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This blog will include information that begins to deal with esoteric knowledge and how knowing this can help one actually change their consciousness as it pertains to the outpicturing of our world. It is an "inner/outer" thing, an "as above so below" thing, a "macro and micro thing", and in understanding that, not only can we use the principles involved in science to understand our Universe but come to realize how our own personal world can be altered so that its innate Beingness be revealed in our everyday lives. If it is our thinking which causes negative situations in our life, then how can be make inner changes based on this information that will manifest more of what we want in "our world?" That will be discussed.


Going On Knowing...

There is much in science today that is being discussed and has been for some time. Many books have been published since the 1970's on this subject and a few in the 60's. But for the most part we are familiar now with the term Quantum Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Theory, String Theory and some of the authors of books discussing this as it relates to Consciousness or New Thought studies or how it reveals what has been revealed in "sacred Eastern writings". Some of those being Fritjof Capra, David Bohm, Rupert Sheldrake, John Briggs, David Peat, Michael Talbot, Paul Davies and others.


Many people have taken these ideas and matched them up with their metaphysical or occult beliefs and run with it knowing that by association comes credibility and that's alright up to a point but much of what is talked about is sometimes misunderstood. Or should I say not understood completely. And that is alright because we are all growing. But the truth of the matter is there is so much more to understand which would actually make all of that more understandable. Nobel Laureate David Gross is often quoted as saying "We don't know what we are talking about." That is to convey that these ideas are new and we don't yet understand what they are and how they work but there is evidence through observation and theory which seems to work a certain way but we don't yet know why.


Sometimes logic is considered intellectual and it gets put down by those who say you have to "feel it" for it to be right and that thinking about it means very little. It is about "feelings" and not about "thinking". Most of our awareness is pretty much "thoughts AND feelings" but our emotional reaction sometimes overpowers the idea or the thought behind it. Sometimes we go into denial and don't want to think about something but we still feel it and then we think that the feeling is stronger therefore better or more powerful or more in touch with the "Source."


But whenever people talk about their feelings they are doing so as thoughts and intellectually they convey it to you. So it is important to recognize that both thoughts and feelings are important. Just as particles and waves are important. It is also important to understand that science reflects our understanding of God but basically God as we will understand it in the future. Religion holds onto its beliefs because it is mostly dogma. But science is pushing the envelope regardless of what people think about it until it becomes the standard and there is no argument about it. But of course we still see religious thought in opposition to many scientific understandings.


However, philosophy or metaphysics or esoteric thinking is often ahead of science as we see it today. Science is discovering things in their theories and experiments which are mirroring ideas which have been taught for thousands of years to small groups of people around the world. It wasn't dogma, it was the sharing of individual realizations.


But I don't want to make this too long, it is a blog not a book. The point being is that much of what we understand in the field of metaphysics or spiritual thinking is our understanding of what spiritual thinkers and teachers understood and attempted to convey to their followers. This is much like paying attention to John or Paul or Peter rather than Jesus who actually knew what he was talking about. Instead of coming to really understand the teachings of a Master we have come to the place where we believe or refute what the followers thought they understood.


We are at that point where we do not any longer need to know what the truth about something is, we need to know what Truth is. This used to be a common understanding and people considered themselves "Truth Seekers" but now among some circles of modern thinkers their common theme is that "there is no truth" as in "There is no truth but thinking makes it so." This is an extrapolation of Shakespeare's "There is no right or wrong but thinking makes it so." But it has shifted so that "truth" is relative and that one person's truth is another person's illusion. "One man's junk is another man's treasure."


And I agree with that totally. I believe that "truth" is relative and it depends on what it is someone is talking about and it could be true today but not true tomorrow just like science is constantly changing and what it is doing now is crossing a threshold which is the equivalent of that journey we are entering as we are crossing into the "Light." However, and this is a big HOWEVER, and more attention should be paid here... I don't believe in "truth" with a little "t" but I believe in "Truth." Truth with a big "T" means Absolute Truth. "But there are no 'Absolutes'." you say.


Someone once heard me talking about Absolutes and they snapped back, "There are no absolutes." I responded by saying, "That was an absolute." They walked away silently. You cannot say that there are no absolutes and have to use an Absolute sentence structure to support your belief. It voids it out. You can use an Absolute statement and say "there are absolutes" and it concurs with what you are saying. But the opposite is not true and will not support itself. The point here is that mathematics, for example, is an Absolute. How so? Well, mathematics is based on Infinity and Infinity itself is an Absolute because it has no real beginning and no end. You might say that "1" is the beginning. But what then about ".9"? And to make a big leap here.... stretch it out..... ".9999999999" and that could go forever until you get to zero... but alas, based on this formula you could never get to zero but rather simply add another "9" or "8" or on down to "1" but still you would simply have ".1111111111" and could continually add another "1".


The important thing about math is that we all understand it. Maybe not advanced mathematics or Quantum Theory but certainly 2 + 2 = 4. That is all you need to understand the principle of mathematics. Also you discover that even without figuring out that 2 and 2 (and you put them together and come up with an answer), are 4, you realize that it was 4 even before you began the equation. This is true for all mathematical equations. The answer is already there before you begin the process and add, subtract, multiply or divide. The answer is already there. You don't need a math genius, you don't need Mr. Wizard, you don't need Bill Nye the Science Guy and you don't need The Rainman.


Think of Truth as mathematics. But before you do think about God. Even before you think about it and postulate the particulars most of you will already have the answer just barely beneath the surface. I'm not talking about a religious God. I'm not talking about a New Age concept. I am not talking about a science theory. I am talking about certain words most people agree with if they don't really think about it. Once they begin thinking certain answers flood their consciousness and they step back and gasp and turn and run away or say that you are just messing with their mind. Yeah, that's the ticket, they say you're playing "mind games."


But those words we use to be synonyms in many ways for God are words like "Truth." Words like Eternal. Words like Spirit. Words like Love. But these are someone connected to biblical statements and pretty much pertain collectively to Christianity. How about Omniscient, or Omnipotent, or Omnipresent? All knowing, all powerful and everywhere present? That is pretty much ALLNESS. This is a term which is clearly a New Thought, New Age concept which is retained for the continued use in understanding the concept of God. Think about this God and those concepts and let's return to the mathematical blueprint we began.


Mathematics is a system where there is absolute harmony, wholeness, completeness, perfection, order, infinity, eternal, true, allness. Does God think? We think God thinks but how can we prove that? We have to take it on faith don't we? No.... we aren't going on faith here. Faith is pointless in this exercise. We are going on "knowing." In fact let's call this "Going on Knowing." Let reach into history and pull someone out of the hat of research and we find Rene Descartes. His great contribution above all other is his statement in Greek: "Cogito Ergo Sum" (or Je Pense Donc Je Suis in French) which is translated in English as "I think therefore I am."


Upon first glance this doesn't seem particular important but trust me it is. Decartes proves to himself that he exists. He thinks, therefore he perceives, therefore he is aware, therefore he is awareness, therefore he is consciousness. Now he concludes that even if he believed that he didn't exist he would have to of necessity exist in order to believe that. The proof of existence isn't the whole picture. It is also a picture of "Being" or "Isness" or "Amness" as in "I AM." Also it proves that there is awareness and perception and consciousness and mind. So does this prove that God has a mind? Well, we know that is where we are going but it is important to follow this mental argument so we have complete understanding of "Principle" here.


There is a whole other process emerging here but just ignore it. I am going to throw it in now for those who might continue to follow this Teaching and take classes in the future. But the rest of you can ponder it or ignore it if you desire. There is something in logic called a syllogism. A syllogism is a process by which you can form a conclusion.

Descartes conclusion actually arises from a syllogistic reasoning but it usually isn't discussed. I am only discussing it here because the syllogistic process is important for advanced studies in metaphysics or ontology. We read and study Descartes and find out he said "I think therefore I am." But the process which isn't apparently written down goes something like this: I think, in order to think I must exist, therefore I am. You might call that middle section the "excluded middle." It is "In order to think I must exist." And he shortens it to I think therefore I AM.


We take this experiment in logic and thinking and consciousness and discover more from this. We have already discovered certain absolutes about the concept of God. God is all for example. Here we stand on top of a plateau, perhaps Mt. Olympus, perhaps Mt. Horeb, and we say God is all there is. I am or I exist therefore I am God because God is all there is and I know that I exist. We can proceed by proving that "Since I am all there is and I think therefore I am consciousness and I am God therefore God is Consciousness. Of course when we said that God was "Omniscient" he was all knowing therefore he was Consciousness therefore he was ALL MIND. But it was important we got here to perceive all of this in this manner.


We therefore end up realizing that GOD is all there is, or MIND or CONSCIOUSNESS or INFINITY. Now most of you have heard some or all of this stuff before in many ways even. But there is a preciseness to the axiomaticness of this which forms conclusions that presents us in Consciousness with "KNOWING" rather than "theorizing" or "believing" or "having faith." But now you KNOW that it is mathematically proven that you are Consciousness and that Consciousness is all there is. You exist and you are Infinite. But you are saying, "Wait, wait, wait a minute. That sounds good but still it is a lot of psycho-babble and it isn't really proven... or is it? God is ALL therefore God is all there is and God is Consciousness and Consciousness is all there is. I ponder this and say "So I am consciousness therefore I am a part of God." No. You are not a part of God. At this point everyone is relieved because now they know I am not some psychotic New Age guru wanna-be whacko but rather a person who finally has come to his senses. Well, you would be wrong. I say that God is ALL.... or CONSCIOUSNESS is ALL or whatever order you want to put these concepts in because they all add up to the same thing....but God is ALL, Whole, Complete, and Perfect. Remember that earlier? "Whole, Complete and Perfect." You cannot be "Whole, Complete and Perfect" and also be divisible or broken up into separate parts. Therefore you must be "Whole, Complete and Perfect. God is ALL and I think therefore I AM therefore I exist and God is all there is therefore I AM ALL there is. I am Consciousness and I AM infinite.


God is all there is and we discuss it and talk about it but actually it is all going on in our MIND since there is only ONE MIND and GOD cannot be broken up into parts. Yes God expresses himself/herself/(male female principle here: Out and Back, As Above So Below) and all of this can be express infinitely because God is infinite therefore infinite variety is a reality but also ONENESS is the ultimate reality of all of that and that again remains with you reading this wondering if it is really true. The only way to write this out so that none of this is true is to come up with some Biblical scenario which contains much of this but only as much as we can handle and then pass that down for generations. Jesus said: "Even before Abraham ever was, I AM." Does that not make more sense when you realize that you too can make this statement. Abraham represents the illusion of consciousness because it talks about a human being which is based on separateness. So Jesus recognizes someone from the past and says that he existed even before that. This is the "I AM" consciousness being discussed by him. "The I AM" is infinite and inclusive, absolute and Consciousness. The I AM is that awareness that you are Consciousness, One with God, the same yesterday, today and forever. It isn't philosophy, religion or science fiction, it is Truth. You are Truth. You are ONE. You are all there is.


The fact that we are asleep to much of this truth does not make our illusion or delusion true. It simply means that we all must do more work to "Wake Up" and begin to work our way up that hill until we can look out and see it all at once. You will have moments of spiritual insight and feel that sense of Oneness even though you cannot put it all into words. There are no words at that point. There is I AM. There is I AM ALL there is. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar


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Comment by Dr. Derek Lamar on December 18, 2010 at 3:56am

I am commenting on the "words" here not on the overall reflection. But still it is in the Wholeness which the answer is hidden it seems. Love is not necessarily greater than knowledge. Human knowledge, yes, this is empty and futile for the most part compared to the Absolute understanding that is the Mind of God. But "knowledge" of spiritual understanding is expressed equally with "the experience of Love" in the Highest sense. Love is connected to "Absolute Feeling" and  Knowledges is connected to "Absolute Knowing" and in this unification or Oneness we perceive Absolute Being. That is why I speak about Androgyny. It is the realization that the male/female principle is ONE and not two divided. Out and Back is not an act, it is an awareness. There is no actual movement in the physical sense but rather it is a mental process along with a feeling process which culminates in its completeness as the BEINGNESS which is the Essence of that which is the Divine quotient we strive for.

Comment by Dr. Derek Lamar on December 17, 2010 at 12:19pm

Yes, 2 + 2 equals 4. LOL But indeed, what does someone mean by that? When I use it, it is to convey the understanding of "Principle." There is a principle to mathematics and though there are variables in the "outer world" there are no variables to 2 + 2 = 4. People sometimes use gimmicks to trick us into believing that and we "want" to fall for it because we have been fooled by people with "hard" economics but we have to consider something else. It isn't truth versus it isn't "true". These are odd and peculiar concepts. But "Principle" is True all of the time. And in the case of what I am speaking about it is the Principle of "out and back" meaning you get back what you put out. What you put out in the sense of "Inner Knowing" not in the sense of how much energy you expend "working" in the human sense.


As to the concept of "coincidence".... George Noory is always carrying on (radio talk show host of Coast To Coast) about how he "doesn't believe in coincidences." Which drives me crazy because it is exactly what he believes in. What he needs to understand is that he "doesn't believe in accidents." The Truth is things do "coincide".... that only means that like things line up or parallel or reflect which again is the Principle of "Out and Back." And even "humanly" there are just everyday coincidences which do in fact occur for a reason but we cannot immediately speculate what that means simply on random guessing and throw in some spiritual sounding words and say, "well, there you go." There is always "inner work" involved not simply someone repeating what they heard someone else say. The only point in "learning" is to change within in order to release the Truth that is there which we hold back based on "human" ignorance when "human is not who we are." Love is not greater than "knowledge" because Love is the "Knowledge of spiritual Truth." LOVE is Oneness and also the knowledge of that can change your life, your world, your reality. It comes down to "ideas and feelings" or "thoughts and feelings." One is male and one is female but the Truth of Reality is Androgynous... it is Male/Female... it is OUT and BACK or IN and OUT or Within and Without or As Above, So Below. Principle in understanding requires knowing with the heart and thinking with the mind but not one without the other. When we turn it into a contest someone loses which means we all lose because in Truth we are ONE and there is no someone else. It is a mirror which again proves the principle that there are two sides which make up this one reality. The mirror reflects but also everything is reversed in the mirror. It is like action and reaction. For every action there is an equal opposite reaction.... male female.... androgyny.... GOD..... MIND.... BEING.

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