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21st Keshe Kids Knowledge Seeker Workshop edited

Published on Sep 26, 2015

Skype call hosts Keyvan Davani and Rick Crammond will introduce Mehran Keshe who is at the Spaceship Institute in Italy.

Mr Keshe will explain the ways of the Universe to us, through the eyes of a child, and might even open some adult eyes along the way!  :)

Live Zoom Webinar link at:

We will be live streaming the Kids Knowledge Seekers Workshops at:

Interested kids of ALL ages (with their English-speaking parents) who want to be on the show, please contact Keyvan Davani or Rick Crammond at 

The Kids Knowledge Seekers Workshops are available as Youtube videos at this playlist:

Visit Spaceship Institute at

Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute website;

And the new Keshe Foundation Youtube channel at

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