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An Urgent Message from Saint Germain - The Battle for Your Mind

Am Beloved Master Teacher Saint Germain, and I come today with a message of Awakening.

This is an important time on earth, for She is in her final stages of labor… She is getting ready to “push,” and with Her pushing will come the death of the old world and the birth of the new World. We wish for You to look upon what is happening in this way, for perhaps it will not seem so violent if You do.

Giving birth to new life can be painful, in fact, it is what You on earth expect. You do not believe that giving birth can be easy, yet We assure You, it can be… and there was a time many centuries ago when it was, however, those days are no more and You all hold the belief that birth must come with great pain.

It is for this reason You are experiencing this transition into the Higher Dimensions with such physical pain in Your own bodies. There is always another way, and letting go of what no longer serves You does not need to be painful. However, You do not believe that things can be easy. You hold fast to Your belief that life is hard. Truly, it is Your belief in suffering that carries You on Your journey here on earth.

We come now with A Message, and it is that each and every one of You are a to the birth of The New World. You say “how?” “ How can we do anything?” We have told You this for many hundreds of years, and We come to You now with the same message today…




The time of critical mass is drawing close, Dear Ones, and while it would seem that You are to put Your focus and attention on the world and all of its problems, that is NOT WHAT YOU ARE TO DO. We know that this, in and of itself, will cause some of You to shudder and question the validity of this message. But, if You truly understand the world You are living in and the power You have, You will KNOW this is TRUTH. The world You are seeing with Your eyes is not real. It is illusion!!! YOU MUST GET THIS SOON, Dear Ones, the time is critical for this lesson to be learned.

The world You see is a projection of Your own mind, and the thoughts You think are what You SEE in Your world. The POWER YOU POSSESS IS IN YOUR MIND. The war You are fighting is not of the physical, it is not over material possessions or of an earthly nature… the war is in YOUR MIND. Your mind is the battlefield and Your emotions are the ammunition!! PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS. This message is vital for tipping the scales in the favor of LOVE and LIGHT.

You are being attacked at a mental level, by thoughts and images projected at You as mind bombs of FEAR. Your mind and Your emotions are what is at stake here, and they are using Your own thoughts and emotions as ammunition to destroy You. Your world will be born anew, and She will exist for You on another plane of Higher Consciousness, but unless YOU PERSONALLY RAISE YOUR THOUGHTS AND EMOTIONS TO MEET HER, YOU WILL BE LEFT HERE. This is not to scare You, this is to let You know that You are not fighting against BP. You are not fighting to save the Gulf. THAT IS NOT WHERE YOU SHOULD FOCUS YOUR ATTENTION Beloved Ones…that is the distraction they want You to focus on!

Your focus of attention should ALWAYS BE ON YOUR HEART… YOUR POWER IS IN YOUR HEART. Your ‘bombs’ are of LOVE… Your holy land is in Your own mind. You must protect Your minds from the images and thoughts being thrown at You from every level and angle. We are here to help You, and in order for You to know what You are to do, You must know what You are ‘fighting for’ and what Your ‘ammo’ is. You are fighting for the freedom to think and use Your mind as You wish, and You are fighting with a Higher Vibrational Energy than they are, LOVE.

Because the world You see is just a reflection of Your mind and the collective mind, to change what You see, You MUST CHANGE YOUR MIND. This requires You to use Your power to say no to all that is not in alignment with Your HIGHER SELF, Your GOD Self, Your HEART.

You do not have to do as You are told.

You are more powerful than You know, but You will not find Your power until You start to exert some Divine Will in Your decision making. If it does not FEEL GOOD, at the level of the Heart and Soul, DO NOT DO IT! This is the beginning.

You must understand You have a choice.

You must understand that You have the power to experience Your world as You want to see it.

You have all been brainwashed into believing that You have no power.


This is not a message that We have come with before. We are raising the intensity of Our Message to match the intensity that is being raised from the other side. While it is True, in the Ultimate Reality, there is no “other” side, for in a state of Unity Consciousness duality no longer exists, We are speaking to You at the level You are currently on, unless You have transcended the illusion of duality. In Your 3D reality, where “good and bad” still exists in the mind, there are some who are desperate for the control of Your mind, emotion, and life force.

And those who believe in this duality are the most vulnerable to their control and domination. These unconscious controllers are absent of Love, and are fueled by all of the negative emotions fed to them by the mass mind. We want You to understand that You are continually fuelling them by fearing them. These people are in power because You have given them power over You, and have since decided You have no way out of this hell on earth.

YOU DO!! Your Mind is Your way out. Your Heart is the Pathway to The Higher Realms of Love and Joy, Compassion and Beauty. If You make the decision to focus on Your own Heart and set Your intention to align Your mind with the Mind of Christ, You will see that You are helped immediately.

Dear Ones, You have free will!! We cannot intervene where We are not requested, and We cannot do for You what You must learn to do for Yourselves. THAT IS YOUR LESSON here… We will help and assist in all ways possible, but cannot interfere with Your soul’s lesson. You are not calling out to Us nearly as often or as much as We would like. We cannot come in until We are requested, and You must give up any thoughts about Us being “bothered” by Your unqualified requests. There is no such thing at this point in time.

Many times We have used this analogy, but it is simple and it cannot be more simple so that everyone can understand. Imagine You are looking in the mirror. You see a reflection of Your self in the mirror. The reflection shows a pimple on Your face. Now, upon seeing this pimple, do You reach to the mirror and try to pick at it? No. You address the sore where it exists~~ on Your face! The reflection is simply showing You what is coming from within You. The same is true for the world You live in and see around You.

Some things are completely personal to You, because they are an animated expression or reflection of Your own mind, or, there is something traumatic and catastrophic that is happening on a global scale, such as the Gulf oil spill. You may say, “ I didn’t create that! I didn’t have any such thoughts about the gulf or oil spills before that happened.” The truth of the matter, is that the collective mind is the “catch all” for all the negative thoughts and emotions You send out… and if the mass mind is collectively negative about being powerless to the oil tycoons, then Yes! You did help to manifest this disaster!

The first step to healing is taking responsibility for what You have contributed, whether that is constantly complaining every time You fill Your gas tank, or whether You have had to sacrifice some recreation because gas prices have made You poor. All of it expands in Your reality the more You focus on the illusion. Energy flows where attention goes. This is a simple enough law to understand and live by isn’t it? Yes, it requires discipline of the mind and an earnest desire to live a life that You have co-created with Source Energy… but, Dear Ones, this is Your Power.

While You must address the effect, You must not put all of Your attention and focus there. Cleaning up the Gulf is much much different than focusing more damaging amounts of negative energy back into the collective mind, by hating BP and those focused on destroying the earth. You think You are being pro-active for change by hating what is in front of You… but The Law of Attraction is here to teach You that what You hate or send energy to, no matter what the vibration, You are calling for in Your experience.

You are not helping Beloved Gaia by sending hateful thoughts and emotions to the people
You feel are the villains!

You are not victims, Dear Children,
You are the co-creators!!

As soon as You realize this,
You will have made a tremendous shift
in Your consciousness.

You must control Your thoughts and emotions!

The Law of was not introduced into Your thought stream so that You could use it to manifest more material possessions and fulfill Your greedy and selfish ways. The was introduced into Your mental streams of consciousness so You could harness the power of it to change Your world and use it, not for personal gain, but for GLOBAL ABUNDANCE and ASCENSION. Materialism is what the old program would want You to use it for. Your Higher Self has a completely different agenda for the use of The Law of Attraction.

If Like attracts Like, through the power of intention, thought, and positive emotion, how can You apply this Law to undo what You have done?? What could You intend to attract that would benefit the world and GAIA, as her midwives??? This is Your tool for helping her birth the new world, and You are using it to Your own selfish gain. Wake Up Dear people of earth and realize You are NOT HUMAN BEINGS… You will never know Who You Are if You continually look to the flesh as proof of Your reality and identity. What and Who You are ANIMATES the flesh. Knowing this will save You.

You must begin to loosen Your grip on the fear of death.
This is the power they hold over You.
You are all afraid to die, because You do not know that death is not real.
They know that if You knew
You were not Your body,
then You would become empowered!

They hold this over You, and use it over and over and over, plaguing Your mind with fearful thoughts, that manifest themselves as ‘real’ diseases in the body. Your power is Your own, and You have handed over all of it to those who wish to control You.

and the time has come
to remember Who You Are and
where You REALLY came from.

For, We assure You, when You Awaken to the TRUTH of Your Beingness, they have NO POWER over You whatsoever!

Your mind is Your most precious and valuable asset, and YOU OWN THAT, but You have allowed the devil to set up camp there. It is time to take back what is rightfully Yours. It is time to evict the demons from Your mind, and ask on bent knee for the Holy Spirit to enter Your mind and set You free.

We are waiting, but We cannot assist You in Your salvation until You desire for Your mind to be released from the clutches of fear and illusion.
Right now, if You dare, get down on Your knees and ask for Us, The Ascended Masters and Beings of Light, to release Your mind from its bindings to this illusory world, to set Your heart free from the emotions of depression and sadness, guilt and fear. We are waiting to assist You. It takes but one moment of sincere and genuine asking, from the heart, to awaken the Divine Seedling within the dark shell and have it crack open and begin to climb and grow up towards the sunlight.

The Real Self is waiting to be cracked open… Unawake, You are the dark shell, and buried deep within Your Heart, there is a Seed, which carries the True Knowing of Your Divine Essence. It is just waiting to break open to become a Divine Flower in The Garden of God’s Love. We will water You and tend to Your new innocence and Beingness… You must trust in something Greater Than Your self, and Real-Eyes that the something Greater is within YOU…aching to be born.

You are powerful beyond measure, and it has been a long time since You have known this…
some of You are just waking up to the idea that You are not just flesh and bone, but something more. The something more is what You need to direct all of Your attention to right now. You must go within, You must meditate daily, and focus on choosing Love for Yourself and others. Every time You make a choice that does not honor You, You are also not honoring the Whole. Choose wisely.

Dear Children of planet earth, You must wake up. The time is now. Your mind is what You must protect. Your Heart is where You must go when You feel insecure or afraid. Your safety lies within the sanctuary of Your Heart. Turn off Your televisions. Stop reading news that does not make You feel good. They cannot control You if You do not use the mediums THEY use to do so. Demand Your internet be open for freedom of expression and speech! Do not focus on them shutting it down… THINK! Use the Law of Attraction. ALWAYS PUT YOUR ATTENTION ON THE POSITIVE OPPOSITE.

What is it that You want?? Focus on that, not on the negative opposite.

You have the power, but You must be wise in how You use it. You do not want to become like that which is hostile and negative, for You will be doing what they want You to do.

They want Your mind. -THIS YOU MUST KNOW.

They want to do all they can to keep You in a constant state of fear…

HOW CAN YOU KEEP YOURSELF POSITIVE?? Do not let them into Your mind! If You pray and meditate and focus on Love and Heaven on earth, and Mother Gaia Ascending… You will attract that and experience that… that is the Ultimate purpose of The Law of Attraction.

We leave You today with tremendous Blessings of Love, and an open door to The Mind of Christ. We cannot make You enter, but We can invite You in to Our Divine Mind, where You will always be safe.

Your thoughts are Your weapons Dear Children, what kind of bombs do You wish to drop?
Love bombs or fear bombs?

And are You willing to take responsibility for where You are dropping them?
You create or destroy Your earth with Your mind, as She is of the mind…

What do You wish to see?
Who do You wish to Be?

With Thoughts of Heaven to fill Your Mind,
I AM Saint Germain and We Are Your Ascended Masters

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Comment by nonya on July 14, 2010 at 12:28pm
VADDIX, I completely agree. Love and light blah blah is not sealing the oil leak, the human suffering continues, the animal suffering goes unabated and nobody is appearing out of the clouds to help. I hear ya man and I do feel your pain.
Comment by Vaddix on July 14, 2010 at 1:02am
i just hope this message hasn't done too much damage to the people who can easily be lead astray.
Comment by Vaddix on July 14, 2010 at 1:01am
@nonya. Agreed. I just dont know how to react to anything anymore. You get all these charlatans posing of men of great wisdom and they are handing us our shovels to dig our own grave.
If we stop focusing on all the bad in the world who is going to be around to expose it? Or correct the problem? This law of abundances total bullshit on a scale this big. And Ive said this since day one. No amount of focusing on a situation is gonna make it go away unless there are people around to get things done.
This is what i don't get about this community. We are all pro save the world, but the second somebody tells you its ok to be a lazy fuck, your all fine with it. We need to be the new age ghandi's. The bringers of truth and exposers of injustice.
Sorry if i offended anyone but sometimes the truth hurts,
Comment by Gerd Ambranovic on July 13, 2010 at 6:24am
as i understand this message it simply says: beware what you think, it may come true. And don't focus on the negative. It makes definetly sense to me.
Comment by nonya on July 13, 2010 at 3:23am
"You are not calling out to Us nearly as often or as much as We would like"
People have been screaming for you....maybe you just dont hear them.

The deliverer of this message must bear in mind that there are really good fearless people besides us here on SOE who wont get this message. Even if they do its not like every street corner has a school to teach us how to retrain our minds. Millions have tried the "law of attraction" "the secret" thing and its not working out for the average Oprah viewer or guy on the street. So if we collectively have made things happen, its not like there is someone guiding us as to how to fix things. Yeah meditate, pray blah blah is nice and relaxing but its not paying people's bills. Its kinda hard to cut yourself off of civilization although many of us would like to, we cant. The minute we step out the door, something is in our face....kinda hard to make that go away by meditating on it. So many things are suffering and I am sorry but I sooo didnt bargain for that illusion. I want it all to go away and so do many others....i dont know who is listening up there but if they cant hear the cries worldwide for a cease to all of this crap, then they need to fix their radar.
Comment by Vaddix on July 13, 2010 at 1:45am
I really really dont think this message is a good idea. Its basically saying let them get away with what ever the fuck they want. Be very very careful what you believe people.

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