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This is a very rare book upload to help everyone!

Michael Molinos - The Spiritual Guide (1675)

which disintangles the soul and brings it by the inward way to the fruition of perfect contemplation and the rich treasure of internal peace

So Powerful was its influence on Europe that within 6 years of its release this book had been translated into every language in Western Europe. In Naples, Italy it was said that 20,000 Christians gathered in small groups to practice inward prayer.

Michael Molinos came closer to reforming the Catholic Church than any other single man in history, yet he ended up sealed in a dungeon, his book condemned. A man so controversial that even until today the Vatican will not release the transcript of his (secret) trial. Now for the first time ever, this book appears in modern English. The first English language release in over a hundred years.

118 pages, 714 KB, PDF.

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