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Bright lights expected in Arizona sky tonight at 8PM!!!!!!!! Military.....


Not UFOs! Bright lights expected in Arizona sky tonight

PHOENIX – Military officials are advising Arizona residents to be prepared for bright lights in the night sky on Thursday.

The U.S. Air Force will be conducting a training exercise at 8 p.m. that will involve bright flares being dropped from attack aircraft in the area near the Barry M. Goldwater Range, southwest of Phoenix.

Air Force officials say the exercise will train pilots in night operations; Arizona civic leaders and elected officials have been invited to view the training.

"We do not want the flare activity to frighten and alarm citizens," said State Representative Jerry Weiers, chair of Military Affairs and Public Safety. "This exercise is part of a routine training exercise and shouldn't concern citizens because this type of training is a regular occurrence at The Barry M. Goldwater Range."

Arizona has had a long history of alleged UFO sightings, the most famous being the infamous “Phoenix Lights” sighting in March of 1997.

could this just be a cover....?? especially bombing the moon tomorrow at 430 am

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