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On 25th April 2015. at 11-40 A.M.Nepal had a very strong Earth Quake on scale 7.9..still After shoks are 6.4 and on 27th that of 6.4... Posted by Dr. Sohini Shukla. on April 28, 2015 at 4:00pm Send …

On 25th April 2015. at 11-40 A.M.Nepal had a very strong Earth Quake on scale 7.9..still After shoks are 6.4 and on 27th that of 6.4...

Please send your Healing and Prayers for the affected victims and Pray for all who are affected....
Send Healing Vibrations whenever you are free....
More than 4000 deaths ..The figure is increasing with continuous rescue work....Human lost their lives.. and That has it's effect very wide including Bihar, Bangla Desh, India, U.P., M.P...and they are still in fear of After Shocks...which are not less than 6.4...on scale....
Dear reader,

The earthquake that has hit Nepal, a 7.8-

magnitude size has now left at least 3,617

people dead.

Survivors are homeless and hungry. We,

in the United States, wasn't ready when
Katrina hit... Nepal (a 3rd world country)

needs all the help it can get.

First, please pray for Nepal Earthquake victims.

Then, please go to this LINK to see how you
can help the 1 million children in Nepal through

To the safety of the Nepal survivors,
Aiden Powers


Comment by Dr. Sohini Shukla. 3 hours ago

Hi Dr.

I am sad and my prayers are with the people of Nepal, India, and Tibet whose lives have been devastated by this weekend's earthquake. When these kinds of disasters strike we are reminded of how quickly life can change and how fragile life is. The earth is releasing energy too, just like we are. I do have to mention that there are other forces at work that contribute to these events but the damage they can do is minimized when we remember that the positive energy of the collective is far greater than the misguided objectives of those who use technology to further their power and control agendas. Even the tiniest light overtakes the darkness around it.

Forgiveness can be a challenging topic when we view it as a way that we 'let someone off the hook' so to speak, and try to convince ourselves that what they did doesn't matter. This can make forgiveness very hard to do.

But there is an easier and more effective way to forgive, and that is to do it from the point of acknowledging our role and responsibility. Before you think that there is 'unforgivable' behavior (and there is behavior that is truly reprehensible), remember that forgiveness is an energetic process, it's not emotional. And you can forgive easily, and without regret, when you use this method of forgiveness. That's the topic of this week's article.

Many blessings,

Jennifer Hoffman
Author, Intuitive Energy Master, Life Innovation Strategist
Your Guide to High Vibes Living

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