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There are lots of people, mostly New Age proponents, talking about our bodies before and after ascension. Sheldon Nidle, who channels the Galactic Federation (he thinks) is giving information on how life will be just before the massive landing and first contact. He continues with life after contact. Unfortunately, his contacts were the reptilians and I’m sure he is still getting pre-programmed audio.

Sheldon Nidle before and after contact

Here is a shortened forward where Sheldon is telling us that we will meet the ascended masters, and benevolents Ets.



Here are the reversals from that above audio. The first reversal shows us how they work on people’s egos. Sheldon is a “spokesman” and intermediary between the Galactic Federation and his eager followers. This is a very heady experience. The reptilians know how much we love to be special.

When He says Galactic Federation:

forward Galactic Federation


And share it I’d be powered. (It’s a very seductive technique, let’s face it.)

and-share-it-I’d be-powered


Serve us always positive. (The messages are always lovely. The reps weren’t stupid.)

serve us-always-positive

When he says “after first contact” in forward:



Eyes mock, serpent had. (We see what they have wanted us to see.)

Eyes mock,-serpent-had




And I’m now serving them. (Of course he doesn’t realize this. )



Hearing bull shit.


We have already exposed the Galactic Federation in the channeling category, so I won’t continue with his reversals. There were a few however, that were too good to pass up.

When we stumble on words, this often gives the RS mind a chance for a good reversal. In this sentence, Sheldon is speaking as if he is one of the Galactic Federation. He is saying “Talk to us. We need feedback from you and hope you will give feedback to us…from us. We have given way too much (food) feed to this race!



Earth, had meat


Again here is a little slip of the tongue.




See how the buzzards tell us.


Of course there were lots more, mostly refuting the information that he is giving out.


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Comment by Giovanni on July 4, 2010 at 1:26pm
Well Thank U lOl ii been Doing this since 8 years of age
Comment by Matt R. on July 4, 2010 at 12:59am
I think Bob Dean is the one who is really the one who cares for our safety, but I definitely agree with you that Sheldon is a spokesman. I'm not gonna agree with you on the reptilian thing, yet. I have to see to believe that. Reptilians or not, I think we all are special. That's just how I look at it. It is the true the reverses are kinda freaky, I know it disturbs me when I hear songs with that kinda stuff.

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