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Anyone ever heard of the 'Genesis Quest' group?

I came across this group and I found it really interesting.

Their website is but their facebook group ( has even more interesting posts.

Like this one, for example;

"GQ (Genesis Quest) is under attack. Prior to even going live, our website has been hacked, so we'll have to pay additional money to fix that. The archaeological community officially declared "war" on us, while tauntingly questioning our credentials publicly--even though we have two members with two PhDs apiece, a former Fellow of the White House Science Office, and a designer of Mir on our team, and are entirely 

friendly to the archaeologists as we are to everyone else. I and more than one member of our team have been libeled in very shocking terms and could sue successfully for a lot of money right now, if we had any inclination to do so (we don't). And this even though we know and will be the first group ever positioned to prove irrefutably that a super-advanced civilization once existed on Earth, and are in the process of reverse-engineering their super-advanced technologies beyond the grasp of modern science that could eliminate thirst, hunger, poverty, and war--and basically, save the world (conjectural but conceivable at this point is that what we are working with could even cure numerous diseases and prolong human lifespans). This kind of thing rolls off us, as we understand what motivates it, and I myself have been struggling against it since I was first attacked in 1989, with such enormous fallout to my own career. But it is a very sad commentary on human nature, don't you agree?"
Then someone asks 'Can you possibly be specific about what exactly you have proven/discovered?', for which GQ answers:
"I myself can be specific about very little, particularly things we have not definitely confirmed. But I can state preliminarily that we have established that pyramid power is real and is based on fantastic high technology beyond the understanding of modern physics. That we have proved; I've seen the evidence. But presenting it is another thing, and that will take time. As for the ramifications of some of this stuff, that's what I'm getting so excited about--they are mind-boggling, even for me. I've always been a visionary person; but this is beyond even my wildest imaginings. More than one area of our research tends to leave me speechless, so stupefying is this stuff. I've had to discipline myself to open my mind even further to possibilities (and not all of them are confirmed as yet, hence our continuing efforts and our upcoming crowdfunding campaign) that are truly breathtaking in their implications, depending on just what our rigorous analysis of hard evidence does confirm.
Even our harshest critics will become fast friends once they understand, and accept, the good these revelations will do for them. And I mean that totally inclusively, for every single person on the planet."

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Comment by Trudy on September 22, 2012 at 2:34pm

Interesting Simmy I just visit their page on FB thx going to look into it ^L^

Comment by Simmy on September 22, 2012 at 2:00pm

It is something to do with ancient elongated skulls. This is what they said:

"Having sent DNA samples to TWO labs in the US over the last 18 months with LITTLE activity on their part, I have JUST SENT TEN SAMPLES to a MAJOR DNA LAB in TEXAS that WILL THOROUGHLY analyze skin, hair and teeth from SEVEN elongated skulls and we WILL get RESULTS of some kind within TWO MONTHS...along with a sample from a NORMAL skull to use as a CONTROL..."

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