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9-11... Who really did it?

103 Suspected 9-11 Criminal Coconspirators

*George W. Bush* eldest son of Bush crime family; guilty of election
fraud in 2000, 2004; guilty of war crimes, war profiteering, treason,
crimes against humanity; likely signed-off on 9-11 plot

*Dick Cheney* former PNAC member; former chairman of CFR; guilty of war
profiteering, treason; was in bunker on 9-11 directing several war
games; lied to 9-11 Omission Commission about timing of 9-11 activities

*Donald Rumsfeld* former Secretary of War and PNAC member; close
friend of Cheney; was at Pentagon on 9-11; once slipped and said when
that missile hit the Pentagon

*Paul Wolfowitz* Deputy Secretary of War on 9-11; dual citizen of US
and Israel; Zionist; investigated for spying for Israel; former PNAC
member; chief architect of Iraq war; forced to resign in World Bank scandal

*Richard Perle* former assistant Secretary of War, chairman War Policy
Board, and PNAC member; dual citizen of US and Israel; Zionist;
allegedly gave $100,000 to head of Pakistan's ISI, Mahmoud Ahmad;
nicknamed "Prince of Darkness"

*Douglas Feith* effectively in command, with Wolfowitz, of War
Department on 9-11; Undersecretary of War for Policy; dual citizen of
US and Israel; Zionist; investigated for spying for Israel; former PNAC

*Dov Zakheim* Pentagon comptroller when trillion dollars reported
missing on 9-10-01; dual citizen of US and Israel; Zionist; Shul
Rabbi; former CFR member; former CEO of fly-by-remote manufacturer;
reputed 9-11 mastermind

*George Tenet* director of the CIA on 9-11; was awarded the Medal of
Freedom by Bush for his fine work on 9-11; reported to be dual
citizen of US and Israel

*Robert Mueller* FBI director on 9-11; under his leadership FBI
field agents' warnings of an imminent attack were stifled

*Thomas Pickard* took over the job of FBI director from Louis Freeh in
August 2001; held this position only for a few weeks before Robert
Mueller became director; former Terror Task Force chief John O'Neill
complained about sabotage by Pickard

*Dale Watson* former Deputy Chief of the CIA at the Counter-Terrorist
Center; appointed Inspector Deputy Assistant Director of the National
Security Division (NSD), FBI Headquarters, Washington, DC in July 1998;
appointed FBI Headquarters Assistant on December 6, 1999 by the Attorney
General; ignored at least four different FBI agents' warnings including
an urgent cable from the CIA on August 23rd about Almihdhar and Alhazmi

*Dave Frasca* FBI Radical Fundamentalists Unit Chief; personally
scuttled the work of Kenneth Williams in July 2001 and Coleen Rowley in
August 2001, the Arizona and Minnesota FBI agents who were actively
investigating "terrorist" patsies in CIA-operated flight schools

*Marion Spike Bowman*** FBI agent who thwarted FBI investigations
into both Zacarias Moussaoui and the anthrax attacks on Congress

*John Ashcroft* Attorney General on 9-11; protected terrorist patsy
Abdussattar Shaikh from subpoena after 9-11; stopped flying commercial
aircraft in 2001

*Michael Chertoff* Assistant Attorney General on 9-11; freed over 100
Israeli spies in the US after 9-11; promoted to head Homeland Security;
dual citizen of US and Israel; Zionist; likely Mossad agent

*Michael Mukasey* federal judge in New York; presided over 1993 WTC
bombing case; active in 9-11 cases, including Larry Silverstein's
insurance claims; oversaw the detained material witnesses of 9-11,
including five dancing Israeli Mossad agents apprehended by FBI;
recently appointed by Bush to be the next Attorney General; radical
Zionist of Russian Jewish parentage; dual citizen of US and Israel

*Ted Olson * Solicitor General of the United States on 9-11; alleges
that his wife, Barbara, phoned him from AA Flight 77 to report that it
was highjacked by men with knives and box cutters; Flight 77 allegedly
crashed into the Pentagon though there was no wreckage of a 757 at the
site, no bodies, no luggage, and the hole in the side of the Pentagon
was much too small to accommodate a 757 (Barbara is not likely alive,
but she was not killed at the Pentagon event)

*Colin Powell* Secretary of State on 9-11; met with General Mahmoud
Ahmad two days after 9-11; former chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff;
helped cover up Vietnam My Lai massacre

*Condi Rice* National Security Adviser on 9-11; promoted to Secretary
of State; lied to 9-11 Omission Commission while under oath

*Tommy Thompson* Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary; hired
Jerome Hauer, former Office of Emergency Center, on 9-10-01

*Jerome Hauer* managing director of Kroll and senior adviser to US
Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) for National Security and
Emergency Management on 9-11; put John O'Neill at the WTC on 9-11; lied
to Dan Rather on CBS News on 9-11 about the controlled demolition of WTC
buildings; director of Giuliani's Office of Emergency Management from
1996 to 2000

*Porter Goss* former House Intelligence Chair; was meeting with
General Mahmoud Ahmad, head of Pakistan's ISI and 9-11 financier, on
9-11; promoted to Director of CIA, resigned after hookergate

*Bob Graham* former Florida Senator; was meeting with General Mahmoud
Ahmad, head of Pakistan's ISI and 9-11 financier, on 9-11; ran for
President in 2004

*Marc Grossman* Under Secretary for Political Affairs on 9-11; met
with General Mahmoud Ahmad, head of Pakistan's ISI and 9-11 financier,
on or shortly after 9-11; dual citizen of US and Israel

*Richard Armitage* former member of PNAC, Deputy Secretary of State;
met with General Mahmoud Ahmad, head of Pakistan's ISI and 9-11
financier, shortly after 9-11

*Philip Zelikow* led the 9-11 Cover-Up Commission; personally wrote
the 9-11 Omission Commission Report, a best-selling work of fiction;
appointed Counselor of US Department of State
; dual
citizen of US and Israel

*Ari Fleischer* White House spokesman for Bush on 9-11; dual citizen
of US and Israel; connected to the extremist group called the Chabad
Lubavitch Hasidics

*Andrew Card* Bush's Chief of Staff on 9-11; was with Bush at Booker
Elementary School in Florida on 9-11; claims to have whispered to Bush,
"A second plane hit the second tower, America is under attack"

*Karl Rove* Bush's top strategist, known as "Bush's Brain"; America's
Joseph Goebbels; was behind the campaign to oust Georgia Representative
Cynthia McKinney who was the first nationally-known politician to
question Bush's role in 9-11; in June 2005, said, "Conservatives saw the
savagery of 9-11 in the attacks and prepared for war, liberals saw the
savagery of the 9-11 attacks and wanted to prepare indictments and offer
therapy and understanding for our attackers"

*Richard Meyers* in charge of USA air defenses on 9-11; lied to 9-11
Omission Commission about reasons for air defense failure on 9-11;
promoted to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

*Ralph Eberhardt* NORAD Commander on 9-11; fanatical supporter of
missile defense scheme, militarization of space; enthusiastic supporter
of merging law enforcement and the military

*Larry Arnold* NORAD Commander Major General on 9-11; has used 9-11 to
push militarization of USA

*Eric Findley* Canadian Air Force Major General; acting commander of
NORAD on 9-11

*Montague Winfield* Major General in charge of Pentagon war room on
9-10-01, the evening of September 10th he requested a rookie to stand in
for him on 9-11

*Richard Mies* former Admiral; ran Global Guardian war game on 9-11
out of US Strategic Command (Stratcom) at Offutt Air Force Base; now CEO
of Hicks & Associates, a strategic consultant to the USG dealing in
military transformation

*Henry Shelton* chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff on 9-11; supported
formation of Able Danger

*Peter Schoomaker* US Army Chief of Staff; former SOCOM (Special
Operations Command) chief; ran Able Danger

*Geoffrey Lambert* Major General; SOCOM (Special Operations Command)
Intel Chief; made Able Danger, the program that tracked patsy
"terrorists", off limits to FBI

*John Brinkerhoff* retired US Army Colonel who was a career senior
executive in the Office of Secretary of War; from 1981 to 1983, FEMA
associate director for national preparedness where he developed plan for
martial law; claims intentions of Posse Comitatus are "misunderstood and
misapplied", that USG has "full and absolute authority" to use troops to
quell American uprising; after 9-11, joined Anser Institute for Homeland
Security and wrote "talking points" supporting revised "national
security initiatives" that would allow imposition of martial law

*John Lehman * Reagan's Navy Secretary from 1981 till 1987; claims US
is in religious war against "violent, Islamic Fundamentalism"; member
9-11 Omission Commission; PNAC member

*Tony Gentry* Army Intelligence and Security Command General Counsel;
ordered 2.5 terrabytes of Able Danger data destroyed

*Philip Odeen* as director of Program Analysis for the National
Security Council, provided staff support to Henry Kissinger from 1971 to
1973; served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of War in Systems Analysis;
named to chair the National War Panel in 1997; former president of
Reynolds and Reynolds; former CEO and president of BDM International;
executive vice president of Washington operations of TRW

*Elliot Abrams* former member of PNAC, National Security Council;
pleaded guilty in 1991 to lying to Congress about Iran-Contra affair;
dual citizen of US and Israel; Zionist

*Lewis "Scooter" Libby* former PNAC member; studied political science
at Yale under Paul Wolfowitz; aid to Cheney; convicted for lying about
outing of Valerie Plame; dual citizen of US and Israel; Zionist

*Jack Abramoff* entertained USG "terrorist" patsy Mohammed Atta on
his yacht just before 9-11; convicted criminal lobbyist; ardent Zionist

*Jeb Bush* Florida governor on 9-11; declared martial law in Florida
four days before 9-11; brother of George Bush; PNAC member; guilty of
election fraud in 2000

*Rudolph Giuliani* mayor of New York on 9-11; hailed as "hero" for his
"gutsy" leadership on 9-11; allegedly involved with FEMA and former NYC
Police Chief Kerik in Operation Code Angel

*Bernard Kerik* NYC Police Chief on 9-11; "sidekick" of Giuliani;
allegedly involved with FEMA in WTC demolition "war games" called
Operation Code Angel

*Lewis Eisenberg* chairman Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
on 9-11; authorized transfer of WTC leases to Silverstein and Lowy just
weeks before 9-11; later appointed chairman of Republican National
Committee; Zionist

*Eliot Spitzer* New York Attorney General on 9-11; barred his top
aide, Deputy Attorney General Dietrich Snell, from testifying to
Congress on Able Danger; threw out Karl Schwarz's 9-11 synopsis

*Richard Holbrooke* former US ambassador to UN; CFR member; co-chaired
"Independent Task Force on America's Response to Terrorism" in which the
Official Conspiracy Theory (OCT) was promoted

*John Deutch* former Undersecretary of War, director of CIA;
co-authored paper, "Catastrophic Terrorism: A National Policy" with
Zelikow, Ashton Carter; senior partner at Global Technology Partners, an
affiliate of Rothschild North America; MIT professor; grandson of Yonah
Fischer, Antwerp diamond merchant who ran Zionist Federation of Belgium

*Ashton Carter* co-authored paper, "Catastrophic Terrorism: A National
Policy" with Zelikow and Deutch; senior partner at Global Technology
Partners, an affiliate of Rothschild North America

*Michael Ledeen* became "anti-terrorism" advisor to Secretary of
State, Al Haig in 1981; contacts with mullahs in Iran-Contra affair;
alleged ties to Italian fascist P2 Masonic Lodge; contacts with Libby,
Cheney's Chief of Staff; top NeoCon(vict) advisor to Bush and Karl Rove;
member AEI (American Enterprise Institute); wrote book extolling fascism

*Abdussattar Shaikh* FBI informant to the San Diego office; helped
bring "terrorist" patsies to USA; protected by Attorney General Ashcroft

*Abdullah Noman* worked for the US Consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia;
filed 10-15 visas for the patsy 9-11 "hijackers" in the Visa Express Program

*Daniel Lewin* officer in elite, secret unit of Israeli military
called "Sayeret Matkal"; orchestrated activities of Mossad agents in USA
before 9-11; was allegedly stabbed or "shot" by highjacker Satam
al-Suqami before AA flight 11 crashed into the WTC

*Dominic Suter* Mossad agent; his front company, Urban Moving Systems,
employed the five Mossad agents caught celebrating in New York on 9-11

*Sivan Kurzberg* driver of van belonging to the celebrating Israelis;
when stopped by police on 9-11, he said "We are Israelis. We are not
your problem. Your problems are our problems. The Palestinians are your

*John Gross* one of the lead engineers for the flawed NIST report on
why the WTC buildings collapsed; denies existence of molten steel at the WTC

*Theresa McAllister * edited the flawed NIST report on why the WTC
buildings collapsed

*Ronald Hamburger* structural engineer and Senior Principal at
Simpson Gumpertz and Heger consulting engineers in San Francisco; was a
principal author of FEMA's initial report on the collapse of the twin
towers; later a key participant in the flawed NIST report on why the WTC
buildings collapsed

*William Baker* member of FEMA Probe Team; partner with Skidmore,
Owings, Merrill; contributed to the flawed NIST report on why the WTC
buildings collapsed

*Harold Nelson* contributed to the flawed NIST report on why the WTC
buildings collapsed

*Ramon Gilsanz* contributed to the flawed NIST report on why the WTC
buildings collapsed

*Shankar Nair* contributed to the flawed NIST report on why the WTC
buildings collapsed; quoted in Chicago Tribune, September 19, 2001 that
"Already there is near-consensus as to the sequence of events that led
to the collapse of the World Trade Center"

*Gene Corley* led FEMA/ASCE WTC collapse "investigation"; was the
principal investigator for ASCE and FEMA of the 1995 bombing of the
Murrah Federal Office Building in Oklahoma City

*Paul Mlakar* part of ASCE team that investigated both WTC and Murrah
Federal building attacks

*Mete Sozen* part of ASCE team that investigated both WTC and Murrah
Federal building attacks

*Charles Thornton* partner of Richard Tomasetti; told Karl Koch,
whose company erected the WTC steel, "Karl, we all know what caused the
collapse"; part of ASCE team that investigated both WTC and Murrah
Federal building attacks

*Richard Tomasetti* partner of Charles Thornton; reportedly behind
the unprecedented and widely criticized decision to destroy most of the
WTC steel evidence

*Victor Ganzi* president and CEO of Hearst Corporation since June 1,
2002; the Hearst publication, Popular Mechanics, has repeatedly tried to
debunk the truth of 9-11

*Benjamin Chertoff* 25-year-old cousin of Michael Chertoff; senior
"researcher" for Popular Mechanics' hit piece on 9-11 Truth Movement

*Kevin Delaney * FAA manager at the New York Air Route Traffic Control
Center who destroyed controllers' tapes of 9-11

*Marvin Bush* brother of George Bush; on board of Securacom,
US-Kuwaiti company paid $9.2 million to manage WTC security October 1996
to 1998; on board of HCC Insurance, big WTC insurer

*Wirt Walker* cousin of George Bush; principal at Securacom,
US-Kuwaiti joint-venture that managed security for WTC, United Airlines,
and Dulles Airport, all of which figured into 9-11

*Larry Silverstein* he and partner Frank Lowy obtained 99-year lease
on WTC shortly before 9-11; made several billion dollars on 9-11
insurance fraud; admitted to "pulling" WTC 7; Zionist

*Frank Lowy* he and partner Larry Silverstein obtained 99-year lease
on WTC shortly before 9-11; came to Palestine in 1945 from Hungarian to
fight as Golani commando in Israeli "War of Independence"; Australia's
second richest person; in May 2007, investigated by Israeli police for
corruption scandal involving Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert; Zionist

*David Rockefeller* vice director of the Council on Foreign Relations
(1949-1985), vice president (1950-1970), and chairman (1970-1985); as
chairman of the Downtown-Lower Manhattan Association (1958 to 1975) was
primary builder of WTC complex; founder and honorary chairman of the
Trilateral Commission; president or CEO of Chase Manhattan Bank, 1961 to
1981; 9-11 was the anniversary of 1973 CIA-sponsored coup plotted by
David Rockefeller's cabal and overseen by Nelson's protégé Henry
Kissinger that toppled Chile's President Salvadore Allende

*Nicholas Rockefeller* told film-maker Aaron Russo of coming
catastrophic event eleven months before 9-11

*Warren Buffett* was hosting golf charity event at the US Strategic
Command headquarters at Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha on 9-11 (Bush
flew to Offutt afternoon of 9-11); world's second richest person

*Rupert Murdoch* key player in Zionist-controlled corporate media
which began the 9-11 cover-up on day one; connected to individuals who
privatized and leased WTC just weeks before 9-11; vocal supporter of
Zionist extremists Benjamin Netanyahu and Ariel Sharon; honored by
leading Zionist organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL)
and the United Jewish Appeal (UJA), in which Silverstein, Lowy, and
Eisenberg all hold senior positions; Zionist who tries to hide his
Jewish heritage

*Maurice Greenberg* CEO of American International Group (AIG) on 9-11
which became co-owner of the "private spy agency", Kroll Associates, in
1993 and was a major share-holder in Marsh & McClennan whose CEO on 9-11
was Maurice's son Jeffrey; director of the New York Federal Reserve bank
(1988-1995); deputy chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)
in 1996; major investor in the Blackstone Group

*Jules Kroll* founder of Kroll Corporation, a "security services"
company which was in charge of "security" at WTC on 9-11; has close
links to CIA and is active private military contractor in Iraq; Zionist

*Paul Bremer* Marsh & McClennan executive on 9-11; Chairman of the
Congressional National Commission on Terrorism, 1999 to 2000; US
Ambassador-at-Large for Counterterrorism, 1986 to 1989; Presidential
Envoy to Irag and Adminstrator of the Coaltion Provisional Authority,
May 2003 to December 2004

*Wallace Hilliard * with Saudi investors including Shiek Kamal Adham,
Adnan Khashoggi, and Prince Nawaf bin Abdul Aziz. bought Venice, Florida
Huffman Aviation in 1999 where Mohammed Atta and other alleged 9-11
highjackers allegedly learned to fly; flight school linked to CIA firm

*Peter Peterson* CEO of the Blackstone Group, parent corporation of
one of three lease-holders for WTC 7 on 9-11; also chairman of the CFR
and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York on 9-11; CEO of the Institute
for International Economics in October 2000

*A.B. "Buzzy" Krongard* now number three Executive Director at the
CIA; until 1998, managed firm used to place "put options" on United
Airlines which has left $2.5 million in "profits" unclaimed

*Mark Loizeaux* as CEO of CDI was instrumental in "recycling" steel
from WTC crime scene; CDI also buried the rubble from the crime scene of
the Murrah Federal Building

*Loring Knoblauch* CEO of Underwriters Labs; said that jet fuel fires
were not "reasonably foreseeable"; resigned suddenly in August 2004
after UL performed tests of WTC floor models where floors did not
collapse and were barely affected

*Michael Cherkasky* CEO of Kroll on 9-11; former investigator in the
Manhattan DA's Office from 1978 to 1994; now CEO of insurance-firm Marsh
& McClennan

*Frank Carlucci* former Secretary of War; affiliated with PNAC; served
as chairman of the Carlyle Group (1992-2003); on BoD of BDM International

*William Kristol* PNAC co-founder; adherent of Leo Strauss
; editor of The Weekly
Standard; strong advocate of the Iraq war; dual citizen of US and
Israel; Zionist

*William Perry* former Secretary of War; associated with the
Rothschild's banking empire through Global Technology, a Rothschild

*James Woolsey* former CIA director; PNAC member; claims
"incompetence" was reason for 9-11

*Newt Gingrich* former Speaker of the House; PNAC member; reputed to
be a member of the CFR; served on the Pentagon's War Policy Board

*Henry Kissinger* long criminal history; wanted for war crimes in
several countries; sat on War Policy Board under Perle; chosen to lead
9-11 Cover-Up Omission Commission; dual citizen of US and Israel

*George H.W. Bush* Bush crime family Don; Skull and Bones; CIA
operative involved in JFK assassination; former head of CIA; son of
friend shot Reagan when he was VP; war profiteer

*Tony Blair* British Prime Minister on 9-11; ally and partner in crime
of George Bush; London 7-7 bombings were also "false flag" operation

*Pauline Neville-Jones* International Governor of BBC on 9-11;
Chairman of UK Joint Intelligence Committee (1991-1994); Chairman of
QinetiQ Group, a war technology company with government customers in UK
and USA; Chairman of Information Assurance Advisory Council (IAAC)

*Mahmoud Ahmad* head of Pakistan's ISI; had Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh
wire $100,000 to lead 9-11 "terrorist" patsy Mohammad Atta

*Benjamin Netanyahu* former Israeli Prime Minister; said 9-11 was
"good" for US-Israeli relationship; in NYC on 9-11 and in London on 7-7

*Ariel Sharon* Israeli Prime Minister on 9-11; heavy Mossad
involvement in 9-11 (200 Israeli intelligence agents rounded up after
9-11, five Mossad agents arrested filming and celebrating WTC collapses,
employees of Mossad-operated company at WTC notified hours before plane
hit) implicates Sharon; infamous Zionist terrorist and war criminal; now
said to be comatose

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