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batteries are the weak link and a question for channelers

Why is it that our battery technology cant keep up? I'm 27 years old and other than lithium ion batteries (that still cant keep up with our need for power) there hasn't been a significant jump in portable electricity generating in my whole life. Why is this? A longer lasting more significant power source would revolutionize the world. Can you imagine a cell phone that only needed to be recharged once a month or perhaps never? If you have played fallout 3 could you possible tell me that you wouldn't want a PipBoy 3000? OMG that would be amazing. A small arm mounted cell phone/pda device. We could make it our wallet as well. We have made amazing progress integrating tech into our lives. But we are so far from where we need too be.

WiTricity, a portmanteau for wireless electricity, is a term coined initially by Dave Gerding in 2005 and used by an MIT research team led by Prof. Marin Soljačić in 2007,[1][2] to describe the ability to provide electrical energy to remote objects without wires. WiTricity is based on strong coupling between electromagnetic resonant objects to transfer energy wirelesslybetween them. The system consists of WiTricity transmitters and receivers that contain magnetic loop antennas critically tuned to the same frequency. As WiTricity operates in the electromagnetic near-field, the receiving devices must be no more than about a quarter wavelength from the transmitter (which is a few meters at the frequency used by the example system). In their first paper, the group also simulated GHz dielectric resonators.-(Taken from wikipedia )

This is obviously a HUGE step in the right direction. Its just going to take so long I feel to make it out to market. We may never see this used in our lifetime. I have heard talks of integrating this tech in computer monitors to supply power to the tech devices in the room. Sounds good to me.

The last thing I want to through in here is about the channelers. For us here on earth our entire system of technology runs on electricity. We make it, store it, turn one thing or another into it. Its the blood of our tech world. Would be it be unreasonable to see if a channeler could ask what their channeled beings fundamental form of power is? Lets say a light ship for example, does the ship have a power source that creates electricity to run whatever devices they have? I would think not but some kind of base tech must exist. I would like to know, or at least get a hint......

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Comment by bo6us on November 17, 2008 at 10:02pm
i think Tesla's worked differently and was more for long range. not sure, i would have to look it up.
Comment by Vaddix on November 17, 2008 at 5:32pm
Nicholas Tesla came up with the same thing like 100 years ago. The fact is the governments always block useful technologies.

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