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Whatever you can do to help... please do it! Even if it's raising awareness by posting blogs and bulletins, or helping to sign petitions through such a network like or humanity healing. If you can afford it you can donate to good causes that you know of, and also there's daily clicks through care2 and such, and with every click it helps a wide variety of things. Actually, I'll pull those up and attach the links here! THanks for caring! We ARE all in this TOGETHER... no doubt! :)

The Animal Rescue Site

The Rainforest Site

The Hunger Site

The Breast Cancer Site

The Child Health Site

The Literacy Site

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Comment by Scootiep on July 3, 2010 at 6:16am
Mother Earth is an almighty strong powerful being, those who think we are harming her at this time are greatly underestimating her. What we are doing to her with the oil spill is like a tiny little cut on our skin. We are like tiny ants that could be brushed off her at any given moment but because she loves us so much she would never do that, but she can not stop us from destroying ourselves and if this oil spill is not stopped that is exactly what we would be achieving.

We live in a world where we are breathing, eating, drinking poison on a daily basis because of the control and manipulation by the powers that be.
Take them out of the equasion and we would be living in a much more happier world with a much happier Gaia too :D

But saying all that we must try and help Mother Earth as much as we can, you can do that with whatever you feel is best whether it is meditation, positive thinking, walking as much as you can without using your car as much, buy an electric car or hybrid, use less electricity try and use the free energy that we currently have available, make people more aware of the pillaging of the earth with the fuels and energy we use, go more green is what i say!!

We can achieve anything we want as a race and I can see it working slowly but surely the human conciousness is changing more people are waking up.

Let hope for a brighter lighter future to live in with the people, animals, plants and everything else on this world living free with their chains unlocked.

Comment by Golden_Angel_K on July 1, 2010 at 8:55pm
Quite excellent paTricia, i applaud your speech, i think we all have different perspectives, perceptions, whatever you call it...i think the main thing here is that, we, each one of us truly, from its heart desire to work for connection between all the characters of this game, because this is a game...once you realized the big importance of getting connected with all other roles of your own self (collective self), you can become the real creature we are waiting for...we now are like inside of our mother (earth) growing this giant Baby called humanity to become it into a whole human being called Adam( from kabbalah view)..

so, for the moment in my opinion the real thing now is to get connected with all and maintain this connection contributing with all you can do for all...

blessings and love to all
Comment by joni lynn on July 1, 2010 at 8:10pm
thanks for your input everyone, I really appreciate it! :)

Comment by Simmy on June 30, 2010 at 10:09am



Joni Lynn said:

" Yet I still say we need to do what we can, while we can, for as long as we can!"
Comment by Trudy on June 30, 2010 at 8:45am

Comment by joni lynn on June 30, 2010 at 8:22am
Oh, and William, you talk about a new birth of Mother Earth... why should she need one... or are you implying that it's gone too far. Are we talking a Noah's Ark incident, a re-genesis... what? Trust me, I understand... it IS that bad! Yet I still say we need to do what we can, while we can, for as long as we can!

Thank you for your input!
Comment by joni lynn on June 30, 2010 at 8:18am
Well here's my point though, NEVER before... EVER... has Mother Earth been ravaged and raped to this extent, and NEVER EVER before have we had the technology to do it to the extent that we are; and NEVER EVER has humanity AND government been more careless then we are now. Oh sure, we're waking up and the so-called little people (US) are trying to remedy what we can... problem is, not enough of us are... THAT's my point. I understood what William said wholeheartedly and wholeheartedly understand his reasoning, yet felt my reasoning was and is necessary as well. I'm not here to sugar coat what can't afford to be sugar-coated anymore. We tiptoe around trying to make our answers appeal to everyone, and trying to make them sound like it's ALL God's will, and just ya know... part of the plan! Well, to me... it's not, never has been, and never will be!

I respect all views, yet still have mine! We all have different ways of expressing ourselves!

Much love
Comment by Simmy on June 30, 2010 at 6:00am
Joni and Tetragrammaton, I think you misunderstood what William tried to say. I'm sure what he meant is that Mother Earth is strong and will survive her different cycles and crisis EVEN IF we do not do anything about it to help her. He didn't mean that we shouldn't or we don't need to do anything to help her. (This would be the same as saying, for example, "Oh, that tree is very thick and strong and won't die unless we burn her to ashes. So don't worry about people hacking her to pieces, she'll be fine." .Of course anyone with the minimum love for nature wouldn't allow the hacking of the tree to happen even knowing it wouldn't kill the tree).
Simplifying, I'm sure that of William meant is "let's continue helping our beloved Mother Earth without fear, knowing that she will be fine.".
p.s.: Sorry for my clumsy analogy!
Comment by Tetragrammaton on June 30, 2010 at 2:39am
I agree with you joni... even if it is true that mother earth can take care of herself... whether or not she's done it before... we still need to help her... because even though Gaia will most surely live on past our life times.. WE also live on her and off of her... and in saving her we save ourselves... she will keep living even though conditions are not fit to sustain human life... or any other life at all... SOooo.. Yes, Gaia / Mother Earth does need our help if we wish to help ourselves and life in general. It's a circle of life type of thing. :)

And William i agree with you also although nobody says we have to dwell in fear when worrying / caring for mother earth.. because WE ARE ALL connected... and cries of any sort whether it be human or not mean something is wrong and needs help. and we can surely do that with Love and a positive mindset for a better future. But i will definately not just sit there and wait for things to fix themselves. And like Joni said it is after all called "Saviors of Earth" not Saviors of Self" while we sit on our bums waiting for the world around us to change itself... haha...

Anyways much LOVE to all you guys. :)
Comment by joni lynn on June 30, 2010 at 1:24am
well when you look at it like, WE ARE ALL connected, then either way around it... there ARE cries. And it's like this... if so many people just shrug it off and say, oh well, she'll be fine... and we keep raping here to death... well, anyone can figure out the outcome of that! She IS screaming out for help... whether she can withstand it or not. Do we just sit by and embrace the carnage as EVOLUTION or something that's has to take place, or do we atleast fight for her and our... rights? I'm not going down without putting up a fight for her. Maybe this is our test, one of many, to see how much we'll care and how much we'll do about it!

Can't believe I'm having to explain this at a site called "Saviors of Earth"... INTERESTING!

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