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America again Programs the Energy of War During Memorial Day Weekend

America again Programs the Energy of War During Memorial Day Weekend
G.S. Luthra
1 day ago
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by G.S. Luthra

Light and sound are the building blocks of reality. All that exists in life are just different expressions of light and sound, vibrating at different frequencies. Symbols, art, form, music, facial expression, creative display, and dance are all energy. Human beings, animals, plants, and every rock to the tiniest pebble, are collective protons, neutrons, and electrons bundled together in a unique way. Light particles brought together by attracting forces caused by sound waves which hold them together. Everything is emitting sound, even if you can’t hear it, and everything has a vibration field.

This has been stated for thousands of years in all ancient texts as they understood this fundamental.

America however, likes to create a particular kind of energy every year. Degenerate western civilization would rather you forget about the ancient ways and live in a daze, consuming television and internet lies telling you what is and what isn’t.

Every thought, every word, and every action have an energy, and when you continue to perform the same repetitive action, you generate a powerful energy. The dark forces understand this and have been using it to control the masses through their rituals and societal structure which reinforces thoughts of obedience which results in words of mediocrity which results on actions of slavery.

Servitude is exhibited all over and people don’t question their place on earth.

One popular holiday in the good ole USA, is Memorial Day. Instead of teaching the future generation about the horrors of war, the mistakes made that led to its cause, and how to prevent it to promote peace, what is done instead is the lighting of fireworks.

While I was reclining on my bed last Friday night, I suddenly heard booming sounds and saw from my window fireworks in the skies. Every night this weekend was the same.

Everything is energy, and the sounds of fireworks exploding in the sky are similar to the thundering booms of bombs. The sparkle lights emanated from fireworks is much like the fire resulting from explosions. People watch this and clap, and what they don’t realize is this is programming the entire country and masses to subconsciously accept another year of war.

This programming has been going on for many years. Memorial Day is not about honoring fallen soldiers, but reinforcing a program to initiate the very thing they fought against. The dead troops wanted to create a world of peace, not to have an ongoing continuous war. Politicians gloat about their accomplishments and how well men and women in uniform served their country, meaning that they fought well for their political agenda.

Every New Year and every Memorial Day, you see this same thing. And what do Americans do? They use it as an excuse to get drunk and have outside grills in celebration, but what exactly are they celebrating?

From my point of view, it feels like programming for another war with loud disturbing fireworks, and fat pot belly Americans smoking, drinking, and laughing while cooking a barbecue outside as if celebrating in victory of another successful conquest. They munch on hotdogs, gulp down the good liquor, and continue to praise and support the very government composed of the very same people who enslave them with unjust taxes, crony corporate laws, and political corruption stealing way their freedoms year and year.

I never understood this, and never saw what was so great about these holidays. Does that make me a “bad American”? Does that make me unpatriotic? Does that make me a bad citizen? According to talk radio hosts and the media, yes, it does, but guess what? I don’t give a dame. I could care less what the insane think.

More and more of their secrets are coming out and so they are being exposed for what they really are, so being labeled a bad citizen by and insane society is truly the highest of compliments.

I don't see what is there to celebrate about, especially when you consider the fact that Americans are losing their freedoms, struggling to make ends meet, and ruled by stupid arrogant insecure corrupt politicians. What is there to celebrate, why is everyone classing like seals?

It is a shame that so many lives have been lost in war unnecessarily battles started by greedy power hungry bureaucrats, and it is even worse that people still don't realize the prison they are living it and the patriotic scam called the military. Soldiers are ordered around and do whatever their superiors tell them to do, else they go to jail or worse. I remember when I once wanted to join the military. I asked many veterans and active duty personnel, and found that those that sat in front of a desk with their feet up holding high officer positions glorified it telling me that everyone should serve. However, those that actually faced combat had a different perspective. I'll never forget one response from a young Navy soldier when I told him my pondering about joining and he said, "Why so you can do whatever they tell you to do?"

There are many great things about America, but the one thing people continue to neglect is the fact that their entire social and economic structure is based on a falsity that they much sacrifice 40+hrs a week of slave labor in order to justify their existence.

Survival is not the way to live, but Americans have embraced it as their culture, and think this is liberating. It’s time Americans wake up and see the truth, that their government is the super powered bully who is forcing its will onto others, poking its ugly nose where it doesn’t belong.

American democracy is nothing but fascism in disguise, and by continuing to go along with the holiday scams like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Memorial Day, and all these other invented celebrations designed to cater to social groups and corporate giants, the dark elite will only continue to get stronger.

I hope someday the world will become civil where there will no longer be a need for a military, police, courts, judges, lawyers, or politicians. If that day comes, that is cause for celebration.

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