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Whats Going on With The Clouds?

idk if This is Happend Just in Brooklyn But Theres This Big Cloud Thats Just Hovering Over the sky and The weird thing is Every Other Cloud Around it iis Moving Away From iit and this plane Came out of this Cloud ii COuldnt Stop Laughing Cause The Planes position was West But it was Moving up north and every direction i Look Planes are Coming out of Nowhere literally Some Weird Stuff Just had to Share whats happenin right Now

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JudgeMent Day

I Led a Life of Violence And Drugs i Understood My actions But Still i Continued With what i was Doing i Stopped My Process of Awakening and Started Playing along with The Matrix And Now i am To Face a Judge on July 7th i Do Not know

what is Going to Happen To Me on that DAy But i Do Know That My Actions

Has To Come with a Consequence i Ask From all Who Reads This MY Fellow starseeds and My Fellow Human Biengs To Pray For me And To Send me Love

because i Am Worried About The… Continue

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There are lots of people, mostly New Age proponents, talking about our bodies before and after ascension. Sheldon Nidle, who channels the Galactic Federation (he thinks) is giving information on how life will be just before the massive landing and first contact. He continues with life after contact. Unfortunately, his contacts were the reptilians and I’m sure he is still getting pre-programmed audio.…


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"The black magic rituals we know as Satanism are the modern expression of the rituals and human sacrifice in ancient Babylon and the Brotherhood infiltrated societies of the Sumerian, Phoenician, Hittite, Egyptian, Canaanite and Akkadian, peoples, among many others across the world. It has been a seamless procession through history of the same rituals to the same deities and this remains of fundamental importance to the initiates of the Brotherhood today.

My use of the term Satanism… Continue

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the secret "How do I stop my negative thoughts?"

A Secret Scrolls message from Rhonda Byrne

Creator of The Secret

"How do I stop my negative thoughts?" - is a question that I have been asked many times. If you have ever asked this question then you will feel such enormous relief in knowing the answer, because it is so simple. How do you stop negative thoughts? You plant good thoughts!

When you try to stop negative thoughts, you are focusing on what you don't want - negative thoughts - and you will… Continue

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