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1890 / 2005 - CLAUDE DEBUSSY, "CLAIR DE LUNE" (intriguing video)

Prolific French composer Claude Debussy wrote "Clair De Lune" in 1890.

In the clip below, _possibly_ the pianist is Stephen Malinowski - I'm guessing that from an item in a FAQ that accompanies the clip at YouTube.

Wikipedia says, "Stephen Malinowski and Lisa Turetsky from Berkeley, California wrote a software program, entitled the Music Animation Machine that translates and shows music pieces in colored measures."

And that's what's going on in this clip. :)

Thanks to YouTuber smalin (i.e., Stephen Malinowski? Maybe. :)

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Comment by Trudy on May 30, 2009 at 12:00pm
I work mostly with MIDI files on the stage, I use a sound machine, what makes the piano sounds like the best steinway and the gitar like the best gibsons enz.....
Unfortunately, the digital system midi's works only for the music and not for the voice ..... oké you can use an voice double, but it is not the same !!

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