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6 days 6 hours and 6 minutes to evacuate as far as they can....Hastings, UK

"PEOPLE  IN HASTING IS WARNED" Why do the Rothschilds want to detonate a nuclear  weapon in Europe, and what do they hope to gain ?


I have just received a message coming directly from the new Al Qaeda number one that the intended target

for a... nuclear attack will be Hastings in the U.K. The people of Hastings must be warned that they need not

be the sacrificial lambs in this game and have 6 days 6 hours and 6 minutes to evacuate as far as they can.


The  first thing to understand about the Rothschild Family is that they have  evolved into a trans national organization which cares nothing for any  one individual country. A once proud and great nation under President  J.F. Kennedy, todays America has become nothing more than a disgraceful  embarrassment whose rightful name should really be

“ The Rothschild Corporation “.


The second thing to understand about them is that their modus operandi is one of "divide and conquer".

While the world’s problems may on the surface appear to be conflicts between one nation and another,

one religion and another, the simple fact of the matter is that there is only one singular world conflict

and that conflict is, the Rothschild family with their cronies and sycophants vs. the Rest of Humanity.


From  their humble beginnings as Jewish Khazarian Ashkenazi merchants and  traders who eventually came to control  the global banking system, these  parasites move from place to place, sucking dry the natural resources

and  wealth of their victims before destroying them in wars in which of  course, they again make obscene profits. Before fleeing to America after  the end of WW2 they were instrumental in bringing Adolf Hitler to  power.

Before that they sucked Tsarist Russia dry and before that they dominated France under Louix XVI.


So, here we are again, history is about to repeat itself. America, once an inspiration to the world is

now its most hated nation. Country of brainwashed, arrogant, dumbed down, obese, pathetic sheeple.

It is bankrupt, its time is up. So, what do the Rothschilds want ? To destroy it and move on of course.


They have already moved their industries to China, their gold reserves are being transferred there as

we speak, all they need now is a spark and the West goes up in flames while they make their escape.

The nuclear device already placed in Hastings by their Al Qaeda and CIA puppets is the spark.


Time has almost expired, but not just yet, 6 days 6 hours and 6 minutes remain.

It is up to the good people of the world to stop these evil, sick, twisted, miserable,

cowardly criminals from fucking our planet once again. The darkest hour is right now.





Look at this possible link:,20540/

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Comment by Pat on May 28, 2011 at 11:14pm
I was reading somewhere that there was a connection between the earthquake, tsunami, and Japan's economy? Was more focused on the three missing nuclear bombs. Not into doom and gloom or fear for that matter, but alwys amused by what the dark side is up to now. The more we are aware of their next actions, and being one step ahead of them the better. It will hopefully wake them up to the fact that we know how they operate and we are at every corner to stop them, not literally but spiritually. If any of this makes sense???
Comment by Pat on May 28, 2011 at 10:41pm

Connecting the dots???

The following info, gives more credibility to what Alexander has been trying to warn us about. Maybe we should listen to the message rather than shootong the messenger. It is not the time to judge others, but rather to honour and respect all lightworkers and what we are trying to achieve together, working as a team, instead of letting our egos get in the way, and dishonouring our fellow lightworkers.  

Listen to the message and your heart will tell you what needs to be done. None of us need leave the comfort of our homes but we sure can stop this event from happening, by being who we are meant to be collectively and stopping this. We need to work as a team, not individuals who still need the ego stroked.


Benjamin Fulford on Jeff Rense 25 May 2011

Benjamin Fulford says that the Japan economy is not in trouble it is in full reconstruction after the tsunami , he is directly involved with the people who orchestrated the arrest of Dominique Strauss-Kahn , Strauss-Kahn was trying to get his hands on the American social security money in order to pay-off the Euro the bailout for Portugal and other countries ..., if Europe have to be bailed out they need to borrow money from the Asians and middle eastern countries , Benjamin says that there are three nuclear bombs missing and that they could be used to perpetrate a nuclear attack in Europe the target could be Basel banking system , the City of London the Vatican or the EU headquarter in Brussels.

Comment by jose v on May 28, 2011 at 4:56pm
My research leads me to many paths, Alejandro speaks of that day, I do not know if he is correct, only that st germain speaks of these two months as the most tense in the consciousness of humanity. abouth   something that will make change. I do not know .
Comment by Trudy on May 28, 2011 at 3:08pm

GREAT GREAT COMMENT Mystical Enigma, you put up my thoughts about these messages... THANK YOU enough of all this blaster it isn't gonna bring us near Ascension anny faster...

Comment by MysticalEnigma on May 28, 2011 at 2:13pm

I have a few questions here, to you or Alexander since he's the author.  But when posts like these appear here (or anywhere else for that matter), warnings of this kind, where some countdown has begun, or time is getting short.  there's more than one all over the web. Why is it that the posters seem to expect people to just believe their words and act immediately and without question?

What I wonder about is that it seems, the way it's presented here for example, and many other places, that the message is just yelled out in your face.  And the problem with that is that it seems to imply, that people reading this, from hastings UK in this example, should suddenly fall into the "if I tell you to jump off the bridge, just jump off the darn bridge and don't ask questions" minding. I'm not saying it's the intention of Alexander but it is at least how I interpret this.  I don't know about everybody else but if you want me to "jump off a bridge" I need more than just a message like this that says the bridge will be destroyed shortly.  These kinds of messages should be backed up with so much more information than what I can read here.  The two links aren't very related to this message, as in, they don't clarify I should "jump off the bridge" in any way, but rather are trying to make me believe I should "jump off the bridge" by feeding the fear of the message, with more fear rather than with actual reasons to "jump off the bridge".

Isn't that, in essence, the modus operandi of all "dark forces"?  What's the point of this? I don't want to be scared into "jumping off the bridge" and I will not be scared into doing so.  Give the people that these messages are intended for the REAL reasons why you say there's 6 hours, 6 days and 6 minutes left.  And don't wait 6 days, 6 hours and 5 minutes to give them those real reasons, the real information.  And if you can't back up this claim, why post it in the first place?  I'm just very curious.

This fear based thing just isn't working no more. We're in the information age and I see no information in the message or links provided.

Also another curiosity, this Alexander fella,  doesn't he have an account here so he can post his messages?

But the most important is the information.  These claims need to be backed up, not emphasized with more fear like they are here and in the links provided.

Comment by Vaddix on May 28, 2011 at 2:00pm
Whats in Hastings Uk? not really much. its jst a regular city. i mean stonehenge is nearby, I could understand london or new york. But Hastings?

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