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CASPER UPDATE #2 : MAY 19, 2009

casper 5-29-09 #2

Every source on the planet expected delv today. Tonight WE hear OBAMA continues to block deliveries.

One explanation coming out of D.C. tonight is that our funding and the attendant items such as new banking, debt forgiveness, Constitution, etc. will permanently stop his planned takeover of the country using the economy as the excuse. Our funding literally defeats ALL his plans. He continues to try to access our accounts including three times today and the attempted trades continue four and five times each day, all are blocked. His collateral unknown, probably our packages.

HE has broken each and every promise, he has broken every signed agreement, his activities are a carbon copy of the BUSH playbook.

He has ordered the carriers and the military not to touch the packs so say D.C. sources, military sources, plus Carlyle sources.

Geithner is in Beijing Monday. Why is CHINA continuing to buy U.S. debt? Probably to try to prop up the dollar so as to avoid the crash in value of their existing reserves. The auctions this week were fully subscribed but no news as to what extent the FED RES was the buyer.

It is the same old thing, the owners of the printing presses vs those who own the Gold with us as hostages.

casper 5-29-09 #2

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Comment by Tony on May 30, 2009 at 6:30pm
He eludes many of us Martin
Comment by Martin on May 30, 2009 at 5:10pm
i don't understand what deliveries. its the 25th deliveries i don't understand casper !!!

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