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About those Iranian neutron bombs

About those Iranian neutron bombs

The Iranian government has informed the Obama administration that Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction are located in a valley close to the Iraqi border. They have offered the Americans a chance to go in peacefully and retrieve them. These weapons include over a dozen neutron bombs, each 20 times more powerful than the ones used on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Instead of retrieving these weapons Obama tried to overthrow the Iranian regime and set up a regime that would actually use them against Israel.

Obama is clearly part of the Skull and Bones/Thule Society alliance with the families that control radical Sunni Islam (the Saiids and others). They would like to get their rivals, the Jews and the Shias to kill each other in an nuclear holocaust, trigger WW3, and thus make it easier for them to establish their 1,000 year Reich or Caliphate.

The two Japanese arrested in Italy with $134.5 billion worth of US government bonds were trying to use that money for an operation to bankrupt the Iranian government and thus overthrow it、according to the Italian Treasury police and MI6. The Japanese slave regime of Aso Taro and the Chinese faction that wants to restore the Ming Dynasty were cooperating with these scum bag mass murderers. The two Japanese who were arrested were set free because they were carrying diplomatic passports. The bonds were sent back to the US Treasury department which, of course, issued its standard excuse that they were “forgeries.” What crazy thing are these people going to try next unless they are stopped?

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