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2014 October 20 – Interview with Cobra by Rob Potter

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2014 October 20 – Interview with Cobra by Rob Potter

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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to another special Victory of the Light Radio show. I’m your host Rob Potter, allegedly the voice of the Resistance. I’m happy to announce that I’m going to be doing the special Cobra interview today. Thanks to you all and your wonderful support of my web-site at

I need to offer some thanks to DaNell Glade for doing the transcribing. The ever talented, amazing Youtube creator Steven Smally, who has outdone himself last month. I can’t imagine a better one. It could happen this month, on the Cobra interview. Watch for the youtube coming up.

I’d like to thank Rique Seraphico, our Pleiadian Lightworker, Music Producer, my Brazilian brother, the talented musician who plays the lead-in music and the closing music (featuring this month, a Mysterious Spheres Medley of his CD).
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Rob – OK folks, here we are again on the Victory of light radio show. Once again, as promised, here is our emissary of light, my good friend and the voice of the resistance, Cobra. Welcome to the Victory of Light radio show once again.

COBRA – Thank you for your invitation.

Rob – It’s always a pleasure Cobra and it’s an honor to be working with you. We have a lot of amazing things have been happening on the world scene lately. Before we get to all of our questions, we’ve got a lot of questions on repeat subjects. First of all I’d like to talk to you about the financial situation. One of my sources who knows someone who has an uncle and a cousin so to speak. . . was involved in the financial re-set in the inner circle there in Reno. . . has told me that as far as they know there has been some major progress made in the RV and certain things are getting very close in place. According to their intelligence. . . and they talk to the top people. . . that some of the posts, one from John McHaffee  is actually accurate . . . and they were actually anticipating that there may be some big changes very very soon. Is this possible. Can you talk about any of this latest development, this big buzz about things getting closer. Now that I have a source who is actually saying . . . from the inside. . . is kind of confirming for the first time that they are actually expectant for things. Any comments on this. Do you see this as real.

COBRA – OK. I will put it this way; Yes, there has been a certain breakthrough. It happened between the 17th and the 19th of October but this does not mean that the RV will happen right now or the Reset will happen right now as I would put it more correctly. I would also not agree with the notion that the Dragons have purchased the Fed. Reserve . . but yes, there has been certain agreements made . . and yes there was a certain, quite significant progress, but we’re not there yet. It’s quite understanding that some people are quite excited because many people have been working for years after years of hard work and finally there are some results. But those results are not enough for the breakthrough to manifest completely.

Rob – Right. I kind of felt the same way. From what I understand there are some various papers and some agreements and signatories and certain things are being cleared but it’s really different than the actual implementation of it. I really appreciate that perspective there. The Fed Reserve. . .I mean I heard that rumor too. That was actually one of the questions that we’re going to have later so you answered that preemptively. The Fed Reserve can’t be bought. It’s basically going to be disbanded Right? (Exactly). Another thing that has been really hot on people’s minds. I’ve been getting a lot of e-mails from folks lately . . . if I don’t answer those the exact way you wrote it. I remind you all that Cobra does not comment on things that you ask for homework. Like if you say: What does he think about this book or this thing. We’re not going to watch 1 1/2 hr youtube and give a comment on it. Just don’t be offended if we didn’t answer your question, or if you had a question or comment on someone or another channel or another person. He doesn’t comment about other people too much and that’s a good thing. One of the questions I’ve been getting a lot of in various terms of course, is about this big Ebola scare that we’ve talked about before. I’ve worked with Len Horowitz who wrote the book: Nature: accident or intention, AIDS & Ebola. and he clearly proves that it’s pretty much intentional. So many people, of course, are running in the fear. If you could please comment on the Ebola situation. People think, that are speculating that it’s a plan to force vaccinations, which of course it may be. Can you a-lay people’s fears once again. It’s really big in people’s minds.

COBRA – Yes, basically what is happening is the Cabal wanted to engineer another pandemic and they have created this virus in the laboratory but then when the light forces managed to annihilate most of this and destroy most of this, they have inflated the whole situation by actually creating mass pandemic false flag, with stage actors, with hyped media campaign and the reaction to the situation is that Ebola is actually decreasing. There are countries that have been infected that are clear now already and also the possibility of getting Ebola is extremely small. It’s almost impossible for the average human being to catch that disease. Yes, there are plans that the Cabal wants to use that as an excuse for mass vaccinations. Those plans can be successful in limited isolated cases but not globally.

Rob – Right. I felt the same way that it’s been extremely hyped up. The good news is that the light forces when this plan was coming up, they basically . . . wherever it was stored, Africa or Fort Detrick, MD, they put a laser beam on that or magically to kill all the viruses. What have they done. Can you explain that.

COBRA – They have technologies that can . . . I will not go into details of their technology. They have certain technologies that can now counteract most of what they are doing.

Rob – So to be clear, this is absolutely . . . of course we know Ebola and the whole thing is manufactured as an end-game type fear thing. They basically don’t even have the virus to infect. They have small amounts, is that correct. (Yes, yes) and so they’re using these very small amounts and using all staged actors and players for that. (Yes, yes) Ladies and Gentlemen, listen to that. You heard it here first. It’s not that Ebola is not deadly, it is very deadly. It’s a dangerous disease. The light forces are here and we’re getting a lot of help from them. Even though you’re seeing on TV, don’t believe this type of stuff, it’s fear. I’ve seen a lot of light people and a lot of comments on various blogs and posts. People just kind of parroting Fox news. We have to realize . . . we have to move beyond this. Here’s a question I’ve got twice. I wanted to ask about it. Fred Bell said in his book, according to Semjase – that oil’s purpose is to act as a shock absorber for the tectonic plates. Could you comment on the purpose of oil esoterically and what it means to the planet.

COBRA – OK. It is actually also a transmitter of information. It is a liquid which connects various parts of the upper crust and transmits information between those areas.

Rob – OK, so it actually has an esoteric aspect of communication to the various elemental forces within the earth. Would that be correct?

COBRA – Yes, for the upper crust of the planet.

Rob – OK. Very good. Unfortunately folks, I didn’t get these questions in logical order today. Very very busy. We’re going to kind of jump around here. Here’s a question someone asked about the event. How will this affect children?

COBRA – They will be very happy because they will feel on some level that something very beautiful is happening and be quite excited about it.

Rob – OK, how about animals. Will animals have any type of difference? Will animals be less violent toward human. What’s going to happen there?

COBRA – Animals will become more peaceful and calm. They will also feel that something is going on.

Rob – OK. Here’s kind of a weird one. Someone asks: What happens if you’re in an airplane at the time of the event.

COBRA – Well, the airplane will fly as usual because all that basic infrastructure will work and will land according to schedule. People will realize something extraordinary is going on.

Rob – Very good. One person asked: is all meditation good and is it useful for the event. It was a very sweet person. This person said she doesn’t feel worthy to help with the event. I gave them a very strong message. Everybody is worthy. Everyone is important. Everyone’s effort is important. You’ll confirm that everyone can play a part in this event, yes?.

COBRA – Yes, of course. If you want to, you can play a part. Each person that participates counts and can make a change, can make a difference.

Rob – Generally speaking, you recommend . . . there are many types of meditations. Meditation is good. Correct? (Yes) OK. Some people have mentioned they have experienced a huge positive shift in energy since the equinox. Are there any reasons behind that.

COBRA – Yes, there has been some progress being made with the situation, with the veil, and yes, some people were able to feel that.

Rob – OK. Very good. Someone said in the picture you posted about the etheric plane that it’s divided into four layers. Is there darkness in all those layers or are the upper layers already cleared.

COBRA – Yes, there is still some negativity in the higher sub planes of the etheric planes, but less and less.

Rob – OK. I guess we could ask for a basic update. Have there been anymore major Archons or Black Nobility behind the scenes removed from the planet.

COBRA – Not lately.

Rob – Not lately. In regards to the chimera; have there been any more advancements made since we last spoke in regards to the stranglet bombs or that type of information with the chimera groups.

COBRA – Yes, there was one major breakthrough but details are classified information at this point.

Rob – OK, that’s very good Another question someone had, there was a famous video that showed a camera of some military person and according to sources the base was warned. They had some technology and there was a series of light flashers. I did see the video. Over a period of several hours – large light flashes, light explosions of some kind of took place. Can you comment on that.

COBRA – I would need to see the video to make a comment.

Rob – OK. It was a video that there were some light flashes allegedly. There were some things were happening in the underground bases. This one’s from Freddy – you mentioned a plane similar to the plasma plane but on a higher octave called buddhi mannas membrane – Is this a different name to indicate the tachyon membrane. (no, no, no). Can you talk a little bit about the plane called buddhi manas membrane.

COBRA – It’s not an actual plane, it’s a membrane. It’s a very thin layer the result of torsion forces between the higher mental plane and the intuitional plane and that membrane actually acts as a filter, which actually blocks, to a certain degree, our connection with our souls and higher planes of creation.

Rob – Right, so the higher end of the mental plane is manipulated to block the intuitional consciousness.

COBRA – This is not happening on purpose but at a certain point in history not too long ago the chimera group had some technology to influence that. It’s actually a results of the cosmic anomaly because there’s so much darkness on the lower planes, like the physical and astral plane. It creates a certain tension on the mental plane and that actually lowers the connection with the higher planes of creation.

Rob – OK. As above, so below in a similar vein: as below sometimes so above. Could you talk a little bit about: what is the hidden plasma plane.

COBRA – How do you mean hidden plasma plane.

Rob – Well, this comes from Freddy. Is it the plan of the light forces to simply clear the hidden plasma plane abyss or to transmute it and eventually erase it.

COBRA – Yes, they will transmute and it will not exist in the same way. It will be a very subtle membrane which will be a natural divide between physical and etheric.

Rob – OK. Is there any progress in stopping the flow of arms and the orders to the minor chimera groups, not the ones in the main strong holds, we’re talking about the ones on the surface running ISIS and the Ukraine. Is there some positive things coming forward towards arresting their actions.

COBRA – Yes, there has been some progress there as well.

Rob – OK. So another question on ebola here. Is it possible that the Cabal will manage to launch a mandatory ebola vaccination program in some countries.

COBRA – I have already answered this. They might be successful in isolated cases but you might remember what happened with that pandemic a few years ago when there was some vaccinations in certain countries but the whole situation just dissolved.

Rob – Right. Speaking of that, we’ve had some news that the premier of India or someone in India has indicated in official channels that they want to hold Bill Gates responsible for some unproven vaccines that have caused some damage to some Indian girls. Is that a part of the resistance movement getting that going?

COBRA – It’s not directly from the resistance movement but yes, it is an initiative coming from the light forces.

Rob – Very good. Let’s see . . .will people like Bill Gates and some of these big financial supporters be arrested along with some of the major players as well.

COBRA – At the time of the event, yes.

Rob – OK.  Here’s another chimera group questions. Once the Chimera group will be cleared, will the moon dust project and other black projects operating under the control of the negative military be ended completely.

COBRA – Yes, immediately, yes.

Rob – I guess that would mean chimera group ending is at the same time of the event is that correct. (Yes). Another question since Darcy’s mission (?) include liberating and enlightening the planet. . . How do Archons let them enter earth knowing who they are.

COBRA – Actually what they do . . . sometimes light workers can do much more effective work on the Astral planes so they try to trap them in dysfunctional families so they will not awaken and they would not help liberate the planet. But even with all the efforts of the Archons, the light forces are successful in awakening many of the light workers and light warriors and then they are successful in assisting in liberating the planetary situation.

Rob – OK. according to Alex Collier’s work, and other sources, it’s been indicated that the reptilian races that are involved in violation of the galactic codex and the very advanced programming . . . and let’s call it the implant technology that’s being used on earth now . . . that those beings themselves have been implanted and are simply running a program that they were given. Would you agree with that.

COBRA – Yes, yes, in most cases actually. I would say that every being on the dark side has been implanted and programmed at a certain point.

Rob – So, at a certain point in time . . . It’s been hard for us . . . I’ve been examining this in myself recently. When this event takes place, these beings themselves will be liberated from their implants and they will probably recoil in horror and shock at what they have been doing for a long time. Is that correct.

COBRA – Yes, for many of them that is correct.

Rob – So they are to be healed and to be pitied to a certain extent because some of their deeds have been very heinous against us. They have been as implanted and as manipulated as we have. So, I guess there is a question here. Someone’s asked: How do star seeds actually come in and incarnate here. Are there new star seeds coming here or are all the people kind of trapped in the reincarnation situation.

COBRA – There are no fresh star seeds coming from other star systems. People that have incarnated here have been inside of this recycle process for at least 25k years with extremely rare exceptions.

Rob – Right, those rare exceptions may be if they have captured perhaps an E.T. craft. I’ve heard they will kill the E.T.’s physical body and force their soul in a human body.

COBRA – Those things were happening in the past.

Rob – They have happened in the past. I asked you a question last time about the Seres race and you said you’ve heard of them. Can you tell us what you know about the Seres race? S E R E S.

COBRA – This race has been involved in a certain amount of genetic engineering in the past and has been contacted by the light forces, by the Galactic Confederation quite recently and have crossed into the light.

Rob – Ok, so at some point in time they were negative and now they’re positive.

COBRA – I would not describe as negative, simply uneducated.

Rob – Uneducated in their genetic manipulations. Another question: Are some star seeds leaving the surface of the planet via – different ways, such as re-blending with their higher selves while a walk-in replaces their bodies.

COBRA – Again, if people are describing this as ascension, this has not been happening since 1996. There have been some walk-in exchanges, but people who have gone through those exchanges have just shifted from physical to etheric or the astral plane and have not left quarantine earth.

Rob – OK, we have a couple questions from China. I’d like to answer those because they’re few and far between. There’s a few questions about Xi Jinping. does he know about the spiritual forces. Does he know about ascension and the events on earth. In other words, they are asking: is he a positive guy, the chinese chairman. Is he in preparation for the event.

COBRA – OK. I would say he has a certain amount of understanding but to a certain degree.

Rob – Is he generally along for the ride or is one of the cabal of the western forces.

COBRA – OK. He is cooperating to a certain degree with the light forces, but it is not known when the event happens, which degree, when things get a little bit more intense, how he will react.

Rob – OK, some people have asked about the situation with the Dragon societies. How many are there and is there more unification amongst these groups since we last talked? Has there been any progress along the higher levels on what the plans are for moving forward.

COBRA – Yes, there has been some good signs lately, in the last few weeks especially and this is very good because the situation was not very nice a few months ago. So, yes, I would say there is improvement.

Rob – Very good. Another question about the Chinese Dragon societies. Everyone seems to think that they are kind of running the show. Is that correct on the financial level, with their large economy. Are they kind of the . . .now. . the go-to kind of person to team to help initiate this process. Are they very much involved or are all countries equally involved.

COBRA – It is a global process.

Rob – OK. Next question. Cobra, are the solar flares contributing to activating our DNA strands and if so, are there any difference between first, second and third wavers. I presume that meant those people who are going to be lifted into space ships.

COBRA – Yes, the solar flares are influencing our DNA and are assisting in the activation of the DNA’s. I will not comment on the second part of the question.

Rob – OK. You talked a while back about how Israel holds the keys to Atlantis, and so it’s a sacred area. Can you explain more about that.

COBRA – Basically, I have mostly already answered that question. Israel was one of the Major vortex points at the time of Atlantis. There is a very strong Goddess vortex in that area and they built a strong colony at the time of Atlantis and this is the reason why the Archons wanted to always control this area.

Rob – OK. This is kind of a funny question but I think it’s one that a lot of people who are new or are coming out. Could the resistance movement message become more main stream. When will it be time to call out publicly those that deceive humanity. I feel of course that it’s always been time, we’re on it. But do you see the resistance movement becoming more main stream.

COBRA – It will become more mainstream ONLY after the event.

Rob – OK. We did have the US or at least they said on the news that the US was involved in bombing of Syria. Can you talk about that, that the US actually took place in the bombing.

COBRA – Yes they did.

Rob – As awful and as tragic as it is, how was that allowed to take place. The military guys can’t stop that?

COBRA – It is simply that the negative military still has too much power (?) to stop this.

Rob – OK. So the negative guys in the military don’t have to answer to the good guys. The good guys are not completely in control of the US military. Is that correct.

COBRA – No, they are not in control.

Rob – Here’s an interesting thing. The chimera group has infiltrated militaries of all major nations. After the Congo Archon invasion of 1996 they put physical strangelot bombs on most US military bases and some military bases of other nations. This year in 2014 the RM and Galactic Confederation started clearing chimera groups and these bombs. The question is: you said the event will not happen until the chimera group and the weapons are removed. They’re wondering why you said there were possibilities in 2012 and 2013, of the event taking place. Did they not know about the chimera bombs at that point or it was possible that they could have cleared them then.

COBRA – No, they couldn’t clear them. The RM was considering taking a huge risk and triggering the event even with the existence of those bombs, but then of course it was guided that that risk would be simply too great.

Rob – Yes, that’s logical. At the event when all their negative technologies including etheric implants and scalar wave technology are cleared from the earth, will all human infants born after the event be able to keep their past life memories immediately.

COBRA – There are also other factors involved. It is simply there is still the membrane between the physical and etheric brain, but the memories will be much easier for any of the newly incarnated souls to remember their past lives.

Rob – So the reason they wouldn’t be able to is there is a membrane. How long will this take to heal.

COBRA – Well, it’s a natural thing and usually if a human being is not absolutely awakened, certain amount of memory is lost. In the same way that you forget what you had for breakfast last Monday.

Rob – Someone asked about the cracks in the matrix that you mentioned. People are wondering exactly if you could define that a little bit more. What is a crack.

COBRA – A crack in the matrix is . . an area when the light from beyond the veil is coming inside of the quarantine earth.

Rob – OK. And without commenting on a person here . . but someone has asked a question . . . David Icke’s information . . . my opinion definitely seems to be in atunement and alignment with my feelings and your information. Would you agree.

COBRA – Yes, he has brought a lot of awareness about many things but I would not agree to all the details, but basically, yes, he has brought a lot of interesting intel and a lot of awakening.

Rob – OK. Ben Fulford’s latest article he said the goods guys have control of the weather. I’m not sure what that means. Does that mean the good guys have taken down the HAARP. Would you agree with that statement.

COBRA – I would not agree completely. I would just say that there has been some . . .The light forces were able to counteract some of the HAARP activity, especially in Asia.

Rob – OK. Very Good. You made briefly a comment that there are different groups with different origins with different stories with different vibrational frequencies and different structures. With that said, this particular being . . . that this person is talking about. . . said they came to this planet to help remind the African American’s of their star group – which is partially Annunaki and partly Reskian (?) to help them return to their star family on a planet named Riks (?) in a galaxy named Iulian (?) which is not too far from the milky way. Have you ever heard of anything about that group. (NO, no). That’s probably a channeling. Kauilapele (, our good friend has made a post recently talking about a massive arrest coordinated from the Hague. I think the number was 1,027 Cabal criminals arrested including sex trafficking, human slavery and some of the lower minions in the Cabal. Was this orchestrated by the RM. Was this to get dirt on the higher ups and twist some arms.

COBRA – I would say this was coordinated by the light forces and I will not specify who was behind this. But yes, it was a good progress on the lower levels of the minions of the Cabal.

Rob – Very Good. Here’s a funny question, not sure where it’s coming form. Will Mexico and Canada become part of the US of A. (No). I didn’t think so. OK. People are wondering what‘s going to happen with Big Foot after the event. Will they remain hidden, come out. Will we get to meet them eventually as part of our star family. (yes). Some people have been asking about . . . you mentioned the light cities. I think there was some confusion in their mind. There’s many talks of J.J. Hurtak of the very large planetary motherships coming down and touching upon the earth and James Gilliland says they will power up. Eventually at some point we will probably have some very large light cities descend to the earth, is that correct.

COBRA – Yes, that is correct.

Rob – Can you comment any more about that.

COBRA – I will not want to comment. It is part of the ascension plan. I will not release that until the situation with the chimera group is a little bit better.

Rob – OK. Good. Will there be new light cities that form on the surface and if so, what would you suggest for those people who are seeking to create a light city? Will this be in general vortex areas. Will this be privately held property. What would you suggest for people. I know the area around Dom? is certainly moving forward and some of the Anastasia information in Russia is creating very wonderful, kind of loosely affiliated commune type societies. What do you recommend for the rest of the world in regards to creating light cities or preparing or for people who are really ready to make a change and be the way-showers. What would you recommend for these people to create a light city.

COBRA – OK. The first thing you need to do is create harmonious interpersonal relationships within the group. Usually that happens, when people try to manifest a light city or a community of light, the Archons infiltrate their subconsciousness and they trigger their patterns and the conflicts being and the project is ruined. So when you have a harmonious group with the high level of harmony and cooperance, high level of integration, then that group can begin to manifest a light city on the physical plane.

Rob – OK. Here’s a question here, we know you’re not into divination too much, but there is syncronicity in the Universe and I don’t always hang on every word of astrology or Tarot cards, but can you tell us a message behind the Tarot. There are 22 Major arcana as indication of self empowerment. Is there something that we should be aware of of the tarot or can you just talk about the tarot and what that is.

COBRA – It is a divination system which actually creates a portal to various stages of consciousness. It can be a useful tool for awakening.

Rob – OK. So you can use it as a kind of what is happening to you in your life, is that correct. (yea, also). Will people be reunited with their twin souls after the event.

COBRA – OK. After the event, the process of reunification with the twin souls will start.

Rob – Very Good. Here’s an interesting one. It goes hand in hand with another one that people asked. After the event, will people be able to make contact with their family members that have passed on. Will there be a process, will it be telepathic, will it be open or will it still be more difficult.

COBRA – The light forces will have certain technology quite shortly after the event where people will be able to have contact with their loved ones on the other side.

Rob – Wow, that is awesome. Really exciting to hear that kind of change going to be able to take place very soon. Another question asked: You know there’s some heart felt questions . . . from mothers of course – about missing children. Dr. Bell named some pretty high numbers as well as some other sources that through the years of abductions and lost children and humans taken from the earth numbering as high as 6 million. Would you agree that’s a possibility.

COBRA – Yes, that number is very high.

Rob – Yes, that number is high. Will the people that have missing children who have been pining and wondering what happened . . . Will these types of things be able to be known. We have so much reconstruction going on in everything. Will these types of emotional calming information to help people understand what happened . . . will that be available after the event.

COBRA – Yes, of course. People will be able to be reunited with those children one way or the other and have contact with them. A lot of healing will happen after the event about the situation.

Rob – There’s a question here – will we be able to teleport after the event. I say yes, of course, in my mind. The question is: how soon do you think that technology of the . . . I guess we could call it a mini star gate . . . be available for the general public.

COBRA – That will take quite some time. This needs to happen certain amount of time after the first contact.

Rob – Andrew Basaigo ( who was at my conference, talked about his time with the government back in the 70’s with the government time travel and mostly the jump room technology. He’s having some physical side affects. I think the govt. technology probably does have some . .. I guess we could call it . . . bugs in it and doesn’t make it the safest or best mode of transportation. Is that correct. (Yes). Of course the ET’s have this detailed down. Is this teleportation on the physical plane kind of a new technology for the Federation?

COBRA – No, of course not.

Rob – OK. Because I was under the impression that some of the aspects of the teleportation technology as far as the little door frames that you step through and go might be new. But they’ve had, even that type of technology, for many, many thousands of years. (yes). Or millions even maybe. Some people want to know about the mission of Maitreya. He has a weekly meditation of course with the person Benjamin Creme who wrote the book : The Reappearance of the Christ. Could you comment a little bit about that.

COBRA – Yes, he has meditation groups and he has done some good work in spreading information, but his interpretation is not completely aligned with the truth.

Rob – OK. One of the things he mentions is that . . . the Urantia books talk about these beings who are just, very highly evolved and just manifest on the physical plane like an Ascended Master. Can you talk anything about the being they call Maitreya, that he does exist as a positive force.

COBRA – Yes. That’s actually code name for one of the Ascended Masters. And yes, He will appear at a certain point after first contact. He is not present on the physical plane, on the planet right now.

Rob – OK. Very good. In our last interview Cobra, you stated that the Annunaki were not mining for gold here on earth. If you were correct, can you explain who was digging for gold in Africa over 200,000 years ago. I don’t know how they know that. That might be from the, I’m guessing, the Tellinger information ( It seems that there is clear evidence that some civilization was interested in extracting huge amounts of gold from this planet.

COBRA – There was some gold mining but not to the scope that was presented in certain articles and also the time frame might not be exactly correct.

Rob – Yea, I would say time frame. There are evidences in some of the Mayans in the Central American cities of people entire . . they found ruins and excavated sites where there have been . . . it looks like everyone evacuated the cities mysteriously. Dr. Frank Strange has indicated that some of these civilization were invited to the inner earth. Can you confirm. Were some of these civilizations that were left without a trace, did they go to the star ships or…?

COBRA – OK. Certain people went to the star ships and yes, huge amounts of people went underground to the Agarthan network.

Rob – Great. Thank you. Down there in New Zealand they would like your opinion on their latest elections. They were wondering if they were rigged. They were lobbying for change and they felt that the results were really the opposite of what was expected and polled. Can you talk about anything that is going on in New Zealand at this time.

COBRA – I think you have already answered their own question. Yes, the Cabal has also a presence in New Zealand because there is quite a strong movement of awakening with the Maori people in New Zealand and also some other groups are quite strong there. The Cabal wants to suppress this of course.

Rob – Yea. I was just interviewed by a guy named Vinny Eastwood ( and he was talking about their Prime Minister in a, not so friendly way, and they shut down his youtube. He had over 3 mill subscribers. He was quite gobsmacked by that. Lots of censorship going on in youtube. We’ve talked about this before. The dark guys are still managing to sensor and to put some monkey wrenches in the computer freedom of speech. Is that correct. They’re still able to do some things. Is there potential for this to be completely irradicated, their influence over the internet, or are we going to be dealing with this until the event.

COBRA – We are going to be dealing with this until the event.

Rob – You mentioned previously that all changes to society would be completed by 2025. Is this still the plan. (yes, that’s the plan). A couple other people you talked about the death process and the crowning kind of the . . . forcing into the reincarnation process. This is one of the biggest questions of course of humanity in the quarantine planet where Ascended Masters aren’t teaching us true cosmic heritage and our past lives are not revealed to us. People would like a little more information about what happens when you die. Would you say there’a bottle neck on the astral plane after we die. Do we have soul contracts and agreements that must be filled?

COBRA – OK. You can always change your soul agreement and soul contracts. What is very important is your level of consciousness when you die because that determines pretty much where you are going. If you are aware and you can orient yourself and not be trapped into the Archon traps. You can actually cross over the higher astral plane where you can have a pretty nice existence for quite some time.

Rob – How could people do that. Is there a specific technique at the time of death that some people can remember. In India they’re very much have a lot of stories and promises if someone is able to focus on something at the moment of their death. Let’s say that someone can’t focus in at the moment of their death but they realize they’re dead. They’re outside their body. What . . . or if you know you haven’t died yet . . . so you don’t know either perhaps . . . but could you give a description of what someone might do. Let’s say they’re outside their body, they see their mangled body. . . .excuse me folks, but let’s say we had a car wreck. What would that person do.

COBRA – OK. The main thing is to focus on their inner light, inner self, higher self and go by that guidance.

Rob – There are some stories that when you astral travel. . . I’ve heard stories of certain Egyptians expecting things to come from the East or whatever . . . is there any place physically that when someone is free and they’re traveling and they’re out of their body, are they free to go around the earth to see the earth in the astral plane or is there always a guide right there with them. Is this guide part of the false matrix. What happens there.

COBRA – There is certain amount of freedom and there are guides around and the guides themselves are manipulated, so there are many well-meaning beings on the astral plane and some of them are simply manipulated by the Archons.

Rob – OK. So on the higher astral plane of the earth, the earth’s higher astral plane, it is a positive existence then.

COBRA – To a certain degree, yes. It is still controlled by the Archons and the Archons put certain limits on what you can experience. Same with your physical life, you can experience many wonderful things although we’re in a quarantine status.

Rob – They would like to completely control the higher astral pane. They can’t possibly control it all. Is that right.

COBRA – They can not.

Rob – OK. Good. There’ a question: Is earth a master class if we chose to be here. (No)

COBRA – No. (no). It’s not a class. It’s not a school. Its something completely different.

Rob – What is that.

COBRA – It’s an occupied area that needs to be liberated.

Rob – Let’s see – there’s a question here, and this is kind of an interesting thing in general – How many hybrid civilizations have the greys seeded using our DNA.

COBRA – They were not able to use our DNA because those genetic experiments were not successful as they hoped.

Rob – OK. Good. The word is that they were time traveling to extract our DNA so they can reinstate their race before they died out because they lost their ability to procreate. (Fred Bell) Is there any truth to that

COBRA – No I would not agree with that. They were not time traveling.

Rob – Did they loose their ability to procreate.

COBRA – It was greatly compromised because their genetic material was not as good as they hoped.

Rob – Yes, that is what he said as well (Fred Bell). Can you talk about the relationship between ancient Greece and the Pleiadians.

COBRA – Basically, not only the Pleiadians, but also the Sirians have inspired great philosophers and have actually triggered the arise of the Greek civilization from a certain group called The Brotherhood of the Star.

Rob – Here’s an interesting question: Sheldon Nidle talks about light chambers and he says we will be healed during 3 days after the event. I’m not sure if he meant in light chambers or in just the coming down of the scalar technology will create a great healing. Will there be light chambers and advanced healing technologies made available that soon after the event, within 3 days. (No, no no) There’s a lot of people going through a lot of depression lately. I have gotten some really hopeless type of things. Is this a major Archon attack, last ditch effort – really affecting people or do you think that people are kind of realizing that their lives have been in vain in a false matrix and it’s kind of a natural process of increased light.

COBRA – It’s more of a quite intensified Archon attacks lately. People need to understand that those depressions are artificially created.

Rob – OK. Here’s some question from some people in the Philippines. They have some small islands West of the Philippines called the Spratly Islands. China is making claims that it’s theirs and they want to build some fortifications over it, much like the tussle between China over their islands there. What’s so important about these islands when it’s nothing but insignificant land. Is there any real story behind that.

COBRA – It’s not just insignificant land. There’s many tunnels that hid gold. Of course the gold is not there any more. Many Chinese think there is still gold there and they want that gold.

Rob – OK. They think it’s still there (yes). but it’s not is it. (It’s not). Has any of the gold taken by the RM been returned to the surface. I guess that would be classified. Has it been returned to the surface. (No, no, not yet). You mentioned that some of Admiral Byrd’s story is somewhat false. Can you comment on weather the smoky god story of Olof is true or if that is false.

COBRA – OK. It’s a fictional story which mixes some facts with fiction.

Rob – So, it’s a completely fictional story, the father and son never went in.

COBRA – Yes, the Smoky God, it’s a 19th century book and is a piece of fiction. It’s not something that happened by a story that wanted to convey certain truths mixed with certain, I would say, not exactly correct understanding of what is happening below the surface.

Rob – OK. We’re getting toward the end of our time here. I wanted to again thank you for spending your time with me here and sharing this information. Last month’s was very well received. I received a tremendous amount of input. People, If I didn’t get to your questions, I apologize. We had lot of questions and we had some repeats there. Well try to get to you next month. Cobra, in regards to the current situation on the earth, there seems to be . . .of course, the propaganda machine is running full speed. We have the Ebola scare . . . which I appreciate and thank you very much and I’m sure many of you will be hearted to hear that information and we can disregard what is happening in the media at this time. Tremendous suffering is taking place around the planet. Can you give us any comments on the progresses in Ukraine. Recently Russia said that their Ruble was going to be devalued and the government was making statements for the people not to panic. Can you comment what was going on in Ukraine and Russia.

COBRA – There are still certain things running behind the scenes. There are light forces trying to create certain break throughs to decrease the level of violence in Ukraine. This hasn’t been completed yet.

Rob – There’s still lots of things taking place. OK. One last thing, let’s talk about the good news of the coming open contact with our space family. Do you see there are many different ET races from within our solar system on different planets that are here. Eventually these beings will come forward, the people missing in the Bermuda triangle, many people of Contact will come out to support the information at the time of the event. Is that correct.

COBRA – Yes, that is correct.

Rob – Can you tell us any good news about the Pleiadians space ships and when we may be seeing our space family, the Ashtar Command, and the Andromedan councils. Will these ships be seen much more regularly at the time of the event or much more slowly and gradually.

COBRA – It will be slow and gradually but when it starts it will be amazing.

Rob – Yes, it will. I would like you to give us a good message of Love, hope and peace to our people from the Victory of Light radio show as a parting gift. Any positive message for them.

COBRA – Yes, I would say there have been certain breakthroughs throughout this weekend that will result in big changes, although it will take some time. Do not loose hope. Things are happening. Watch where we are fighting for it will happen and will be here for all of us and for all of our futures to eternity.

Rob – Thank you very much. I agree with Cobra. It is the Victory of the Light. It is assured. It is taking place as we speak. It has taken many thousands of years, many millions of years. It’s time that we all become involved. Again I want to remind you all: Cobra. Check it out and sign up and get notifications of the latest information. Thank you so much Cobra. Victory to the light Brother. Thank you

COBRA – Thank you for your attention and Victory of the light.

End. Rob Potter –

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