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Cobra interview transcript - 5/20/2014

Cobra Interview Transcript Dear Promise Family,

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Rob Potter: All right ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Victory of the Light radio show. This is a special pre-recorded show. It’s actually not going to be a radio show due to technical constraints and time zone situations with Revolution Radio. This show will be heard only exclusively on The Promise Revealed, Prepare for Change, and Cobra’s Portal Blogspot 2012. It’s my honor, my pleasure to welcome the emissary of Light, Cobra to the show today. We have a lot of questions, a lot of exciting things going on, as far as the Light Forces. It’s going to be my honor and pleasure to actually ask a lot of questions that have come to me from all the Cobra groups on Facebook, from the all the Prepare for Change groups on Facebook, from people who’ve attended Cobra Conference and from newbies alike. This particular update, these questions, are for Prepare for Change people. We’re going to have a lot of Event Support Group questions and questions from people who are light workers, who are actively involved in seeking to serve to heal and better the planet.#00:01:11.2#

I’d also like to make a couple of announcements. My website, www.thepromiserevealed.comis open, up and running. I’ve made quite a few changes there. Some wonderful slide-banner links, and some wonderful things there for you to enjoy and some new things. Do sign up for my newsletter and blog. #00:01:28.9#

I’ve been asked to make a couple of special announcements for Prepare for Change as well today, folks. We are adding some great new pages to Prepare for Change. We’re getting some upgrades and we have a reinvigorated group of leadership teams and we’re making the site more interactive. We’re announcing today we’re going to have a worldwide Facebook network page for all Cobra and PFC Facebook pages. You will have your own link, so if anyone wants to know where to go to connect on The Event, Resistance Movement, in an interactive format in a live way, a 24/7 around the world, there are the PFC and Cobra inspired Facebook pages. We are also having an Ideas for Change page. We don’t want links on this page, folks. We want to hear what you are doing. Specifically, Event Support Groups. We want to support you in any ideas. We want to hear about positive actions. It can be as simple as Prepare for Change, Los Angeles. Eduardo is bringing in Buddhist monks and hearing about different spiritual messages, to actually having or gone workshops on the Sunday meetings, after the meditation and events, to building gardens in your community, our outreaching with food lines to your people. Any ideas you have for The Event and networking, any positive changes, any field of the New Society Groups are going to be welcome on this page. We want to inspire action and change in the world and we want to support you, and give you a venue to present your ideas, and to allow others to support you. We’re becoming much more active on Prepare for Change. #00:03:13.8#


Another notice on my site, as well as PFC, you’re going to be seeing some beautiful t-shirt designs, which are designed to inspire you to help donate to the website. We do have quite a few costs at PFC website and upkeep. Likewise with my site, so we’re going to have some t-shirts available there. We haven’t set the price, but look for those if you want something nice. We may even get something like coffee cups with some beautiful logo pictures and PFC slogans and sayings that you might be interested in and feel like giving back. That’s what’s going on there on the updates with PFC. Keep those letters and posts coming. We can’t answer everyone all of the time, but we want you to know we thank you and support you. #00:03:58.6#

We’re going to be asking Cobra some questions today that a lot of you have asked. I’m going to try and get through as many as I can. We have a lot of questions here. One more thing, to let you know, if you sign up for the email on PFC it should be noted that if you have a Gmail account, the email blast newsletter will only show up in the Promotions box at the top of your email. We use aWeber and Gmail has a filter turns all the newsletters into promotions. You’ll have to click on that if you haven’t been seeing the newsletters, some of you that’s whyCheck this promotions box by Monday evening each week you will see your Prepare For Change Weekly Newsletters in this PROMOTIONS BOX IN Gmail! Check#00:04:37.5#

At this point in time I’d like to make a little special announcement. I’m going to try to throw together a Mt. Shasta conference at the end of summer. Most likely the end of August. I already have confirmed Andrew Basiago and Alfred Lambremont Webre Robert Perala and william White Crow . And of course Cobra, you know you’re invited. Cobra cannot commit at this time and at this point a very slim chance that he attend this event, but we’ll always leave it open for him even at the last minute, folks. Keep an eye on my website and that information should be going up soon. My son was born at Mt. Shasta. Andrew Bartzis and I did a heart portal opening there last summer. We’re going to be using a beautiful quonset hut. We’ll be spending half the time talking and sharing information, and the other half of the time we’re going to be heading out to Panther Meadows, and of course to Castle Lake , and to some of the sacred spots the locals know. I know down there the Buddah holes and some secret camp spots down there by the beautiful river, where we may be gathering in the night for some fire circles and drumming, and some fun times. We’re going to be maybe seeking out another person or two to join us in this. It should be fun and we’ll look forward to putting that up soon and getting some response from you all. #00:05:57.0#

So without further ado, I’m going to welcome you Cobra. Thank you so much for coming on and supporting us here at the Prepare for Change website and allowing us to interview you today. Hopefully people from around the world who follow your information on your blog will consider Prepare for Change as another website that they’ll become interested in and sign up for the emails. #00:06:18.4#

Cobra, welcome to the show. Thank you. #00:06:18.8#

Cobra: Welcome everybody. #00:06:21.8#

Rob: Yes. Cobra, you just had a wonderful activation in Switzerland with Rolph and a wonderful group that some of the people went to Egypt, and I understand Freddie was there. You had some great things. Give us a little update on what happened with the activation.#00:06:36.8#

Cobra: Yes, the activation itself was extremely successful. We have managed to ground the energies, which were actually changing the structure of the frequency of light inside of this solar system. So this is very important. We had a very strong group and actually yes, we had a great success and we are very happy we did a course of events there. I will make a blog post this activation more from a cosmic and planetary perspective in the next few days.#00:07:08.5#

Rob: Yes, due to our recording situation folks, we’re having a special recording done by one of the Cobra followers, Ricky Seraphico, who’s going to do an excellent job. I think we may be solving some of the problems that people have with hearing your voice. I think we’re going to look forward to one of the best modulations. By the time this comes out, that post might already be out, Cobra. [] #00:07:30.1#

Rob: Can you tell us, I definitely felt like a little shift on Saturday. It seemed almost imperceptible, and it seems as though lately there’s been a lot of dissension, a lot of wind-swing around people’s emotions. I’ve noticed a lot of anxiety. Is this the compression of astral parasites and archons reacting? #00:07:53.3#

Cobra: Exactly. You see, the ships, the mother ships of the Galactic Confederation, have been positioned inside of the Oort cloud around the solar system, and now they are entering the solar system, and this creates quite much of a pressure on the surface on the planet, which triggers all the suppressed etheric archons and their technologies, so they are reacting quite strongly and this can actually be felt as a pressure on your energy field.#00:08:19.2#

Rob: Well, that’s something that I personally had various experiences. What do you suggest for people who are feeling this? Especially for those other people in their lives who have no idea what is going on. What’s the best way for people to deal with these intense pressures?#00:08:35.8#

Cobra: There are a few things you can do. Number one is to go in nature because if you are away from mass of human population these etheric pressure is less because the archons tend to concentrate in human densely populated areas. So, this is number one. Number two is make your own connection with your own higher self and the light forces. This will tend to remove part of the pressure. Of course, there are many protection techniques that you can use to protect yourself. #00:09:05.5#

Rob: That’s wonderful. I guess we should probably hear, give us your top three. #00:09:10.7#

Cobra: I would say number one is the pillar of Light. You can just visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light coming from the sky, going through you, to the center of the earth. Number would be the violet flame. I think if you use those two that could be quite effective. #00:09:25.1#

Rob: Very good. I’m going to ask a few questions because a lot of people have asked them. I want to move away from the world affairs kind of update a little bit on this interview. Because this is for a lot of people who are very much involved in the PFC and the Cobra information all ready, and they’re wanting a little more esoteric information. We’re going to go through some of these questions and get through as many as we possibly can here.#00:09:57.9#

Rob: I want to know what is the current state of affairs in Ukraine in the view of the Resistance Movement. Is it getting better, is it getting worse, it is stabilizing? Things seem to be popping up in Vietnam and there seem to be some other actions taking place. How does the Resistance Movement view Ukraine right now? It seems like its kind of tippling a bit right now, isn’t it? #00:10:08.6#

Cobra: Well, I would say the situation is a dynamic tension, which now the Light Forces are still handling to stabilize the situation so we don’t have an all-out war. The Light Forces are hoping this dynamic stability will be maintained so no drastic conflict will happen. Of course, it is not possible to violence in that area because the cabal is quite determined to start a war there, and most likely that will not happen. #00:10:43.7#

Rob: Right, the major war aspect won’t happen, but these outbreaks it seems of these smaller groups – and even I heard that some put the numbers at 650 people died, which is a horrible of atrocity of course, but when we look at large scale war that’s not nearly as bad as it could be. Let’s put it that way. These are some questions form our listeners. I’m going to be reading them off, folks. #00:11:11.4#

Rob: Are there any other areas of developing plans by the cabal which we should look to send our prayers towards? It seems like they’re stirring up more atrocities. Some people have heard about Nigeria population coming under daily attacks from the so-called Boko Haram terrorist, with the girls. Is this a disinfo or false flag, or is this the real thing? It kind of seems real. #00:11:33.9#

Cobra: Yes, the cabal is trying to start a new conflict by creating a false flag event there. Until now they have not been successful, but I cannot guarantee that this will not happen in the future because they’re now trying whatever they can to start this in as many places around the world. #00:11:53.2#

Rob: Yes, the last desperate act. Now, this is from a beautiful woman. I’m not going to say her name, but she’s actually in Nigeria and the question she asks is, and this is probably for a lot of people who have asked this type of question. I want to know what I can do to stop the fear that is growing here now. I also want to know how The Event will start, and what I will be expected to do once it starts. #00:12:20.2#

Cobra: Ok, the best thing you can do is to spread real information because real information tends to decrease the amount of fear in human population. You can start doing this now and of course, at the moment of The Event and that will be even more important. #00:12:36.7#

Rob: Very good, yes. To remind folks, if you go to can find the Community Leader’s Brief, which is one document. We’re hopefully going to be preparing more documents coming up in the near future. Here’s another question. What’s the main blockage, in your opinion, of the current hold up with the official announcement of the RV and transition to a more honest, transparent, and just financial system? #00:13:02.7#

Cobra: OK, people need to understand that the so-called RV, or I would call it a reset, of the financial system is directly tied with The Event itself. No revaluation, as people call it, can happen before The Event because the cabal still holds control over the financial system. At this moment the financial system is actually a computerized network. The cabal holds the control keys of that computer network. If anybody would attempt to reevaluate currencies or create a reset before the cabal is removed, the cabal would simply not allow that to happen. So, the cabal has to be removed first to allow the reset to happen. It cannot happen with the old financial system. This is the reason why the BRICS alliance and the Eastern Alliance is building an alternative structure that will be very helpful in the whole process of the reset.#00:13:57.2#

Rob. Very Good. This actually corresponds to some information that I’ve received for someone, allegedly in the know, that the reset has to take place across the board, all at once. There’s just so many gremlins in the machine and so many corrupt individuals that they need to be exposed and removed from their positions. We certainly see that. Another question. Is there anything you suggest for light workers to do to hasten the end of the financial debt slavery system? #00:14:29.7#

Cobra: Yes. Do the Weekly Liberation Meditation. There are not as many people as we’ve hoped doing that and that can accelerate the transition. Also spread information that you have about the situation of the planet in as many ways as possible. We have blogs, we have Facebook, we have YouTube videos. ____ (?) the information because information tends to awaken people and the more awakened people we have, the faster the change will happen.#00:14:56.9#

Rob: Excellent, thank you. Another question. We know timelines change and the so-called human reality, as we perceive it, switches back according to the collective human consciousness. Has the prediction of the way The Event is supposed to occur changed in any significant way as it was originally planned? Or, have the timelines adjusted to a more softer and quieter approach scenario regarding the sociopolitical and financial reset we have all been expecting for some time? #00:15:26.3#

Cobra: Ok, the general plan is still the same as I have communicated two years ago. This did not change. The only thing that changed was that it takes a little bit longer because the surface population is not cooperating as it was hoped, but the general plan is still the same.#00:15:43.1#

Rob: Obviously it’s in a state of flux of course with the world situation, and obviously with a lot of the people out there who are new to this information and who don’t have the background. As usual, every now and then at different Windows of Opportunity people get ants in their pants and they’re disappointed that things aren’t changing. Another big question that we get from a lot of people is, and I’ve told people the answer of this, and they’ve just said that they want to hear it from you. Do you think The Event will happen in 2014? Would you give a percentage, is it possible? #00:16:20.9#

Cobra: I will not give any exact time or dates for The Event. Yes, of course it is possible The Event will happen in 2014, but I’m not giving any guarantees. #00:16:35.1#

Rob: Very good. I knew that was going to happen. Anyway, given still the rampant corruption among politicians, bankers, governments around the world will you please tell us about the new system that will be implemented after The Event that will avoid humanity and the financial system from making the same mistake. Basically, the old boos same as the new boss in the financial system. How is it going to be different? How can we be assured, or is it still possible there would be some criminal element within the new system, or will it absolutely be failsafe and can you describe it? #00:16:58.7#

Cobra: It will not be possible for any criminal elements to hide within the new system simply because the surface population will have guidance of the Light Forces directly on the physical plane. The Resistance Movement will give instructions and will monitor the whole process. That doesn’t mean they will control the whole process, but they will give intel that will expose any possible criminal activity to the masses, and that feedback loop will prevent any kind of that sort of criminal activity to happen. It will not be possible. #00:17:46.0#

Rob: So at this point in time, to clarify, the Resistance Movement will be engaged in more direct contact. This will be with chosen representatives. This won’t be open and declaring themselves as Agarthan network, or Planet X, or Galactic Federation members. #00:18:06.6#

Cobra: That will be in the first phase. Later, they will introduce themselves directly to a certain degree. #00:18:11.1#

Rob: Very good, very good. Here we go again. At the high level, how close are we to checkmate and to what degree is there significant agreement about what major projects will occur during and immediately after the mass arrests and the financial rest? Is there going to be a significant degree of global cooperation in many of these projects? #00:18:34.7#

Cobra: OK, we need to go step by step. One question after the other. One by one. So what’s the first question? #00:18:38.6#

Rob: OK. At a high level, how close are we to checkmate? #00:18:43.4#

Cobra: We are very close to checkmate regarding the most actions of the cabal. So they are not, with respect of the Resistance Movement, they are not an obstacle anymore. They cannot prevent The Event. They can of course control the surface population but, by themselves, they cannot prevent The Event. The only major problem here is the Chimera group and the etheric archons with their technology. Those two groups are still powerful enough to create problems regarding The Event. Those two groups need to be dealt with before The Event can happen. There is, I would say, quite much progress regarding the Chimera group in the last, I would say, week or so. I would say a little bit of a progress regarding the etheric archons, but not enough. We’re not there yet. #00:19:32.5#

Rob: Will any major bank failures and/or prosecutions occur before the mass arrests occur? #00:19:41.6#

Cobra: It is not very likely simply because the system is not stable enough. Maybe if there were to be a major bank failure that could destabilize the system to the point it would crash, and then of course The Event would happen immediately. #00:19:54.3#

Rob:. OK, thank you. Here’s another big one that I’ve gotten from a lot of people and of course, this always plays into the human element at the time of The Event and hopefully your instated intelligence on the etheric archons and the astral parasites and the love beams from our Galactic Federation invisibles stave off any problems. Of course, the preppers and the doom and gloom prognosticators are fearful that at the reset there will be martial law and problems. So the question is this: can you elaborate on what kind of law enforcement will be needed at the time of The Event. Specifically, within the US there are many people who are deeply suspicious of any military and/or police forces during the time of great uncertainty. It seems likely that The Event itself will be viewed as an imposition of permanent martial law and the beginning of a police state. So those people, mostly the preppers are saying that it sounds like the New World Order, but we know it’s not. What can be done to elevate the fears of these people and how can we get them to be participants to assist with this process? #00:21:09.4#

Cobra: You will simply know by the actions of the law enforcement because the law enforcement will arrest the members of the cabal and will not turn against the general population. This will be evident quite early after the beginning of the operations. Of course, any police presence of law enforcement officials can trigger the fear in human beings, and that fear will be triggered, but most people will quite clearly, quickly realize that this is not the case, that there is no martial law being implemented, but there is an operation to arrest the members of the cabals. I would say that there is no real fear and there is no real reason for fear. Instead that fear is coming from past experiences with the cabal and their past actions because the cabal was misusing the whole idea of law enforcement and this has to be cleared. #00:22:04.7#

Rob: This is really good and people need to hear this and fro some people they just won’t believe it until they see it. #00:22:12.3#

Cobra: Exactly, yes. #00:22:12.3#

Rob: This is very heartening news. So, we will hear that the military forces at the highest level will move into position will be given very strong orders not to restrict the movements of the populace or impose any type of police state, and this will alive the fears of the populace. Correct? #00:22:32.4#

Cobra: Yeah, the military will not engage general population in any way. The military will just keep back up to the police in the arrests of the cabal. That’s all. #00:22:43.7#

Rob: Very good. We’re going to move into a little more personal energetic stuff with the people that want to know some of the other information, gradually here. OK Cobra, we have just expired on a Window of Opportunity and your last activation, which was successful as far as the activation. It seemed to be the best and strongest possibility to have The Event that we’ve had so far. This next Window in December 2014, what is different about this?#00:23:16.7#

Cobra: OK, one thing that people need to understand the Window of Opportunity is just an increased possibility and The Event can happen at any time also outside the Window of Opportunity. The Light Forces are using the Windows of Opportunity to create an additional push toward The Event. Before the Window of Opportunity happens it is not known if the push will be strong enough to create the breakthrough. Obviously, this time it was not strong enough, but the critical mass of energy can be reached of any moment, of course. People don’t need to wait for a certain specific date or a certain specific timeframe for The Event to happen. Without us opening the portals the last few years the situation now would be much worse.. We have actually managed to divert many actions of the cabal and we have brought the situation quite far. Also, people need to understand that the situation on this planet is quite complex. The cabal had 25,000 years to build their network. Most people are only aware of existence of the cabal for a very short period of time. #00:24:20.6#

Rob: Thank you for that answer, Cobra. Our next question is, let me go through a couple of these quick ones here. How long after The Event is implemented would you say mankind will take to achieve the vibrational frequency necessary to attain ascension. I know it’s an individual process, but generally speaking, how long do you think this could be? #00:24:42.2#

Cobra: I would say it would be a timeframe of years. #00:24:46.4#

Rob: OK, thank you. Another question. Can you reveal if the Resistance Movement has any plan to send more operatives from Planet X here to reinforce its presence and operability?#00:24:58.5#

Cobra: It is not necessary, but there will be special agents coming, and not only form Planet X, but other bases of the Resistance, which are now being created throughout the solar system that will be involved in special operations. #00:25:15.0#

Rob: Wonderful. Can you expand on the kind of weather technology in the hands of the Chimera? #00:25:20.7#

Cobra: Yes. What they have is scalar technology, especially plasma scalar devices, and etheric scalar devices that can influence weather systems, because weather systems are actually vortexes and vortexes are created first on the etheric plane, and after they precipitate on the physical plane they tend to create huge weather systems. And yes, they can influence that with their scalar technology to a certain degree, but not as much as people are afraid of. Not every strange weather on the planet is the result of weather modification. #00:25:56.2#

Rob: Yes, a lot of it is cleansing and purification, I believe. Is that correct? #00:26:01.8#

Cobra: Clearing and purification and a response to increased presence of Light coming from the Galactic Central Sun, because the planet has to align with the new additional frequencies. #00:26:10.7#

Rob: Did they have anything to do with this recent Balkans flooding, would you know?#00:26:17.0#

Cobra: From my sources, the info ration is that this Balkans flooding is actually part of the planetary purification process and was not a result of weather modification. #00:26:26.7#

Rob: Thank you. Can you reveal, does the Resistance know how many Chimera agents are out there? #00:26:33.9#

Cobra: Yes, of course they know but they will not tell. Not yet. #00:26:35.6#

Rob: OK. Can you tell us, have there been any major arrests of some major archons since your last reports on this information? Have there been very many agents on the earth taken off planet and removed? #00:26:50.8#

Cobra: Yes. Many have been taken off planet and removed. Not so many of them were arrested most of them were just removed off of the planet. #00:26:59.9#

Rob: These are the hidden ones behind the scenes. We wouldn’t know who they are. This is an ongoing process then. That’s good news. #00:27:04.6#

Cobra: Yes, it’s an ongoing process. #00:27:08.4#

Rob: Another question. What is the estimated number of people doing the Liberation Mediation each Sunday? #00:27:15.6#

Cobra: I would say that it’s a few thousand people which is far from enough to reach the critical mass, but each person counts and even one person more joining us it would mean a lot. #00:27:25.0#

Rob: Very good. To what degree suit eh US military working for the Light? We know you can’t answer specifically, but can you give us a ballpark or percentage of military that would be supporting the actions at the time of The Event?#00:27:29.4#

Cobra: I would say that the majority of the military is working for the light, but their position at this moment is still blocked because of the Chimera group. Otherwise, they would move immediately. #00:27:54.2#

Rob: OK, very good. Along that vein, I heard from one particular individual who told me that the recent Fort Hood shooting was possibly an attempt by the Light Forces to close in on the Nazis, George Bush Sr., specifically. Can you comment on this? #00:28:14.9#

Cobra: I can only say that this action was not supported by the Resistance Movement.#00:28:18.5#

Rob: How can the people who have formed around the world, under different leaders who are looking for change, how can we band together? #00:28:28.5#

Cobra: I would say people will only be fine when they have a region strong enough with groups long enough, and this will come at the moment of The Event. Before The Event, the Light Forces are not expecting any significant reunification of the surface population. It’s not expected. #00:28:47.8#

Rob: OK, yeah. It just seems we’ve been too traumatized and taken down. Next question. Is there the possibility that The Event may not happen during our life time? #00:29:01.9#

Cobra: No. No, no. No, it will happen during our lifetime. Of course, not everybody’s going to live but I would say the vast majority of us will have it. #00:29:10.4#

Rob: OK, can you speak a little about the key line activations? A lot of people have been talking about Veronica Keen and of douse, we know know about key lines and acupuncture points of the earth and these portals. These areas seem very important for the ground crew to stabilize to help the planet reach a calmer state. Is that correct? #00:29:30.7#

Cobra: Yes, the ley lines are very important and all the people doing that work are making tremendous changes and helping a lot with planetary liberation process. #00:29:41.9#

Rob: Another person wants to know, is the current pope going to be the last? #00:29:45.3#

Cobra: Most likely, yes. #00:29:49.8#

Rob: OK, there’s a bunch of questions here that I’m going to go into a little bit about the strangelet bombs in a second here, but some people have asked: have the Light Forces already set a new plan after delays and setbacks experienced during the current Window of Opportunity? #00:30:08.4#

Cobra: I would say the general plan remains the same, but I would say some minor details have been changed. The Resistance Movement will not rely as much as it was before on the activities of the surface population because the surface population did not (garbled ?) during this particular Window of Opportunity. There was a little bit more conflict and less cooperation than expected. So, the Resistance Movement has decide to involve the surface population a little bit less. They will just continue with their plans and involve people on an individual basis, also on a group basis, but a little bit differently. They will not put so much emphasis on the population for the time being. #00:30:48.6#

Rob: That makes sense. Especially with the current state of affairs in the way people react at this point in time. A lot of people are wondering, what is the state of the compression has it gotten any closer to the surface of the planet? Or are will still at approximately 300 feet above and 300 feet below the surface of the planet? #00:31:10.1#

Cobra: There are various layers of compression. Of course, we have the main layer which is 8.6 miles above and below the surface, and we have the other layer of compression which is about, I would say, 100 feet below and above the surface. There are various densities of this compression which change all the time as the clearing of the etheric archons is progressing. #00:31:31.7#

Rob: Speaking of this progress some people have asked, you have mentioned this before and maybe you could expound on this in general, from the quarantine and the dark forces. The principalities and powers that have controlled the reincarnation process with the invisible etheric implants you have spoken about on your blog. For every human on the planet basically, in order to be born you have to accept this contract. What happens now when people die? are they still forced to reincarnate through the archonic network, or are they finally free from the this world and greeted by the galactics where they receive healing they need and are free to do what they want? #00:32:12.9#

Cobra: The process hasn’t changed. It’s still the same. I would like to add just a little bit to my previous answer to one of the previous answers. (OK) I would say it was a question about when The Event would happen, an yes it will happen during our lifetimes, but not the lifetimes of everybody because people are dying every day, but for the majority of us it will happen during our lifetime. Just to clarify the answer. #00:32:39.8#

Rob: That’s very good, I really appreciate that. I’ve always refrained from thinking about it and keep working and to be pleasantly surprised. I personally like the concept of RoundOP Alpha. Do you have any intel if this is actually a genuine group at that people can find any satisfaction through giving intelligence to this group? Or, is it a well-intended group?#00:33:03.2#

Cobra: Yes, it is a genuine group and yes they need support especially with valuable intel because their list is not completely reliable, so if people have any suggestions they can email them and help them to compile more accurate list of people who need to be removed from the system. #00:33:19.9#

Rob: That’s wonderful, folks. You can see the link to RoundOp Alpha on Cobra’s blog. Cobra, why don’t you mention the name of your blog, where people can go. #00:33:31.3#

Cobra: You can just Google: Cobra Portal 2012 and you will find it immediately. #00:33:36.0#

Rob: Also folks again, I got quite a few questions on this and so I’m going to go through a couple of these. It’s related to the strangelet bombs and I know a lot of people are interested in this. Now, if the exotic weapons on the physical are located at military bases, mostly in the USA I guess… #00:34:01.8#

Cobra; No. They are located in military bases everywhere on this planet. #00:34:07.1#

Rob: Everywhere. OK. Then what is needed in order to get a hold of and destroy them?#00:34:11.1#

Cobra: That’s classified information. I cannot comment on that. #00:34:15.0#

Rob: OK. You know, it’s kind of interesting because the fact that the Resistance Movement has just revealed this information, or was it that they just revealed the strange let’s to you? Because it kind of wasn’t known. I’ve been in the know for a long time and they certainly have had control of all the nuclear bombs. What makes a strangelet bomb any different than a nuclear bomb, as fas as the galactics have in disarming it? #00:34:42.2#

Cobra: It is much more advanced technology. It is much more dangerous. It’s not so easy to dismantle and although the light forces have advanced technology, they are not omnipotent. Otherwise they would have liberated our planet a long time ago. I would say the darkness would not have been allowed to happen. #00:35:01.7#

Rob: This is interesting. Now we can go into a more metaphysical aspect of these questions here. From my understanding, and correct me if I’m wrong. Fred Bell, who I worked with, had always in his personal contacts, when I asked about hierarchy and different things he definitely said look it’s all hierarchy. There are many different levels. There are physical beings, like the Resistance Movement, and then there’s what he would call more subtle-physical beings, like the Pleiadians. Then there are beings from even higher dimensional spaces. So, the information that’s given to you, does this come from the higher dimensions, or is this coming from the more physical beings? Are there things that your contacts from Planet X who are physical beings, may not have awareness of or knowledge about that perhaps there are higher dimensional galactic forces that actually do have this under control, but are not revealing this at this time? #00:36:02.4#

Cobra: Basically, I receive information from many sources. The Resistance Movement, the Pleiadians, higher dimensional forces, physical agents within the various aspects of the system on planet earth, and so on. So, I have different sources but yes, there was particular intel that was not released to anybody that was not ascended for quite some time, and there was some intel that was not even released to the ascended masters for some time. Not everybody knows everything because simply it would not be safe for the situation on this planet. The intel is released at the moment it does not destabilize the situation to the point, or it would lead to a planetary cataclysm, a planetary destruction, because the archons are quite emotionally unstable and if too much light is present at any moment they would get very active So, the light need to increase gradually. Intel need to gradually for everybody to absorb it and integrate it and then more intel can come. #00:36:59.5#

Rob: Yes, that’s a very good point. I think if people will listen to that last answer it will explain a lot. Everybody want to hurry things along, but it seems as though part of the process is to acclimatize even the archonic and the cabal forces to be increased, so that at a certain point it can just happen. Now, this next question I want to make sure because it will kind of be answered, but a strangelet bomb, could one bomb just blow the whole planet up? Or would it take multiple or what’s the situation? #00:37:33.8#

Cobra: It could blow the planet up and then the reaction would be stopped because the Light Forces would be able to stop it when it reaches beyond the veil, but even the destruction of one planet isn’t something that we would not risk, I would think. #00:37:45.3#

Rob: Yes, of course. The asteroid belt, as I understand, was involved in a previous war. Was a strangelet bomb used to destroy the planet that was in the position of the asteroid belt? #00:38:02.9#

Cobra: No strangelet bombs were detonated inside of this solar system in any kind of war.#00:38:06.5#

Rob: What kind of destruction caused the planet to explode. #00:38:10.2#

Cobra: Actually, during the Galactic Wars you had many, I would say, conventional weapons like plasma beams, lasers, those kinds of things. #00:38:20.4#

Rob: OK. If the strangelet bombs are still a threat, what is topping the cabal from just activating them? #00:38:28.5#

Cobra: The strangelet bombs would also destroy them. The don’t want to be destroyed.#00:38:31.6#

Rob: OK. #00:38:33.7#

Cobra: It’s very simple. They cannot protect themselves against the strangelet bombs.#00:38:36.6#

Rob: Very good. Another question some people have asked, light workers. You mentioned in your last post, which was very good, a lot of people just want to sit on the Internet and read about the change and talk about it, and argue amongst themselves what’s right and who’s right and wrong, instead of putting their fingers on the keyboard to actually be more active. A question someone asked, a couple of people actually, should we have to take to the streets in protest to bring about The Event, the mass arrests, and the change in government?#00:39:09.7#

Cobra: The process can be effected if the critical mass is reached in a certain country, or a certain situation. If they are nonviolent and have a clear message, then the mass media cannot deny. Then the message reaches the mass of the human population, like it was with the Occupy Movement, the masses became to realize something was wrong with the banking system. So, protests do have their role in the liberation process, and it is for those who feel guided to do so. For others who are more guided to spread information online is also good. Both approaches are necessary. The physical approach and the virtual approach. Both are necessary and are welcome in the right way and the right strategy, of course. #00:39:57.9#

Rob: Thank you, that’s a very good answer. And of course, any protests must remain absolutely peaceful and nonviolent, which leads me into the next segue. We are currently in the process of what’s called the American Spring, and to be honest I actually very impressed with their protocols that they posted. No guns, no ammunition, and to remain completely peaceful. I think the lack of numbers they have is probably due to the fact that it was promoted through kind of a militia, semi-military group which probably scared some people a little bit. What do you think about the American Spring right now? #00:40:41.0#

Cobra: I would say that the main problem is that the population of the have been programmed a little bit deeper and there won’t be mass protest in the United States before The Event. They’re not quite likely. The only situation where we would have mass protests in the United States is a violent situation that will be triggered by the cabal. For example the situation in Nevada that escalated. Immediately there was a response from the mass population because in the moment when the cabal was threatening the mass population, the mass population was ready to defend themselves. But outside of that perspective, they are not going to protest. Which is OK, because what is needed now is mass awareness in the United States. More and more people need to wake up from that programmed state.#00:41:28.9#

Rob: Yes, and those people who were moving to help them had woken up and were actually moving in a patriotic, and hopefully nonviolent way, and as you indicated the Resistance was involved in seeing to it that a situation didn’t escalate. So, we thank the Resistance for that. I was speaking with someone about the United States and my defense for the lack of mass protests was to explain to them that we are a very large country. Many countries that are gathering you can drive from one end to the other in several hours. In America, it takes 3-4 days. So, people making the move with the financial constraints on people right now is a little more difficult, We’re going to need some charismatic focused leadership to go forward.#00:42:21.6#

Cobra: I wouldn’t agree with that because people could do local protests in every city of the United States. #00:42:27.3#

Rob: OK, that’s a good point. #00:42:30.3#

Cobra: They could get together in every little town and make the numbers and get a message across. #00:42:33.2#

Rob: Uh huh. There was a point where I was thinking maybe the American Spring was motivated by the military higher-ups and the Resistance Movement. If The Event was going to happen in this Window of Opportunity, they would have civilian militias in Washington DC to help out. #00:42:55.5#

Cobra: No, this is not related. This is not part of the Resistance. #00:42:57.2#

Rob: Thank you. Some people have asked has there been any progress removing the Invisibles since the last time you posted about that. #00:43:09.2#

Cobra: Yes, there has been some progress, but there are still quite many of them present. So, I would say moderate progress has been achieved. #00:43:17.1#

Rob: Thank you. Another question I have received several times is what is the current state on the removal of the etheric implants? Has there been any changes in that? If you could go ahead and maybe give people a little more information on etheric implants and what theory are and how they progress. Some people are new to your information here. You’re growing by leaps and bounds I can tell by the number of people who are that are coming out and talking against you (laughs). If you look at my last blog post folks, you’ll see evidence that some of the information there is completely disinformation on Cobra. So, tell us about some of the etheric implants and what the progress is there. #00:44:02.2#

Cobra: There was slight progress in that area. The etheric implants are crystals that were actually pushed into the etheric body of every newborn child on this planet by the archon network. Those implants are there to block the connection between the person and the Source, the higher self, the source of life. The removal of those implants is a gradual process. It will happen but it will take some time. Regarding people who are against my message, it is simply the archons don’t want my message to come out. Therefore, they are influencing certain people to spread negativity about me. It’s just a sign of discomfort of those archons about the message of the truth which is reaching the masses. #00:44:54.9#

Rob: Thank you and if I can again lend another personal level of support for you, Cobra. Ladies and gentleman, I’ve met him and Cobra is a genuine person. He’s sincere, he has no dark agenda, he reports the information as he’s given, and he is a positive person. He’s certainly is not related to the cabal in anyway and his intent is pure. I’d like to make it clear a lot of people are doing this. People get their hair on fire and start worrying about things and a lot of people who’ve followed you, and enjoy your information, actually some of them have basically not been able to stay the course and have been influenced by negative thinking. People ask me about that and I said, listen. It doesn’t effect the fact or the truth of the positive movement of the Light Forces and the gradual liberation of the planet. I know that our victory is assured and it doesn’t certainly rely on ether people believe Cobra’s information of not. So, I just wanted to refer people to use discernment, folks. Be very, very clear in what you believe and look at the message. is it peaceful? Is it new information, or is it recycled phrases and positive information, which in itself can be good, but we have to use discernment in what we’re (?). For those of us who don’t know, just be patient and do your best to learn and let the knowledge go forth. You would agree with that wouldn’t you, Cobra?#00:46:25.3#

Cobra: Yes, I would agree with that and I would also say that after The Event the Resistance Movement will give evidence about my work and undeniable proof and them people will know.#00:46:38.6#

Rob: Very good. Here’s another question. One of the persons that was with you in Switzerland our friend Freddie, who was also with us in Egypt, he wanted to know is the ground crew will be activated during The Event? #00:46:56.4#

Cobra: Yes, certain individuals will be contacted in the first phases of The Event. The will receive a phone call, or an email, or even a physical meeting with an agent of the Resistance. They will be given some instructions if they’re willing to cooperate. They will be given specific task, most likely connected with informing the masses, or maintaining the infrastructure during the transitional phase. #00:47:20.6#

Rob: Very good. Vey heartening for those of you who want to work with the Resistance then your prayers may be answered. Here’s another question for those of you who follow Cobra closely and know all of his information, especially you wonderful people on PFC, Cobra’s Portal, my site and the many other Facebook sites that support and share Cobra’s information. I guess we should probably ask this as a two part question. First question is there still a primary anomaly on the astral plane, and I guess you should explain what that is for those people who don’t know that. #00:47:56.8#

Cobra: Yes, there is still primary anomaly on the physical, etheric, astral and mental plane around the planet earth, inside the structure of the veil. The primary anomaly is actually a distortion of matter, which was created out of chaos. It’s a chaotic wave function on the quantum level which is actually the source of darkness. This anomaly is being purified and cleared now by the Galactic Confederation fleet, which is entering the solar system and actually dealing with this right now. It will take some time but yes, this is being dealt with right now. #00:48:29.3#

Rob: I was very curious, I’ve been hearing from my source Judy Beebe, who I love so much, folks. She’s in contact with Valiant Thor and is working with the water information. How hydrogen is key to healing and communication. She calls hydrogen the God particle because she says it doesn’t have a neutron. So, I’m kind of curious personally. The Oort cloud you mentioned that was part of this last activation, was involved with ice crystals. Was this part of the transmission from the Galactic motherships to utilize the hydrogen within the Oort cloud to stimulate change? #00:49:12.8#

Cobra: Oort cloud is actually a big accumulation of small cometary cores. Those cometary cores contain a lot of water, frozen water, frozen methane and other substances. And yes, the motherships were using those little ice bodies as prisms that can reflect light from the Galactic Central Sun into the solar system. You can actually feel the energy of that presence from Saturday on (May 17th), when the portal was activated. Like prisms of rainbow light, which are sending Light towards the surface of this planet. This rainbow light will be present from now on. It will bring spiritual awakening to humanity and it will help to heal all the darkness on this planet. #00:50:02.4#

Rob: Oh, that’s beautiful. That’s exactly as I suspected. That’s wonderful. I’m going to give one more question here and then I’m going to go even more esoteric. Someone wanted to know, can you tell us about the Great Attractor? What is its nature? #00:50:20.6#

Cobra: The Great Attractor is a huge accumulation of galaxies that’s so massive that it actually changes the, I would say, distorts space, time and gravity around it and attracts the neighboring galaxies towards it. There’s a very strong pull of energy towards that space. The Great Attractor has sent a signal in that quadrant of that universe for the final Victory of the Light. This has triggered mass rearrangement of energy current in our galaxy, the Andromeda galaxy, and the neighboring galaxies. This has resulted in some changes which are now bringing the motherships into the solar system. It will further result in the removal of the cabal in the near future. #00:51:03.7#

Rob: That’s wonderful. Reinforced by Dr. Fred Bell’s communication with some people from the Andromeda galaxy, as well as Valiant Thor. Dr. Frank Stranges revealed what he called his inner circle group, of which I was a proud member, that Valiant Thor had gone to the edge of this galaxy to meet with some people from the Andromeda galaxy to further the plans of liberation. The Great Attractor, so everything is being drawn towards it. Is this slow motion or are all the galaxies going to converge into one point of this Great Attractor?#00:51:47.3#

Cobra: No, no. This will not happen. It’s just a current of energy that brings us closer to a certain degree. #00:51:53.8#

Rob: OK, very good. One last question here on these material things and then we’re going to get a little more esoteric for our advanced listeners here. Is there anything scheduled by the Light Forces that must happen by the end of the current Uranus-Pluto series of seven squares? We’re not referring to The Event, we just want to know if there’s any particular operation that must happen by the end of this cycle that will conclude in March 2015, if you can reveal that. #00:52:21.6#

Cobra: I would say that there are many operations taking place and they are not timed by the Uranus-Pluto Square. The Uranus-Pluto Square triggers certain parts of those operations and reveals certain aspects of those operations, but the operations themselves are not determined by the timing of the Uranus-Pluto Square. #00:52:41.6#

Rob: OK, thank you. I listened with joy to your Sean David Morton interview. He’s not too familiar with your work, I know personally. His partner Steve Travesty who is in contact with me quite a bit, who really loves you stuff and we share information. He set up most of the questions there. They were talking about the Giza pyramid and the remote viewing by Courtney Brown. You answered a couple things there. Yes, there were slaves occasionally used in building different pyramids, and of course there were different ET groups contacting Egypt at that time. I wanted to be clear, if you could. Can you tell us specifically, the Great Pyramid of Giza, in my mind, slaves were not used to make this particular pyramid, was it?#00:53:35.0#

Cobra: Slaves were used later in monastic times of Egypt when the small pyramids were built. The bigger pyramids were built with advance technology. There was no major slave work involved, but later after many millennia had passed all this knowledge was forgotten. Just a small group of priests remained that had a little distant memory of the glorious past. They wanted to recreate it on a smaller scale, so that was the time when the slaves were used. #00:54:06.5#

Rob: Yes. So, to be clear when these extraterrestrials made these larger pyramids, with the higher technology, the human population joyfully joined in to create these giant edifices which were to be used as free energy devices and temples of wisdom reflecting the secrets and the mysterious of the universe, and the ascension process. Is that correct? #00:54:32.4#

Cobra: Yes, actually those pyramids were built for the purpose of initiation. People could go into the chamber and experience direct experience of the Light. They were also used as coded memory banks that were full of information for future generations. #00:54:51.7#

Rob: Thank you for answering that about pyramids. For those of you who know me I’m a pyramid devotee and that’s actually one of the things that led me into my spiritual path with Fred Bell. It was my intense desire and interest to know about pyramids and this great edifice and altar to the Lord, Isaiah 19 in the bible. You talked a bit about time travel on Sean David Morton’s show. Time travel has also been interesting to me because working with the Pleiadian information form Fred that their spaceships actually open up portals. Dr. Frank Stranges had told me that when he would travel from Venus one time from the surface, and one time from the center, he said both times the ship would raise up. He said he would literally see a little spiral portal, like a stargate would open up, and the next thing you knew the portal was opening right in front of the planet. There seems to be this time travel going on and you said it was hard to go into the past. Andrew Basiago in his time travel stuff, though he clearly indicates that things haven’t changed in the past and that they don’t change the big events, it seems they were traveling in the past to observe, not to change things. It gets into a mind boggling situation. #00:56:15.7#

Cobra: I can explain this. It’s not actual time travel it’s a time simulation where you can recreate the past out of the Akashic records and you can have a third dimensional virtual reality experience of being present in the past events. #00:56:32.1#

Rob: OK. So, he seems to have indicated that he actually interacted with people there.#00:56:39.0#

Cobra: You shouldn’t interact with people there you will change the timeline. #00:56:41.5#

Rob: He said that he went multiple times, for instance to the time of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. He said each time he went certain things would change but the primary elements of the experience were the same. It’s a little different. I’m kind of curious, when we get these timelines that the neo-Nazi fascists, Rumsfeld and George Bush Sr. definitely seem to be very involved according to him, into these timeline changes. In fact, they definitely have had a plan going on trying to influence things of this nature. Is all of this being monitored by the higher galactic forces? They won’t allow these guys in any of these advanced, exotic technologies. Any shifts that they’re making are being limited, is that correct? #00:57:35.6#

Cobra: The cabal cannot influence timelines. It’s not possible. We’re past December 21, 2012. #00:57:42.5#

Rob: OK, so all of that information from before was based on that. Is all of this technology and jump room technology ended at this point in time? #00:57:52.7#

Cobra: It has ended for the surface cabal, yes. They cannot use that technology.#00:57:59.5#

Rob: OK, very good. What about the, I guess I call them the archons, or some of the more advance ETs, do they still have the bases on Mars or are they all compressed here now?#00:58:10.7#

Cobra: I would say that this is classified information at this point. #00:58:17.0#

Rob: Fair enough. Thank you so very much. We’ve talked in the past about the Atlantean and the inner circle, and the fact that it was reported by Sharula, who went by the man of Bonnie. Some friends of mine were present and her story is, Cobra if you don’t it I’ll give it to you real quick and then you can comment. Her mother was an Earth person and she married the head leader of the Telos. #00:58:46.2#

Cobra: Yes, I’m aware of that story. #00:58:46.2#

Rob: OK, she had transgressed some Telosian rule and she had to be banned to the surface. What happened was she was shown the Agarthan tunnels of the Earth. She was taken up in various locations to the surface of the Earth and at various points of time she is allowed to go into the inner tunnels, but not into the higher vibrational fields of Telos or the inner Earth. The people that I know who physically met her told me that her skin is similar to one of the Pleiadians that I met. He said she had very kind of Oriental eyelids, and she looked very unique physically. One of the things they mentioned was that her skin was like marble. The one ET guy that I met, that Fred called James, I could see through his skin almost. I could see the blood and veins a little deeper through his skin. It almost looked like marble and I have to say that the blood veins looked blue. I don’t know if that’s what they get the blue blood from, but I guess the question is with these higher vibrational worlds that exist within the inner Earth, how is that integration going to take place. They’re on a completely different frequency for us on the surface. Isn’t that correct? #01:00:05.1#

Cobra: To a certain degree, yes. This interaction will be gradual. First, only the most advanced individuals will be allowed in certain areas, then certain direction will happen, which will open more of that interaction to be possible. #01:00:22.2#

Rob: I want to go to the core of the earth and the spiritual light and presence that sustains this earth in the center. Can you talk about Sanat Kumara, his mission and how that relates to the Atlantean inner circle, the Ascended Masters, and humanity? #01:00:41.2#

Cobra: Sanat Kumara is an overseer of the whole evolution on this planet for the last, I would say, eight million years. He’s not present in a physical body because his consciousness is evolved far beyond that. His energy is present here as a silent watcher and he watches the whole progress. He occasionally send a ray of energy into this planetary sphere to accelerate evolution and to balance things and to harmonize things. People who have reached their own ascension throughout their cycle of Earth incarnations are actually receiving direct, or indirect, energy transmissions from him to assist in the planetary liberation process. #01:01:23.8#

Rob: That’s wonderful news. Fred Bell always had a picture of Sanat Kumara and a candle that burned in from of his picture in his house. It burned for the 35 years that I knew him. The candle never was extinguished, it was always transferred from candle to candle. That’s quite a discipline. Is there any way that the people on the surface, the light workers, could connect to these overseeing divine presence that’s overshadowing the planet and trying to help the ray itself? #01:01:53.3#

Cobra: Yes, of course. People can connect with Ascended Masters. Some people can even reach and contact Sanat Kumara indirectly though energy transmissions. I would like to add here that many people have misconceptions about the Ascended Masters, which were disseminated in the past by the archons. One of those misconceptions is that there’s a certain kind of ridged priority between the Ascended Masters and the masses, which is not true. The Ascended Masters are organic beings of Light, which transmit energies in full alignment with the Divine Plan, which is dynamic and alive. They have no need to control humanity. They have no need to have any type of agenda. They’re only here to assist in the liberation of humanity because they themselves went through the process of liberation, and they would like to share the same process with the rest of humanity. They are not masters in a sense of being above us, they are like our brothers and sisters who share the same essence with us. They only difference is that they are beyond the programming on the matrix. #01:03:06.5#

Rob: well, thank god someone is here! Thank you that was wonderful information. Fred Bell told me some things and I’m kind of interested in how this relates, if my memory is correct, and what you understand. There used to be a city where the Gobi Desert now exists, and the fact that it is a desert is a result of some sort of explosion, or maybe Atlantean wars where the city once existed called Shambala. It has been exploded and is now a desert. But he maintains that there’s another city that exits above the desert in the etheric plane, which he calls Shambala the Lesser. Is that correct? #01:03:48.0#

Cobra: There was a city on the physical plane in the Gobi Desert, and yes it was destroyed by nuclear war a long time ago in the past. There was actually a city below the surface of the Earth, and there was an etheric city but the etheric city has been destroyed during the archon invasion in 1996. #01:04:10.6#

Rob: Wow. So, the archon invasion actually was successful in certain areas. Wow, that’s a very interesting piece of information. #01:04:19.5#

Cobra: Yes, if the archon invasion would not have been so successful we would have liberated the planet because the only way the cabal could hold on so long was because they have taken over the energy grid on the etheric plane. #01:04:28.8#

Rob: That’s where the people should focus the attention of Love and Light, and service. Looking out into the reality folks, and realize that we are mind-projected embodiments of Love of the One Source. This physical world in a sense is a divine play — an illusion. If we see and realize God in everything and reflect that divinity the sooner it can happen. If we are reflecting distorted fields of the fallen, false hierarchies and energies influencing us, we sustain and perpetrate the matrix. We have individual responsibility to focus our intent and our thoughts on Love and Liberation. I’m going to wrap this up here in a little bit here. I wanted to take a couple more questions. If you could talk about the Atlantean inner circle, that I believe they have certain points upon the Earth. Perhaps beneath the Giza complex in Luxor, a strong focal of light within the Himalayas. There are various groups. Are tees groups physical? Would these Atlantean beings interact with Telosians, or are there different hierarchies with in the Agarthan network? #01:05:51.4#

Cobra: OK, step by step. First there are physical groups of Atlantean’s below the surface, and some of those people they are in the same body for 25,000 years. The main group is in the Himalayas and there are many other groups in other areas below the surface. They are in communication with the Agarthan network and with the Resistance Movement. They are cooperating together quite effectively on the planetary liberation. #01:06:18.8#

Rob: One of the great things to come forward in the future will of course will be the revelations, after it’s safe, after The Event. Evidence of your interaction with the Resistance Movement will be given, but of course many other ancient mysteries and artifacts, and truths of the history to this planet will be brought forward. Eventually, humanity will begin to actually interact with these beings. Will they be lowering their vibrational energies to come with us, or will we be raising up on the surface to be able to perceive and interact with them?#01:06:53.0#

Cobra: Both. They will not actually be lowering their vibrational frequency, but they will adjust their energy field so human being can interact with them. Those interactions will be very brief and partial at the beginning with the most advanced part of human population, and then after some time this will extend as human population begins to awaken and understand the situation more. It will be a gradual process that will expand exponentially. #01:07:21.9#

Rob: Wow. This is just fantastic. I don’t want to wear us out today. We’ve had some technical difficulties, folks. This is going to be edited by a friend of ours, and we’re also going to have this transcribed by a wonderful woman who’d offered to do that. We’re going to have a transcription and a great show recorded here. Cobra, I’d like to offer you this opportunity again to mention your website, any products you have, or any information on upcoming events that you may want to share with people. And of course, a final message of hope and positivity and something we can look forward to in the future. #01:08:00.6#

Cobra: I would say there is quite significant progress being made in regards to the Chimera group in the last week or so. There was a big progress with this latest portal activation, so things are looking much better than they were a month ago. So this is good news. I would like to invite everybody to follow my blog. Google: Cobra Portal 2012. There will be new events coming in June and July, and will most likely be in Spain in July, and Taiwan and Thailand. People who would like to embrace new Pleiadian technology can go to Just check it out. I would also like to invite everybody to participate with the Liberation Meditations. We need to get larger numbers each weekend on Sunday to assist, and to accelerate the process. Thank you everybody. #01:08:57.4#

Rob: Thank you again, Cobra. I have one last final question. A lot of people were very excited, especially on Prepare for Change, and the Cobra’s groups. They were very excited I was going to do this interview. I was wondering if we have a great result on the modulation, if you might consider doing a monthly show with us here on prepare for Change, the Victory of Light. #01:09:24.0#

Cobra: Yes, most likely this will happen, but we will see how this all works out. I will post this interview and most likely we can ale that arrangement. We’ll see in the next few days.#01:09:35.1#

Rob: Wonderful. Thank you so very much Cobra, and Victory to the Light!

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Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command have been sending message to Earth Governments for years about weaponization of space, and sending missiles into orbit. They have been told that sending these into orbit will be deactivated and will be monitored daily. This is example of Russia Proton-M rocket launch on 16th May 2014, a message sent to Russian Government that this won't be allowed. And clearly that's the case, as Lightship flew though and shut down the electronics of the rocket. -, - "The [Galactic] Federation has neutralized nuclear missiles and nuke suitcases. Most of Earth's population has no idea how many times we have stepped in behind the scenes to influence, alter or stop certain very destructive events and the misuse of numerous `black-op' highly classified weapon systems and projects very destructive to Mother Earth, which would have wiped out much of the life on the planet.
"If it had not been for our constant vigilant monitoring of Earth, . to stop these very dangerous incidents and many other forms of Intervention, as bad as the environmental conditions are at this time, this planet would literally be in eight times worse of a mess than it presently is!" (Ashtar through Michael Ellegion - "The Galactic Federation has been quite directly involved in your planet in many, many ways for your planets whole history. of late we have been bringing great many ships into the environment of your planet in order to assist with numerous subtle duties. I can list a few: assisting with the balancing of your magnetosphere, working against your destructive tendencies by disallowing nuclear explosions and similar, beaming in an balancing frequencies of light that assist in the ascension process, severely curtailing the negative activities of other self-serving space races and so on and so on. The list is long. - Cdr Adamu - On more than one occasion, you were intending to bring about a nuclear war. ... Your actions could have destroyed your Earth. We wish you to be aware that we have acted as your guardians for many thousands of years and you would not have been where you are now without our help, indeed you would not have reached this high point in evolution." - Atmos - "The Galactic Federation is meanwhile keeping a firm watch on the military bases, so as to ensure that they do not interfere with the process of change. They too like all of the armed forces will become converted to serve peaceful purposes. War has absolutely no place in the future, and for that reason there will be no need for defensive employment.
"Keep these things in mind when you are thrown into the midst of turmoil, as it will help you through such periods. Think peace, love and beauty as so much on Earth is ugly and has been despoiled by Man." - SaLuSa - ALL MISSILES ARE SHUTDOWN DAILY, SOME MAKE IT ON THE NEWS AND MOST DON'T. --

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I’m getting lots of questions lately like this one– “I feel like I’m trapped in a fog these days, and my mind just keeps running in circles– how do I stop making myself dizzy and get OUT of the fog?”

I definitely understand this question! In fact, I’ve spent the last week zeroing IN on that fog, as well as tracking every “thought step” on that repetitive brain treadmill. If you also relate to the question, I’ll tell you what I’ve discovered.

The “fog” is the result of having NEW intuitive awarenesses that are not coherent with the lower frequencies of old, habitual thoughts. The brain doesn’t know what to do with them, therefore, so it just keeps running in circles.

The way OFF the treadmill is to notice what thoughts repeat the most. Whatever they are about is what you need to stand in your power to face and RESOLVE.

Once you’ve found those gems, then write all the thoughts down and find the common THEME(S). They will reveal the energy pattern you need to focus on mastering over the next 6 weeks.

Understand that your repetitive thoughts won’t go away until you face them because they are at your service. They are offering you revelations about how you hold yourSELF back… and you won’t be able to expand beyond  “holding yourself back” unless you know HOW you do so.

Bottom line– Recognize the Paradigm Shift. This is 2014, the Year of Integration.EVERYTHING is at your service NOW, to get you “up to speed” with your own evolution…even your brain. Perhaps especially your brain, for there is far, far more to it than the “3rd dimensional treadmill.” (As you will soon discover, I’m quite sure!)

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Scientists Succeed in Teleporting Information with 100 Percent Accuracy

By Julie S | May 30, 2014 04:52 PM EDT

 Scientists Succeed in Teleporting Information with 100 Percent Accuracy
Scientists from TU Delft’s Kavli Institute of Nanoscience announced that they successfully teleported information to different quantum bits 3 meters away with 100 percent accuracy. (Photo : Reuters)

Scientists from TU Delft’s Kavli Institute of Nanoscience announced that they successfully teleported information to different quantum bits 3 meters away with 100 percent accuracy. The innovation could be useful in the development of quantum computers.

Quantum computers were designed using the principle of quantum physics to create a device with a speed beyond the power of traditional computers. Scientists believed that quantum computers would be useful in resolving important problems that current computers couldn’t handle. The device could also make information transfer faster making hacking impossible.

Prof. Ronald Hanson, lead researcher of the study, and his colleagues used the concept of “entanglement” for the study.

“When two particles become entangled, their identities merge: their collective state is precisely determined but the individual identity of each of the particles has disappeared. The entangled particles behave as one, even when separated by a large distance. The distance in our tests was three meters, but in theory the particles could be on either side of the universe. Einstein didn’t believe in this prediction and called it ‘spooky action at a distance’. Numerous experiments, on the other hand, agree with the existence of entanglement,” Hanson said in a press release.

Previous studies attempted to teleport information in different computer chips, but Hanson’s team was the first to succeed with 100 percent accuracy. The team used electrons in diamonds to produce the qubits used in the study so they can view the electrons individually and track the spin of the data.

“We’re able to set the spin (rotational direction) of these particles in a predetermined state, verify this spin and subsequently read out the data. We do all this in a material that can be used to make chips out of. This is important as many believe that only chip-based systems can be scaled up to a practical technology,” Hanson explained.

Hanson added that his team plans to repeat the experiment at a distance of 1,300 meters with the chips scattered around the campus.

Further details of the study were published in the May 29 issue of Science.

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