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Arcturians~2011-2012~ Energetics Shifts~ 5D~

Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians.
We are on a cusp of major changes, and we are quickly approaching 2012.
There is much anxiety and excitement about the changes
that are before you and are before the planet.
We have designated 2011 as the year of the planetary healer.
This designation indicates that there is a great deal of planetary work that must be done.
There is a great deal of planetary work ahead in preparation for the 2012 energy input.
The preparation has to do with the expansion of the vessels so that both
your personal and planetary vessels can hold the
fifth-dimensional light that is going to be downloaded.
In the idea of the vessel, one understands that the vessel is like a structure.
It can be considered a physical structure, and it can be considered an etheric structure.
The structure or the vessel is built to contain a certain frequency and energy.
You can compare the vessel to water.
Say a vessel can hold a certain poundage of water,
but if the water becomes too heavy and too much, then the vessel can break.
So it is with the frequencies and so it is with energy.
Energy requires that in order for it to be used properly and to be processed properly,
it must somehow be contained.
You would not want electricity, for example, to be floating through the atmosphere
without having a designation or a focus.
If electricity were not focused, then you would not be able to turn a light on
even though there is electricity all over the atmosphere.
You still have to focus and direct the electricity through a wire and into some type of a circuit.
This is exactly the same thing with spiritual energy and spiritual light.
It is exactly the same thing with fifth-dimensional energy and fifth-dimensional light.
There is going to be a time when there will be a huge input of fifth-dimensional energy.
This energy that I am talking about is actually measureable. It is observable.
When this energy is coming,
you as a vessel have to be constructed and prepared to hold a newer and higher frequency.
We have been offering various types of exercises that can train your self
as a vessel to hold more fifth-dimensional energy and fifth-dimensional light.
We know that the Ascension is getting closer.
What is the difference going to be between those who ascend and those who do not ascend?
One of the main differences is going to be this:
those who ascend will be able to hold the input of energies –
etheric energy and spiritual energy – that is going to be downloaded.
This ascension is going to be a surge of spiritual and etheric energy.
People often ask, “Am I worthy enough to ascend,
or have I been able to complete all my life lessons?”
They might say, “No, I feel I have not completed my life lessons,
and I feel that I am not worthy enough.”
People could deny themselves the experience of the Ascension with this type of thinking.
The key factor now for the Ascension is your ability to hold this higher energy
and higher input of light.
It is true that in order to hold newer light and newer energy,
you must clear out and release a lot of baggage.
You must release a lot of older energies so that there is room for the new vibration.
Also, you have to have a strong enough structure to hold the newer light
Everything that I have said about your personal ascension also applies to the planetary ascension.
We want to provide an etheric energetic structure for the planet
so that the planet can hold, receive and process fifth-dimensional energies.
The 12 etheric crystals, one of which was originally downloaded at Lago Puelo, Argentina,
are set up to assist the planet in holding
and processing fifth-dimensional energy and fifth-dimensional light.
The etheric crystals, including the one at Lago Puelo, are capable of handling a large input,
an immediate input of fifth-dimensional light.
Let’s talk about fifth-dimensional light and vessels.
When we talk about fifth-dimensional light on a personal basis,
sometimes then we can say that a certain individual’s vessel is not strong enough
to hold the fifth-dimensional light. In order to make the vessel stronger,
the person must discharge old energy.
It is the same with the planet. It is the same with the structures in the planet
which include a variety of social, political and geophysical energies.
That is to say, what you are seeing now on the Earth is a great deal of releasing of
congested and denser energy patterns so that the Earth and the structures
on this planet can develop a stronger vessel in order to receive fifth-dimensional energies.
The etheric crystals are working and are in excellent position to begin
the downloading of fifth-dimensional energies.
But the crystals by themselves need assistance.
To that purpose, we also established through your great work,
the Planetary Cities of Light project.
This is a further elaboration of creation of vessels on the Earth.
Vessels are now being created in individual Planetary Cities of Light.
These individual Planetary Cities of Light are going to be able to handle fifth-dimensional energy.
They are going to be able to receive the huge input of light and energy.
When we talk about 2012, let’s be frank, there is going to be upheaval.
You have already seen some of the upheaval beginning in 2011.
It is going to carry through, of course, into 2012.
Remember, if you, as a personal vessel, are somewhat congested, then,
if you receive a high input of fifth-dimensional light and have no preparation
and have done no spiritual work, then it’s going to blow your circuits.
It is going to make you, perhaps, more confused.
There will be disruption and disorganization.
That is why we are emphasizing preparation
and also doing some of the exercises, such as shimmering.
The planet also has to be prepared for this huge input of fifth-dimensional energy
and light that is coming in 2012.
There are many cases and examples where the social, the political
and even the geological structure have not been prepared to receive the input of
fifth-dimensional energy and light.
Therefore, there were disruptions.
What I am suggesting is, on a planetary level, the Earth must be prepared for
fifth-dimensional input because if the Earth is unprepared as a planet,
then there will even be more disruptions than what you have already seen.
The third part of our cycle of planetary preparation is the Ladders of Ascension.

The first level is the etheric crystals.
The second level is the Planetary Cities of Light,

The third level is the Ladders of Ascension.
Each level carries a unique and individual frequency.
The Ladders of Ascension are being designated in certain energetic power places on the planet.
The frequencies of the Ladders of Ascension and the frequencies of the places
have been calibrated so that they can handle large numbers of souls who are ready to ascend.
One of the things that we looked for in designating a place for a Ladder of Ascension
is to look for a place that has a sense of purity and a spiritual energetic structure.
These places already have the ability to be a vessel of light and hold spiritual energy.
Spiritual light is already around these areas
so that they can handle huge energetic inputs of soul light.
We want to talk about the Ladders of Ascension and placement of the Ladders
of Ascension in reference to the concept of bilocation.
Bilocation is the ability to place yourself in two places at the same time.
One bilocation point is considered the home place,
and the second is considered the designated projected place.
When we are talking about the Ascension,
we are talking about bilocation into another dimension.
The ability to perform bilocation will assist you in your ascension.
We have found this based on our experience in other planets.
We have assisted and been involved in other planetary ascensions.
We have found that using designated “bilocation-friendly“ places,
such as Ladders of Ascension, make it easier and make it more viable to assist large groups
of people in their ascension.
People can, at the point of ascension, project and bilocate to the Ladder of Ascension.
At the point on the Ladder of Ascension, there will be a huge fifth-dimensional opening.
There will not be a fifth-dimensional opening over the entire planet.
The whole planet is not going to open up to the fifth dimension.
The whole planet and all of the many cities are not prepared to receive
this huge downloading of energy because the vessels on the planet are not strong enough.
Designated places like the ones that have the Ladders of Ascension
are strong enough to hold the right vibration that will attract the fifth dimension
and will be able to keep the gates to the fifth dimension open.
This is an important factor.
The gates at the Ladder of Ascension have to be kept open
because there is going to be thousands and thousands of souls that will ascend.
There are already several areas that have been designated as holding Ladders of Ascension
(Mt. Fuji, Japan; Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem; Bell Rock, Sedona, Arizona;
Nelson Bay, NSW, Australia near Sidney; and San Martín de los Andes, Argentina),
and we have worked in these areas for the downloading of the Ladders of Ascension.
Now in this session, we are activating another Ladder of Ascension
at San Martín de los Andes in Argentina.
This beautiful Planetary City of Light is very near our first etheric crystal that we downloaded
at Lago Puelo.

Now we are excited to work with opening and downloading
a new Ladder of Ascension at San Martín de los Andes.
I am asking everyone now to visualize this beautiful new fifth-dimensional Ladder of Ascension.
I, Juliano, have my starship Athena directly over San Martín de los Andes
and the Group of Forty members that are there to receive this etheric Ladder of Ascension.
I want all who are listening and meditating with us now to visualize
and work with me to bring this Ladder of Ascension down into San Martín de los Andes.
On the count of three, I, Juliano, with your assistance,
am downloading this new Ladder of Ascension.
(Tones Ohhhhhhhh, Ooohhhhhhh.)
A majestic blue ladder is leaving my starship Athena and coming down directly
over the home of where the Group of Forty is at this moment.
This Ladder of Ascension is now being downloaded there.
The Ladder of Ascension is staying above the city.
It is staying above the city in a beautiful way so that everyone can feel and sense
the beautiful blue light energetically that is being radiated from the fifth dimension.
This Ladder of Ascension has directly come from the fifth dimension,
and it is in the etheric realm directly over San Martín de los Andes.
We will meditate for a few minutes on this beautiful opening which is now occurring
over this Planetary City of Light.

Visualize and see this Ladder of Ascension over San Martín de los Andes.
There is a great deal of joy around the Ladder of Ascension.
Those people who are in San Martín de los Andes are directly experiencing
the joyfulness because the fifth dimension is a dimension of joy.
It is a dimension of unity. It is a dimension of oneness.
Having this opening to the fifth dimension is raising the spiritual light quotient of the city.
At the same time, I, Juliano, deepen the connection between the
Bell Rock Ladder of Ascension in Sedona, Arizona,
with the new Ladder of Ascension in San Martín de los Andes.
It is a beautiful light connection.
The Ladders of Ascension are capable of handling many souls
and the Ladder of Ascension is like an attraction.
At the moment of ascension, you can choose any Ladder of Ascension you wish.
You can simply ascend from where you are without going through the Ladders of Ascension.
Our experience has been that it is easier to project yourself to an area
that has the Ladders of Ascension.
You will feel more comfortable,
especially when you see the masses or thousands of souls going to the areas.
One final idea – bilocation begins by sending your soul essence to the other place.
When you reach the Ladder of Ascension with your soul essence,
you will receive and experience such a high input of energetic light that you will be able
to use that energy to bring your physical body to the Ladder of Ascension,
and then you will be able to ascend.
It does require a huge input of energy to ascend a physical body,
including bilocating energetically, and then through the bilocation,
bring the physical body and then ascend.
But, you will have the vessel to hold that energy, to do that task.
And, the designated areas that are Ladders of Ascension will be places
that can hold these huge energy inputs without disintegrating.
I, Juliano, congratulate the Group of Forty members there in San Martín de los Andes
for holding this light, for helping to create the great vessel in their city
so that they can work with this new Ladder of Ascension.
Mother Mary is going to be the spiritual advisor,
guide and teacher for this Ladder of Ascension in San Martín de los Andes.
Now I will turn to another subject because we have a great deal of work to do.
I want to talk more specifically about 2012 and the energy of 2012.
I would like to look at the whole idea of predictions and what is coming.
I know that, in essence, the year 2012 is actually going to begin around October 15th, 2011.
From an energetic standpoint, 2012 does not really begin on January 1st, 2012,
but the energy and the cycle and the light is already beginning on October 15th.
In a sense you are now (on September 3) almost coming to the end of the cycle of 2011.

You might say that this has been a short year.
Look at everything that has happened already.
In conclusion I could say that the lightworkers and the lightwork in 2012
are going to become stronger.
Because of increased polarizations, more people will seek a spiritual light
and spiritual understanding, and that the lightworkers will be gaining
in their ability to become influential and in holding the light patterns.
Remember that there will be huge influxes of fifth-dimensional light in 2012,
and that these energy influxes will contain answers to many of the problems.
Remember that the Ascension is going to download spiritual energy into the planet.

Even when the Ascension ends, even when the first wave is over,
know that the spiritual light that the Ascension brings will stay on the planet.
It is not like the fifth dimension opens and the Ascension happens,
then it closes and the spiritual light is gone.
So, my friends, we are looking forward to working more closely with all of you doing the biorelativity.
We did not cover all the subjects.
We will do more predictions for 2012 as we are working together throughout these months.
This is Juliano. Good day

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