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I believe that you always choose the best to lead a happy, fulfilling life and the things listed below are so impressive that I could not stop myself from sharing them with you.

9 superior choices to fulfil yourself:

1. Grow your own food that heals the body and feeds the soul:
2. Restore your health with healing foods:
3. Enjoy the natural beauty of сedar wood:
4. Heal yourself with natural remedies:
5. Say yes to natural bio-cosmetics:
6. Have the benefit of pure cold pressed oils:
7. Admire the art of craftsmanship:
8. Greet ethical sustainable fashion:
9. Get inspired by the books/DVDs on sustainable lifestyle:

4 things of interest to fulfil your life:

1. Find out why ecovillages of Kin's domains are considered the National idea of Russia:
2. Recognise the value and holistic healing properties of Siberian cedar (Pinus Sibirica):
3. Acquire practical knowledge and advices in permaculture and sustainable gardening:
4. Get a step-by-step guidence in traveling/moving to Russia:

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