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BenjaminFulford : A message to the Jews and the Israelis: wake up and smell the coffee!

A message to the Jews and the Israelis: wake up and smell the coffee!

This opinion piece in the Jerusalem Post shows just how thoroughly brainwashed many Israelis and Jews really are:

The first thing the brainwashed Jews need to understand is that Zionism is nothing to do with Judaism. The real meaning of the word Zionism is “king worship.” The other meaning is a fortress mentality (Zion also means fort as does Al Qaeda). The same people who inflicted the holocaust on you in order to chase you into Israel are still ruling you in secret. They do not think of you as a chosen people but rather as a slave people who can be sacrificed to Lucifer when necessary.

Because your secret rulers have been dealing in drugs, weapons and slaves and because they have started wars and genocide around the world they are widely despised. They try to deflect this hatred away from themselves and onto the Jews. They are your worst enemy.

A global coalition is in the process of taking them down. That is why the US is no longer doing their bidding. It is naïve to think countries like Japan will remain as their vassals for much longer.

The CIA is expecting 2 million Jewish refugees following the collapse of the Zionist monarchic rule of Israel. The Japanese government is secretly preparing to accept as many as 1 million Jewish refugees.

Nobody is going to attack or harm the Jews anywhere in the world. The refugees will simply be people who, once they learn about the monstrosities of their satan worshipping ruling class, will decide they would rather live elsewhere.

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Comment by Besimi on August 6, 2009 at 1:47am
Well ! Actually this is a great message for Jews indeed.They are being brainwashed by that promised land,wich
will only cause grief and suffering to them. They look at Rothchilds as their father "having done so much for Israel"
........IT IS NOT THAT ISRAEL they imagined, is Zionist Satanic Babylonian Ruling Royal class ,wich would exterminate every Jew if they reached the goal. ...Hope Jews realize that sooner, ..much love to them.

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