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BenjaminFulford: Obama and cabal members are lying to the G8 and G20 about the new financial system

Obama and cabal members are lying to the G8 and G20 about the new financial system

The people trying to get the new financial system started claim that Obama, the 13 families and fellow criminals have once again tried to hijack the new metals backed financial system. Obama will try to persuade the officials at the G20 and G8 that all is well but nobody is going to be fooled. Former US presidents are doing everything they can to prevent the new system from starting because it will mean the trillions in fiat dollars they have stolen will suddenly become worthless and they will lose their secret power. This might explain the recent frantic attempts to kill as many supporters of the new system as possible.

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Comment by Berry Chastain on June 26, 2010 at 8:44pm
I work in an office of 4 people besides myself, all of whom are right wing conservative Bushites. The owner of my company is a personal friend, so they say, of Dubya, himself, with pictures to prove it.

I attempt to provide information about what is happening in the world, and alert them of the urgency of becoming aware of the situation, and what do I get," Oh! Fox News didn't say that" They are so brainwashed that I want to shed tears for their blindness. I cannot push beyond simple suggestions, as I don't want to make myself a target in the office and take a chance of being dismissed in these economical times. I don't emphasize my political or spiritual viewpoints because I know that I am a small minority.

I would love to be a voice for change publicly but I am honestly in a situation that I would be jobless, homeless and one of those which we are speaking out for if I were to be verbal in my small office. I therefore do what I am able to spread the information over the Net. (As long as we are still able to do that!!!!)

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