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Wow, so 2012 is almost over. What a trip. We've entered into a new baktun, a new cycle and a new way of being. As we reflect over what 2012 has brought us we embrace the dawn of a new day, a new year. Let's make 2013 a year to remember. Ringing in new ways of being, new ways of seeing and new ways of relating. May your New Year…

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Resource Based Economy

Principles of a "Resource Based Economy"

What will a world without money, greed and corruption look like? How will such a world be achieved? The following document outlines very basically all the questions related to creating a society that can provide for all people. Finally many of the most basic questions related to a Resource Based Economy are now answered in this document.

Please spread and share this link everywhere...…


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*** THRIVE ***


THRIVE is an unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on what's REALLY going on in our world by following the money upstream -- uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives. Weaving together…

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A World In Crisis - don't miss this!



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The POWER within YOU

You have the power to stand or…

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Intense Spiritual Teachings - A Wealth of Information

The following are articles on the spiritual teaching, the teaching of life and the teaching of truth, authored by Billy Meier, as well as articles by other persons involved in the study of these teachings.



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I LIVE to let YOU ... SHINE! :)

"Wake me" you said, "that I might arise in the forms that emerge at this journey's end,

and through them bestow my gifts upon this world .

Join me then in the matter fields, that together we might work to magnify the beauty and

the wonder of these physical domains."


( Thank you for taking your power)

After a storm

I want to be brave

And keep you warm

And not fade away

As we float from…

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New Pearl Jam Video to benefit Marine Conservation Efforts

marine conservation Pictures, Images and Photos

As oil continues to gush into the Gulf of Mexico, rock band Pearl Jam is launching a new campaign to protect our oceans, building on their long history of environmental advocacy in order to rally music fans around this important cause.…


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Can You Hear Her Cries?

Mother Earth is SCREAMING for Help...

Whatever you can do to help... please do it! Even if it's raising awareness by posting blogs and bulletins, or helping to sign petitions through such a network like or humanity healing. If you can afford it you can donate to good causes that you know of, and also there's daily clicks through care2 and such, and with…

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