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China: UFO bathes city in violet light

Newspapers in the Chinese city of Shenzhen in Guangdong province not far from Hong Kong were recently inundated with calls from stunned residents of the city’s Futian district regarding UFOs that lingered above the city for over half an hour. One of the UFOs bathed the area in warm blue-violet light before shooting south. The incident took place at around 7.30pm on February 23 of this year.
A Mrs Zhou saw the UFOs as she stood on her balcony; she said two of the three shot off while one remained for a while before leaving. ‘I have no idea what they were. The last one was emitting the strangest violet light which was very bright’. A Mr Yip also saw the UFOs and noticed that at least one of the craft was also emitting a blue flame from its underside. No photos have emerged yet of the incident (All News Web will post links when they do).
Shenzhen is no stranger to UFOs; there have been dozens of sightings over the past two years. Futian is in the centre of the city and is a financial and business district. Shenzhen is in China’s ‘Special Economic Zone’ and is regarded as a boomtown and has an ultra modern skyline. It is home to over 8,000,000 residents. Perhaps alien visitors are taking an interest in China’s economic progress, weighing up whether humans in this part of the world are ready to deal with an open alien presence.
China’s many thousands of UFO enthusiasts would certainly answer a resounding ‘yes!’ to this question.

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