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what I mean by that is..every single person on this earth plane has a mission..a journey to accomplish ..

Be it light or be it darkness..
We all came here to be in this Earth learn what it is like to be a Human in the 3rd experience physicality forget who we truly are..

little do we realise ..that within every light being is a spark of darkness..and in every darkness is a spark of light..
we learn from each is called polarity..
For without the negetative we would not grow spiritually..this is our learning curve..
and saying that.. each and everyone of us has had a lifetime in darkness..this is part of our experience..our learning into the light..

"so when we judge another we are truly judging ourselves.."

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Comment by David on January 8, 2009 at 7:07am
Sounds clever... Good written :)

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