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All Shall Be Healed
Message from The Collective
Through Caroline Oceana Ryan

From the Channeler: This Message is an excerpt from the May 10, 2022 Ashtar Legacy Conference Call. The Collective shared this message two weeks before the tragedy in Uvalde, Texas (though of course there has been great loss of life elsewhere in the world as well).

When they explained that at times, difficult events wake people up to great truths we might otherwise not have faced, I felt some foreboding, as if they were saying something was about to occur for us here in the US, now it has, several times over. I hope you will take this channeling as a sign that however dark these days may be, the Light is yet ever greater, and still holds the victory, however it may appear right now. On the May 25th Special Abundance Call, the Collective shared that those who died on May 24, 2022 in Uvalde, Texas are part of a special soul group who came in for the purpose of assisting millions of people in awakening on different levels of our consciousness. I know that that will not make sense to us, and may sound unthinkable. You may feel angry, hearing that. Yet when you consider the power of their souls, and that these dear ones are now joyfully returned to the higher realms, with no loss of their beautiful Divine energy, it begins to make sense, at least on a heart level. And yes, all of us have done something similar, in one life or another, though to those around us, it would only appear to be a tragedy. And so as the songwriter says, we are here, “Calling All Angels” to help us through the last of this third dimensional experience. Here is the Message. I pray higher assistance for all levels of your Spirit now:+++

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