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By Eve / Adama of Telos
December 4, 201

It was already at the end of November when I "heard" about evacuation
of the complete Agartha network.

Of course I then felt the need to check in with Adama to see what he would comment on this.
This piece is the result - I did it on a saturday.
On the following monday Candace asked me if maybe Adama would like to comment.
I just had typed this piece, so I sent it to Candace via skype
and we first published it in the messianic forum of AH.
Candace updated it with a picture from Nexus-magazine,
which showed one of the large evacuation crafts near Saturn.
I want to comment here, too, that none of these giant ships can really come near to earth,
as this would seriously affect gravitation and cause great disturbance.
These ships are of incredible size, and if we assume the Agartha-population
(including all cities of inner earth etc, like Telos e.g.)
was about 1,5 million people one of these ships can take all.
They are designed especially for purposes like this.
So they are parked in the solar system, far enough from any planet
and there are smaller shuttles for transfer.
Now, Candace asked for publishing of this piece as the right time has come.
So with the fact of Inner Earth evacuation
you may imagine how imminent the big earth changes,
pole reversal etc. really are.
Don't worry, dear ones,.... we will be cared for!

Very much by heart
Adama of Telos through Eve
Adama? Are you there?
Oh, Eve!
Yes, I'm here!
Not quite where I used to be, but that does not hinder our conversation!
Daddy, I heard about evacuation of the inner earth, Agartha...
I suppose, Telos is void, too?
Yes, Eve, most are gone! Already...
we are now aboard of one of the big evacuation ships....
there is a special one for the inner earth folks.
The ones among us who are going to be part of the surface project will move
to the New Jerusalem later,
to work with the surface people and of course,
we will be present at the Phoenix and the Capricorn. No problem at all, you know.
How about your pets and plants/crops?
They have been put into stasis already,
as we cannot maintain the normal routines without menpower.
Most likely they will remain undamaged.
The stasis frequency is the best possibility to guarantee their health.
The good thing is that stasis can be held upright for indefinite time, without any damage or problem.
After the voiding of Telos, the whole area was put into stasis,
and likewise the other places of inner earth and the hollow earth.
My goodness, Adama.. what an adventure!
Yup, Eve, you can well say it that way.
Most of the people living here have not travelled much,
and it's quite an experience to have a while aboard ship.
But we arrange ourselves quite comfortably, we took our most dear things with us,
and the kids are enthusiastic,
as they are going to become aware witnesses
of what is going to happen with the planet.
Our part of the ship - where we dwell - is not isolated...
we are facing a colourful gathering of all sorts of folks from inner earth,
which is pretty hear all the stories and view points!
Now, Daddy, how about the emotional landscape?
Oh, Eve, yes... there is of course mourning about the sudden change of plans
in the way they are now.
We had hoped so much for a more joyful occasion...
reuniting of family due to an encouraging development - which has simply not happened 
Every day passing on the surface has just encouraged the dark ones to go on,
all the peaceful interaction of the light people has not moved anything with the thugs.
It has well moved encouragement of mother planet, and our hearts,..
but the New World Order was steadily triggered furthermore,
the programming was solid as solid can be,
it was just like trying to stop a forest fire by the moisture of a kiss.
The crew, the second coming team, has been very frustrated from time to time...
of course, how else could it be...
Meanwhile CM/Esu and even the Eternal Father
have reached the insight that without divine intervention
there would be no chance ever to rescue the planet.
So the wave will be allowed to turn things upside down,
and it's going to be that powerful that there is not even more a guarantee
for safety regarding the Inner Earth Folks.
Of course, also regarding the imminent pole reversal...
See, Eve, we have endured here for millenea
just to finally be pulled under the „wheels" at the very end.
Everybody understands the necessity of evacuation,
everybody was and is constructive.
Everybody is behaving disciplinated.
So, our reuniting is probably going to take place in space, beloved,
and you may already tap into the idea of a glimplse of glory you are going to have....
when the big moment is finally there.
I'm often with Esu and CM, of course, due to my active role in all of this... .
Might be that the wave reaches the earth still before christmas,
so this is literally the „end of all things" as you know it.
Remembering all we have ever been talking about,
it's a little bit strange to find everything is now going a different way,
but if we are really used to something, then it's the issue of sudden change,
of paradigms fluctuating from now to then.
I'd say, the love in our hearts has been the only factor of steadyness.
The decision for evacuation was made in the planetary council,
after enfolding the likelyness of happenings and the risk included.
Otherwise than your surface governments we care for our people
and do everything to keep them safe and in good health.
And we of course have the outlook to return after everything is settled well again.
Now, as you will imagine, there is an immense vibration of excitement here!
Our thoughts are on excursion all day long...
they are with you folks and with the celestial teams,
and our hearts are somehow goose-bumping a little bit
while watching a great scenario unfolding.
I bow my head in awe in front of our creator son and Esu,
who are working so relentlessly under full power, just with small breaks
to relax from viewing all the mess down there on the planet.
When they'd now look into the mirror, asking, have we really,
really tried everything possible?"

Then there would just be one answer: YES, yes, and YES again.
This is the end of all things in this planetary era, transition is coming
in neither way mysteriously or magically, but as a real deal of matter,
and here we go again:
Mankind was adressed to take efforts to change things, they did not,
and so the universe is now going th change this on behalf of mankind...
the whole thing is signed and it's coming along, in a mighty way.
Equal if mankind is prepared to open the doors or not, all doors will be crashed open
by the cosmic influence and there will be no single place spared!
I sense, Eve, that you are very calm on your inner plane....
I hope this is a good sign?
Well, Daddy, generally speaking, I'm fried, like most of us.
Even the news about evacuation of the Inner Earth did not bring
my adrenaline up much.
I sensed as you mention, it's the end of all things, our last days in the old paradigm,
and equal how it will turn for me personally, I just wish things to change.
I'm in faith... which puts me in some kind of emotional nowhereland...
even if my incarnation was to end suddenly..., I'm in peace with the situation.
Are you sure, sweety, that your peace is not just a symptom of exhaustion?
Maybe, might be. But that does not change much, you know.
I have just made a balance sheet of my life... .
I'm just somehow arranging myself with the circumstances...
Let me just take you in my arms to hold you tight for a while...
we are going to sail again -
the wind will fill your sails...

I invite you to join me energetially for some minutes ...
Ok, thanks!

You can see the pictures of the evacuation craft here:
This piece is under copyright protection of
It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in anyway
and a link placed back to this site.
It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so,
you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link. Thank you, Candace

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