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6 days 6 hours and 6 minutes to evacuate as far as they can....Hastings, UK

"PEOPLE  IN HASTING IS WARNED" Why do the Rothschilds want to detonate a nuclear  weapon in Europe, and what do they hope to gain ?


I have just received a message coming directly from the new Al Qaeda number one that the intended target

for a... nuclear attack will be Hastings in the U.K. The people of Hastings must be warned that they need not

be the sacrificial lambs in this game and have 6 days 6 hours and 6 minutes to evacuate as far as they can.


The  first thing to understand about the Rothschild Family is that they have  evolved into a trans national organization which cares nothing for any  one individual country. A once proud and great nation under President  J.F. Kennedy, todays America has become nothing more than a disgraceful  embarrassment whose rightful name should really be

“ The Rothschild Corporation “.


The second thing to understand about them is that their modus operandi is one of "divide and conquer".

While the world’s problems may on the surface appear to be conflicts between one nation and another,

one religion and another, the simple fact of the matter is that there is only one singular world conflict

and that conflict is, the Rothschild family with their cronies and sycophants vs. the Rest of Humanity.


From  their humble beginnings as Jewish Khazarian Ashkenazi merchants and  traders who eventually came to control  the global banking system, these  parasites move from place to place, sucking dry the natural resources

and  wealth of their victims before destroying them in wars in which of  course, they again make obscene profits. Before fleeing to America after  the end of WW2 they were instrumental in bringing Adolf Hitler to  power.

Before that they sucked Tsarist Russia dry and before that they dominated France under Louix XVI.


So, here we are again, history is about to repeat itself. America, once an inspiration to the world is

now its most hated nation. Country of brainwashed, arrogant, dumbed down, obese, pathetic sheeple.

It is bankrupt, its time is up. So, what do the Rothschilds want ? To destroy it and move on of course.


They have already moved their industries to China, their gold reserves are being transferred there as

we speak, all they need now is a spark and the West goes up in flames while they make their escape.

The nuclear device already placed in Hastings by their Al Qaeda and CIA puppets is the spark.


Time has almost expired, but not just yet, 6 days 6 hours and 6 minutes remain.

It is up to the good people of the world to stop these evil, sick, twisted, miserable,

cowardly criminals from fucking our planet once again. The darkest hour is right now.





Look at this possible link:,20540/

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Comment by Rocanon on May 29, 2011 at 6:23pm

Every time when one of this posts comes to our view, I can help but wonder why this kind of information comes in this fashion and why it seems to be directed specifically to the light workers, my only response to that is simple, it is designed to distract us from our main mission, every time we spend energy trying to figure what is the real deal about this kind of information is energy we could used to heal the planet, up rise its vibration or spreading the light to our brothers and sisters, don’t get me wrong, I do believe that the posters of this messages are motivated for the best intentions and the essence of that intention is pure love, but I cant stop felling a policy of fear behind all of this, I appreciate the information and thank the poster because I will be aware of that, and I will send light to stop whatever is involved and could harm the world, (I pray and beg you guys join me in this) but if any of this events becomes true, I will be ready to deal with that and help the people the best I could, but for no reason I will aloud a designed propaganda make lose my focus, that is something I cant do.

Just my opinion


Love and Light





Comment by Simmy on May 29, 2011 at 7:45am
For me, the "6 day, 6 hours and 6 minutes" (666... so 'amateurish') takes all the credibility away (even if there was any).
Comment by Pat on May 29, 2011 at 2:57am
King on January 6th 1066, coronated on June 6th 1066 and died on Oct 14th 1066. Some very interesting dates??? I too am hoping that nothing will happen and that will be a very positive thing. Keeping our vibes up at this time is very important.
Comment by Antonela Di Filippo on May 29, 2011 at 2:15am
wow my mom was born June 6th 1959 numerologically is 6-6- (1+9+5+9=6) lol this post made me do the numerological ecuation lol anyways, sorry that ive jumped here just to say that lol i had to share it :) Much love to everyone :) and remember... Keep the vibes up people only listen to your hearts...
Comment by Pat on May 29, 2011 at 12:25am

Might be onto something with the 6/6/6 date. The last Anglo-saxon king of England Harold Godwinson was coronated on the 6th June 1066. He died later that year, at the hands of William the Conquerer, at the battle of Hastings.

I feel this date is quiet significant. The English monarchy today are not the true heirs to the throne. Maybe there is a connection here.....return of the true kings and queens of England.

Comment by jose v on May 29, 2011 at 12:22am
Comment by jose v on May 29, 2011 at 12:22am
Comment by jose v on May 29, 2011 at 12:21am
Comment by MysticalEnigma on May 29, 2011 at 12:19am
Patricia, apparently someone was able to prevent another event in less than 3 days as per the April 22nd post: and on a bigger scale than Hastings UK.  Because the 72 hours deadline is passed and we are still here. :) That thread is old, but what I say in this thread here should apply to all of them. :)
Comment by MysticalEnigma on May 28, 2011 at 11:21pm

     I see, thanks Jose, may I also ask what your research criteria is/was for this post?  For example, does this 6 day prediction coincide with St-Germain's channeling and that is why you included it?  When anyone posts a message like this one, I think the search criteria should always be somewhere in the text, as well as your logic behind posting the message.  If you're just reporting what you find in between dates, simply say so, if you believe this message, then say so as well, so we all understand a little better. :)

    Now, this also means that perhaps I should await a response from Alexander himself because as i mentioned, Alexander should provide more information to back up his claims.  For example, whatever sources he used to create this post should be included.  If the two links at the end of his message is what he used then the warning contained in his post doesn't have a lot of substance keeping it up.  His sources is what he should provide instead of links like the ones above.  Something like how he came up with the specific date and/or how he arrived at the 6 days 6 hours and 6 minutes left for this.  The message is clear in this post.  All that is needed now is the backup information to understand why he thought it was important enough to write this warning message to begin with.


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