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A Harmonic Passage Energies of June B

A Harmonic Passage
Energies of June
By Natalia Alba

Beloved Ones,

As we enter into this new energetic month of June, we too feel the comfort, and peace that comes with this new harmonic phase.

A month of calmness after the intensity of the eclipses, as we are in a break until October when we will welcome the second wave. Energies that many will begin to feel now more than ever, as they will be immersed in a personal phase of releasing more old layers of their old self. A period in which decay and desperation can take over us if we do not allow this change to be properly embodied, supporting our bodies in this process.

For others, we are all on different paths of our evolutionary journey, this will be a time of manifestation, blossoming, and rejuvenation. As always, we should not compare ourselves with others, for we all pass through many different stages of our ascension journey until we realign and are able to remain more stable and balanced, even in the midst of our personal challenges.

We end and begin June with a New Moon at 9 degrees Gemini together with the second Saturn semi-sextile Neptune on the next day. Energies that remind us of the importance of reconnecting with our true essence through the power of joy, as this is the energy that Guides invite us to hold if we desire to connect with all we wish to bring into fruition, as well as to feel in a more peaceful state of being.+++

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