>>>
Mind you this does fit in with alot of other theories...

Comet Elenin is a Mother-Ship of the Galactic Federation;
It will Trigger the Visible Split of Earth in Ascended Earth (A)
and Catastrophic Earth (B) in October 2011

First Wave of Ascended Human Masters is Expected between
October 16 and November 11, 2011.

Earth is to enter the Photon Belt on 11.11.11.

By Dr. Georgi Stankov, Copyright 2011

Comet Elenin is in the news and the minds of the world community since it was
first discovered by the Russian amateur astronomer Leonid Elenin on December 10, 2010,
through remote control of the International Scientific
Optical Network's robotic observatory near Mayhill, New Mexico,

When I predicted in my last interview with you that the financial collapse will take place
in late September and October, I explicitly stressed that only after this,
the true End Time of Relevations and Jubilations (not Tribulations) of humanity will begin.
This will be the final period of preparation for Ascension. All facts must come on the table.
I told you that you must bear in mind the two pivotal dates, 11.11.11 and 12.12.12,
which mark the last two star portals, opening the road to Ascension for earth and mankind.
The 11.11.11 portal will be the beginning of the official Ascension process for humanity.
As I have written on many occasions,
it will be triggered by the First Wave of Ascended human Masters.

Now I can give you new and more precise information on how these dramatic
and breath-taking events will unfold in detail in the course of this fall.
This information I am receiving continuously from the causal worlds,
with which I stay in an open telepathic contact since 1992.

The first brand-new information is the role, which the Comet Elenin will play
in the coming crucial events.
Contrary to the current confusion in the mass media and Internet,
deliberately instigated by the dark ones,
Comet Elenin is a mother-ship of the Galactic Federation and is heading towards earth
to support the begin of human Ascension.
It is tarnished as a hollow planetoid/asteroid of comparatively modest proportions.
The more important. bigger 5th-dimensional part of this mother-ship
is invisible to human eyes and cannot be detected with material devices.

Before I proceed with the Ascension scenario in the coming two months,
let me explain first, how this fraud has been created by NASA and other governmental bodies.

The Comet C/2010 X1 (Elenin) was first discovered by the Russian amateur astronomer
Leonid Elenin on December 10, 2010, through remote control of the
International Scientific Optical Network's robotic observatory near Mayhill, New Mexico,
U.S.A. At the time of discovery, the comet was about 150,000 times fainter
 than can be seen with the naked eye.[5]
The discoverer, Leonid Elenin, estimated that the comet nucleus is 3–4 km in diameter.

This discovery triggered a wave of wild speculations around the doomsday scenario,
which the dark ones fodder for many years in film, television and mass media.
As the comet was fairly small, it was postulated that a brown dwarf is hiding behind it
that may have a huge gravitational impact on earth and cause massive devastation.
These horror scenarios were deliberately launched by the Cabal
to inflate the collective fears of the people and delude them from the ascension timeline,
which they can only enter, if they are free of existential angst.
In a second step, NASA entered the scene as a competent interlocutor
and rejected all these doomsday-prophecies with seemingly irrevocable scientific arguments.
Here I am presenting a small sample of the forged scientific dementi of NASA,
which I will discuss below from the point of view of the new physical Theory of the Universal Law:

"You may have seen the scary headlines. You may have read those alarming emails.
But do you believe it? Just in case, NASA has issued the facts about
a comet called Elenin. And no, these aren't the "facts" doomsayers will tell you.

In short, the 3-5 kilometer-wide comet can't hurt us. Really, it can't.
It's too small and its closest approach to Earth will bring it 90 times
the Earth-moon distance. 90 times the Earth-moon distance.
That's a whopping 35 million kilometers (22 million miles) away.
Could there be any conceivable impact to our everyday lives by this dirty snowball?

WATCH VIDEOS: From meteors to asteroids, browse the Discovery News playlist
and discover what it takes for a piece of space rock to turn potentially hazardous for life on Earth.

ANALYSIS: Will Earthbound Comet Elenin Fulfill 2012 Prophecy?

I seriously doubt this will calm the overactive imaginations of some conspiracy theorists,
but NASA has felt the need to respond to the crazy theories being flung around
and to address some of the more rational questions.
(NASA did a similar thing in 2009 when responding to the 2012 doomsday nonsense,
issuing a statement that there was no known astronomical reason
for the end of the world on Dec. 21, 2012.)

Helpfully, two NASA scientists have been hard at work over the past few months
responding to questions from the public.
Yesterday, NASA compiled some of the most popular questions, creating an
"everything you ever needed to know about Comet Elenin" Q&A.

The Elenin answers were provided by Don Yeomans of NASA's Near-Earth
Object Program Office at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif.,
and David Morrison of the NASA Astrobiology Institute at the NASA Ames Research Center
in Moffett Field, Calif.
Morrison is no stranger to responding to these kinds of questions,
having become NASA's in-house 2012 doomsday debunker.

OPINION: Nibiru - Armageddon Planet or Astronomical Baloney? (by David Morrison)

It seems that doomsday theorists and astrologers alike believe that any celestial object,
no matter how small or distant, can have some magical influence on Earth.
Fortunately, this isn't true".

Please observe that NASA is connecting Elenin with Nibiru
without any obvious astronomical reason.
This should be weighed upon the information, leaking from NASA that shortly
before the last space shuttle was launched in space,
the employees of NASA were informed at a special meeting that they will have to be dismissed
not because the space shuttle programme has been terminated,
but because NASA is expecting very soon an invasion of evil aliens.
However, all the dismissed employees could seek refugee
in one of the many underground bases of the dark US-Cabal.

This was the usual manipulation of intimidated humans by the dark ones
with the aim of dumping down any critical scientists in NASA,
who may have asked some specific questions or even leaked secret information
on Elenin and the upcoming events.
These are of course known to the bosses of this camouflage organisation,
operating as a cover-up for the secret joint ventures of the US-EIite with the Orion Empire.

Now back to Elenin and the fraudulent dementi of NASA.
It is not the purpose of this mother-ship of the Galactic Federation to cause
natural catastrophes on earth, but to help the split of the two timelines of earth in the End Times.
As I have written in my last book, earth will ultimately split
in an ascended earth (A) and a degraded, catastrophic earth
(B) in the three days of stasis around December 21, 2012,
when a huge photon tsunami from the central sun of the galaxy will flood upon earth
and transport the ascended earth to the 5th dimension (see also the ongoing scenario).

This process will actually begin with a full force on the 16th of October 2011,
when Elenin will reach the closest distance to earth.
The influence of Elenin can only be understood in conjunction with the
energetic transformation of earth that is going on since 01.01.01,
when the crystalline 144-grid of earth started to be renewed.
After the Fall of Atlantis and the full conquest of this planet by the Dark forces
from the Orion Empire, the earth was put under quarantine from the rest of the galaxy
as not to intoxicate the other civilisations with its negative energies.

In the first place, the crystalline grid from the Atlantean
and Lemurian times was wrapped up.
As a result, the earth sunk into greater density and physicality.
The veil of forgetfulness became impermeable and the energetic interceptions
with the higher realms of cosmic awareness and excarnated souls were practically cut off.
This quarantine lasted since 1987, when the first harmonic convergence took place
in the summer of that year.
After the final decision was taken in the early 90s in the highest realms
of Cosmic Providence that earth and humanity will ascend in December 2012,
and that earth will not be destroyed,
the regeneration of the crystalline 144-grid was initiated on the 1st of January, 2000.
Each year, a new star portal is opened at the specific numerological dates:
2.2.2, 3.3.3... 11.11.11, and 12.12.12. Each portal corresponds to the building of about 8.5%
of the earth's crystalline 144-grid. On 11,11.11, the grid will be completed by about 93%.

These are the hard cosmic facts, which NASA deliberately hides from the public,
although the dark Cabal know very well what is ongoing on earth in the End Times.
Instead they are playing insidious games with the incompetent
and ignorant public by averting the attention of the people from the real facts.

The impact of the Mother-ship of the Galactic Federation, known as Elenin,
will not be at the gravitational level, as it has been intentionally disseminated by
NASA specialists, but at the high-frequency levels,
which currently cannot be measured with material instruments.
In this respect all astronomical data that have been given by NASA are irrelevant.
I have proved in my scientific books that there is an upper limit of discrimination,
which material devices cannot overcome.
This is the famous Planck's constant h, which is the smallest quant of energy
that can be currently measured.
This fact is in the centre of present-day failed quantum mechanics
and is known as the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle or the Copenhagener Interpretation
of the breaking of the wave function.
I am quite specific on this issue in my answer to you,
as I want to counter-balance the scientific fraud of NASA with sound scientific arguments.

The Planck's constant is the basic action potential of the electromagnetic spectrum.
All the information, which humans acquire from the universe,
is limited to the electromagnetic spectrum.
This is illustrated by the constant speed of light c, which is the carrier of all information
at the micro- and macro-level.
However, the high frequency realms are not limited by the speed of light.
Their simultaneity and synchronicity is the proof that all energetic interactions
in these realms occur immediately without any speed limitation.

The limited speed of light is the basic camouflage for the hallucinatory perception
of 3d-space-time by the narrow human senses. In this respect NASA only reiterates
the global human illusion as to stir confusion
and create new fear with respect to the End Times.
It is very important to understand this fear-mongering strategy of the dark Cabal,
as it will be the greatest hindrance to Ascension in the coming days.

Before I proceed with my elaboration on the positive effects of Elenin,
one last proof for NASA's policy of fraud.
Several days ago, the Orion Empire launched a massive nuclear strike against Elenin,
as I was informed by the causal worlds.
The missile exploded in the stealth shield of this mother-ship of the Galactic Federation,
but had no effect on its orbit.
There was a huge explosion that was observed by many astronomers.
 To cover-up this attack, the Cabal propaganda of the paid deceivers in NASA
announced last week that Elenin will intercept with the coronal mass ejections from the sun
and this will cause an explosion three days later.
How did they know it in advance,
except that they were informed about this assault, is not explained.
And how such a singular explosion could occur with the sun flares
physically remains still a mystery. NASA has given no explanation to it.
This is the greatest nonsense that has ever been distributed in the mass media,
and it defies any reasonable scientific mind.
But this latest awkward fraud also shows in what a precarious situation NASA currently is.

Now back to my sound scientific explanation of Elenin's impact.
As I said already, all our information comes from the electromagnetic spectrum,
Humans are essentially "eye-animals", as I call them.
This holds true for all astronomic information.
This information is systemically flawed.
What all humans still do not truly understand,
is that there is no difference between electromagnetism and gravitation.

I have proved this for the first time, after I discovered the Universal Law.
The proof can be found in volume I and volume II on physics.
But I can explain the unity of electromagnetism and gravitation with a simple example.

The Germans developed the magnetic train in the 70s, but never realized it in this country.
The company that developed this technology comes from Munich, where I live.
However, they built the first and only magnetic train in China, Shanghai.
This train is based on the following energetic principle:
Huge magnets establish alternating electromagnetic fields between the rails
and the body of the train, which are opposite in direction to the gravitation and offset its force.
The train is elevated and slides like a hovercraft
without any resistance upon this electromagnetic field.

This is a simple practical example which shows that the two forces are interlinked -
precisely, they are manifestations of one primordial energy, which is All-That-Is.
This is the basic statement of the new physical theory of the Universal Law.

At this place I must make your readers aware of the fact that according to the
standard model, which is the most advanced theoretical model of present-day failed physics,
gravitation cannot be integrated with electromagnetism and the other two fundamental forces.
This ignorance of conventional physics brings into a focus all the bogus argumentation
of NASA with respect to the effects of Elenin.
This ignorance can also be seen in Wikipedia, which does not mention in its essay on
gravitation that this force cannot be integrated with the other three
fundamental forces in the standard model.
Everywhere, one looks upon a topic more closely, one only finds ignorance.
This is the deplorable situation on earth prior to Ascension.
Hence the necessity for the new Theory of
Ascension of the Universal Law to reach finally humanity.

Elenin's First Function -
The actual effect of Elenin will be in the high frequency astral levels,
beyond the detection of material instruments,
which are limited to the electromagnetic spectrum.
In the first place, it will augment the wobbling of the earth,
which is in a process of mitosis, to use this term from biology,
describing the division of growing cells from the original one.
The same phenomenon is also observed with earth in the End Times.
This wobbling of the earth has begun after the last portal 10.10.10 was opened
and is now gaining momentum.
The earth wobbling causes the split of the two earth versions -
the ascended earth A and the catastrophic earth B.
This wobbling will reach a preliminary peak after October 16,
when Elenin is nearest to the earth and will subside in the following months.
This peak will lead to significant consequences for mankind and earth,
which I will discuss below.

During the time between October 16 and November 11,
the veil between 3d-space-time of earth and the high frequency realms of the souls,
defined as 5th and higher dimensions, will become very thin for a short period of time.
During this time, Elenin and the other cosmic forces that manage the Ascension
of our planet will establish numerous interdimensional portals on many places on earth.
These portals will remain throughout the next year,
when mass Ascension of humanity is scheduled to take place in December 2012.
Some of these portals will stay after that and will link the catastrophic earth B
with the ascended earth A for some time, so that some laggards will still have the possibility
to ascend after mass Ascension.
They will be like a driver on a highway, who has missed the right exit and takes the next one,
but still arrives at his final destination with a minor delay.

Purely for this reason, the period between October 16 and November 11, 2011
is the ideal time for the First Wave of Ascended human Masters to take place.
This is will be the most dramatic event in the history of mankind.
It will be the actual "First Contact" with us -
we will encounter us for the first time as immortal, multidimensional beings.
This insight will profoundly change human perception of mankind as a transgalactic civilisation.
The subsequent appearance of representatives from the Galactic Federation,
 the Inner Earth Agartha, etc. will be of secondary importance,
contrary to the current aspirations and expectations of many light workers.

With the First Wave of Ascended Masters, the Time of Revelations will begin.
Mankind must be informed about the insidious role of the Powers That Be
from the Orion Empire that have controlled this planet and humanity for more than 10 000 years.
The collapse of the financial system, the stronghold of these dark forces,
will precede this event and will contribute to their demise and expose.

Elenin's Second Function -
In this respect Elenin will be also a relay station for some ascended human entities,
before they establish themselves firmly in the 5th dimension
and help prepare the already existing blueprint of the new humanity for the arrival of
billions of ascended human beings at the end of 2012.
From this mothers-ship, the members of the Galactic Federation
will be also able to lower their frequencies and to acquire a human-like light body
that will enable them to communicate with the earth people.
Since most of these galactic civilizations dwell in the 8th and higher dimensions,
it is very difficult for them to lower directly their energy as to appear in a physical vessel on earth.
They need such relay stations as Elenin to perform
their energetic transformation in a stepwise manner.

This is the second function of Elenin in the public manifestation of the End Times on earth.

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