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So much talk nowadays of 2012 and "the end of the world." You'd think we were a bunch of fundamentalists from the 30's wearing sandwich signs that read: "BEWARE... The End Is Near!" I guess when 1984 didn't pan out for doom and the diamond dogs just got bought up by Michael Vick and his friends we had to come up with something else to fear. There were always those 1999 prophecies which foreshadowed us with gloom from Edgar Cayce and others from that ilk. Back then it was Earth Changes and possibly the 999 in 1999 silently could be turned over like spilt milk into 666 to wreak with terror in our very souls from childhood stories of the Anti Christ and Uncle Sam. But we were saved from old tired stories when that Y2K thing happened and suddenly it was a NEW prediction, not something from some old prophet who looked a little like Ouspensky.


Now we've got 2012: The Mayan calendar. And yet as "New Agers" we were all told that "MAYA" meant illusion but this was for real. Well there was that famous George Harrison song: "I, Me, Mayan." I never hear anyone mention that in 2012 Neptune goes into Pisces and that could shake things up I guess. I mean, when Neptune went into Sagittarius in 1970 the whole world was turned on its head with groups and cults and all things mystical and mysterious from the Maharishi to Werner Erhard to Tony Robbins walking on thin ice to the Moonies and finally it culminating into Jim Jones with Kool-Aid just like the machinations of some unfinished movie by Ed Wood.


But seriously, this Neptune thing could be something. Oh, not the end of the world. We're having that right now. But in a couple of years when inflation gets going really fast and entrepreneurs need something to pour their gold money into maybe something with a Pisces spin. Of course they would have to be psychic because Pisces represents that. Maybe by then we'll finally have some vision and we can tie a rope to that wagon.


We're heading for something, that's for damn sure. Yeah the baby boomers are getting older and older... shut up..... I hear that every morning when I stand in front of the mirror. I think about breaking it but then I would only get bad luck. I guess I'm lucky I can still see myself in the mirror. Feng Shui. Hey, Feng you. But as Art Bell from the “Coast to Coast Show”, now with George Noory, used to say... "It's the Quickening!" Time was moving faster and we were being sucked into a vortex of mystical madness or something. Art could never get it straight. For a while there something great was going to happen. The New Age was finally going to declare itself as the "Scene" to Be-In, or Love-In, or be Free-In but then the predictions of dangerous times and disasters and the jet stream touching down at 200 miles per hour with Dr. Doom Ed Dames watching from his bunker in Hawaii. He would be busy counting his money from giving people classes to do "remote viewing" because it was some secret "military technique." Coast To Coast now has Alex Jones to scare people to death. Apparently there is more money in the end coming than the beginning of Heaven On Earth.


That is where I come in.... and well, everyone else here on this site... I mean... we're the Saviors of Earth. But for me this is more than a hobby or something to fill up my time. I live to teach people things about who they are and what they can do to get closer to something really spiritual. The Universe is a mathematical equation and so is everything in it. It is all ONE and it is all MIND and it is all the experience we think is happening outside of ourselves. Hello? Wake up! It is happening right in our minds. That is hard for some people to believe but where do they believe it? In their mind. When they disagree where do to go to retreat from that information? In their mind. Where do they have breakfast? Oh sure they think they are in the breakfast nook but isn't that because they "THINK" they are and that means it is in their mind. I know this sounds like one of those brand new old fashioned cult fads but seriously.... it is all Consciousness. That is what the whole Quantum thing has been coming to. The implicate and the explicate... particles and waves... leaps without connections... things happening light years away as a reaction to some action even though the reaction happens before the action takes place. What?


It is all great. It is all Principle. The Universe is "Out and Back"... it is "Male and Female" and it is all happening in our mind. Everything that exists does so because of Consciousness. It isn't simply "mind" like Joe Biden giving a speech and you say, "what was he thinking"... but it is MIND in terms of Consciousness, Beingness, Infinity, Absolute Love, the beginning and the end which never happens because in back of time, space and change there is a fundamental reality and it is a vacuum. The one verse very few church people repeat is the one where Jesus was asked about prayer and he said: "Pray as if you have it already." And some people think he didn't even exist. Those crazy stupid people around Jesus (who didn't exist) just made that up? The Vatican and those idiots made that up? The common people who wanted their kids to get another day off from school made that up and said this Jesus guy did it because they figure they would never be found out. I mean there are so many Jesus's in Mexico you couldn't prove where he came from, right? But seriously... if you decipher the Bible, at least the Teaching of Yeshua, you will find a real Quantum thing going on there. It is all mathematics. It is all out and back. It is all based on Infinity and the "MIND" and that depending on your state of consciousness you can make things happen because it is all about YOU.... as "I AM." Realizing your "I AMness" is a major sense of self and personal discovery that can release you to be in touch with who you really are. It isn't about any one religion or philosophy or creed or cult... it is about realizing your "I AM". Moses climbed that mountain to meditate and deal with himself and be in touch with "GOD".... and found out within himself the words " I AM THAT I AM". Later on Yeshua said, "even before Abraham "I AM." And much later on Rene Descartes declared: "Cogito Ergo Sum" and "Je Pense Donc Je Suis" (I think therefore I AM) and that whole self-realization thing has been snowballing ever since. It isn't a "SECRET" but it is within. It is who you are. It is the answer to any question you might have. Yeah, well sure, it will take more of these lessons for some people to get it simply because they like people to tell stories to them. But that's okay. I like writing and sharing and being with warm people who know how to type. LOL


I wanted to knock something out here since I just got on here today and thought you all might like to have something to read which doesn't necessarily tell who I AM but what I AM into. It is that easy and that complicated. Sometimes you have to create whole weekend seminars to teach this stuff and other times you can have a half hour musical meditation and do it that way or if you're like me you will take your whole life to figure it out because at some point you realize that there really isn't anything else you would rather do. Aloha nui loa and thanks for the memories. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar


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