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Yes a World Saving Technology and it is on the market right now, which you can buy

We all know food is one of the hardest to come by depending on where you live, I consider myself very grateful for i live right down the road from a grocery store (Giant)

It has been out for some time, not too long but it is called AreoGarden. I strongly Urge all of you to check it out, if you live in a city and can't grow your own garden or if you live in an apartment this would be perfect for you to grow your own food, and so much quicker, faster, and easier than starting your own Garden.

I plan on buying one myself so i can grow some vegatebles and what ever else i can grow. They are a little pricey but you can grow food all year round since you can have this item inside your home.

This is exactly what we really need right now for our country, i know Water is a much more harder to come by than food, but there is Ecoblue technology which can gather water from thin air and filter it for drinking, which this is also on the Market but very Pricey.

I've Heard of Areo Garden before but never bought one yet, since i am pretty skeptic about inventions. I'm going to buy one and take a chance on this.

The website

I hope the link works for you but if it doesn't let me know and i will repost the link

Also check out the solfeggio frequencies i posted in my timewave2012 blog on the left hand side.

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