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Birch bark crafts - beauty and prosperity

Eco-minded greetings, my friends!
1. We are happy to introduce Birch bark crafts among novelties of Eco-Minded Club:
Birch bark crafts came to us from the depths of centuries from our ancestors. In ancient times, boxes for food and drink storage were made of birch bark. Now they are not so much in use in everyday life, but they have not lost their popularity and are symbols of beauty and prosperity. A handicraft of birch bark may be an original decoration and a practical storage for small things at home or an exclusive gift for your loved ones.

Birch bark contains fungicidal and antiseptic substances like betulin that help preserve bark artifacts and food.
Bread in such container never grow moldy, grains and seeds never get any bugs.

2. In addition here are a few more Eco-Minded novelties that may be interesting to those who are aware about unique healing properties of Siberian cedar (Pinus Sibirica):
- pure 100% cedar resin:
- 30% cedar resin on cedar nut oil base
- 30% cedar resin / 10% propolis on cedar nut oil base

3. And here is a new video and blog post by Dr. Regina Jensen where she speaks about our connection to "parallel races" - I hope it will also be interesting for you. )

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