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wanted to share this most recent posting from the Sheldon Nidles discussion group. Pretty awesome!!!!!! IN JOY

Sent: Friday, December 19, 2008 1:24 AM
Subject: 12/18/08 StarGateRoundTable Summary w/Mother Sekhmet: "NIBURU IS HERE, NOW!"

During tonight's Conference Call with Sekhmet, we started off by reviewing some of the economic indicators that reveal how close we are to the end.

Benjamin Fulford and others have been reporting of a significant fall off in shipments from various countries in Asia and Europe which has not received press in the USA.

An indicator that i had not heard of before, The Baltic Dry-Shipping Index, was received tonight that clearly tells a very significant tale.
That index cannot be used for speculative commodity manipulation and that makes it a purer indicator of the real status of world trade. It has reached a high around 11 Thousand in recent weeks but, in the last 30 days has fallen from 8000 down to 800=a 93% decline in shipments from the Baltic ports and Asian ports.

That means that virtually NO SHIPS ARE LOADING CARGO OR LEAVING PORTS NOW. This is completely unprecedented. Some cargo ships have been loaded and sitting in ports without assurance of financing, insurance or ability to off load in US Ports. Since we are an IMPORT dominant country we must now cope with getting foods and goods from regional and local sources. That on top of lackluster holiday sales is sending shockwaves throughout our economy.
Using the Baltic Drygoods Index and comparing other indexes to it, we see that this goes far beyond Dry-Bulk/goods and is reflected in the Oil and the Standard & Poors Stock Index behaviors as well. That suggests that all the major suppliers aren't willing to try and ship goods to the US as they are waiting for the New Global Financial System to become operative. That means that the Corporate USA & Other Countries Corporate systems are Bankrupt & must crash. The withholding of shipments means the end of that old system is so bankrupt that no one wants to risk any more on it and therefore, the crash is imminent.
That means that NESARA is the ONLY solution and everybody knows it.

Further evidence of imminent changes were reflected in the Senate Majority leader, Sen Harry Reid's, statements today on Air America Radio, Stephanie Miller's Show: "The arrest, trial, conviction, and hanging of Karl Rove, Harriet Meirs, Scooter Libby, David Addington, and others top Administration heads, must happen immediately. They are Guilty of War Crimes and NO More Delay can be tolerated." That is almost a complete reversal of foot dragging on Impeachment. So he is now calling for Unsealing those 50 top indictments that Patrick Fitzgerald has stated that he is ready to unseal and execute. That was a very important signal that the Senate is finally ready to take actions.

Even the Fox Fake News Network is financially falling on its face. Bill O'Reily's program is losing $1Million per DAY, and the same is true of the rest of Richard Murdoch's media monopoly empire. All they ever had was the "Fake War & Cabal Generated Terrorism False Flag" which they have flogged to death to support the Bush Administration's Lies and War Crimes.
More evidence is the 'timely' takedown of Illinois Gov Rod Bloggojevich for trying to sell the Senatorial seat just vacated by Barack Obama to the highest bidder. A telephone tap transcript of an amazing call between Bloggo and Rahm Emanuel has been circulating on the internet.

Sir Evelyn Rothschild was at the NYSE today and in a rare TV interview with Maria Bartiroma, he commented on the Worldwide meltdown of the world wide economic system. He noted that lack of supervision of bankers and their fraudulent practices has been irresponsible and catastrophic in current effects. He further stated that when Large Banks in Europe failed their top management and boards were immediately removed. However, in the USA bank failures, the failed management teams were left in place and given enormous amounts to further misuse.
The current failures of international hedge funds is causing pensioners to have trouble feeding their families as their pension funds were irresponsibly invested in worthless or fraudulently valued paper and their are no securities underlying those promises to pay and they are non-income producing.
A single member of the Rothschild Family, Nathan Rothschild, is an Indigo and will be shown to be a White Knight wealthy contributor of prosperity funds as part of NESARA.

Whistleblowers are coming coming forth in large numbers to complete the revelations about 911 being an inside job and all the top ones are stained with that collusion. There is a final act where all players will demask and we will see who is whom in the Light/Dark panoply of stars.
Some on both sides have had to be double agents to ensure that insiders could testify to what they have had to do and what they know from direct involvement.

The blockbuster Announcement that Mother Sekhmet made tonight was that MOTHER'S planet-sized ship: NIBURU, is HERE NOW, and is IN EARTH ORBIT!!! This is the first time in over 3600 years. The last pass was at the galactic conclusion of the Orion War and did involve some related military actions. Niburu is likened to Temporal Time/Intergalactic Time Cops.
They're main job is to remove the renegades from the Orion war and escort them to the Solar Tribunal for trial and disposition.
This is the conclusion of both an intergalactic and multi-dimensional war that was brought here by Enki, Enlil and Anu, and all the wars for thousands of years have been due to their influence and focused in the MidEast around the Dome of the Rock, StarGate, sometimes referred to as the "Cradle of Civilization". That StarGate--since the closing of that portal-connection to certain satellite assets that were used in 911, on 11/12/08 @ Midnight, ended their ability to enter or leave the planet or gain interdimensional assistance. The reverse-spin was also corrected from counter-clockwise to clockwise spin at that time. It took 3 days of actions in Giza by 25 Galactics including MotherSekhmet, Anubis(King of Egypt), many Paschat warriors and other galactics.

To understand how it is possible to bring a 'planet-sized ship' into Earth orbit, you have to understand 'HyperSpatial Physics'. Niburu has been photographed on several occasions--trailing behind the Hale-Bopp comet-appearing body. It has also been shown in photos from various earth satellites and most recently on a series of photos on website as it peaked out behind our Sun. Certain Secret earth shuttle craft have also photographed NIBURU and other 'anomalous objects'.
The cabal is aware of this and is soiling their jeans knowing there is nothing they can do to prevent what is coming.

First, let me say that the First Ascension Wave of Three, took place in 2004. The Second Ascension Wave is occurring on or around the Winter Solstice, Dec 21st, 2008. The Third and Final Wave will occur around 12/21/2012, involving Planetary Ascension, as the Hopi have long prophesied.

Another unsettling factor that is causing extreme anxiety for the Cabal is our DNA upgrades from a carbon-based substrate to a Silicon(liquid diamond)based-substrate. The importance of our new liquid-diamond-vehicle is that it supports a return to positive anti-matter{shinning body} and ascension.

Nuclear weapons will no longer function as before. The Atomic and sub-atomic levels are sentient and will no longer respond to negative use. They will only respond to positive 5D commands from Ashtar and the Galactic Federation Starships. The same is true for their Area 51-ET-derived Holographic Projection equipment that they intended to use in a False Flag, Alien Attack on the US population, which would be mostly fake projections associated with actual attacks by reverse-engineered antigravity Shark Helicopters and Anti-gravity craft-platforms with holographic projectors simulating galactic craft. That will totally fail and the equipment will not function as they had hoped.

As stated above, NIBURU is staffed by 'Temporal Time Cops' with full warrants for the arrest of intergalactic criminals operating outside their space time continuum. The Council of 13 Illuminati families are about to find out that: "Time is up! Surrender or be removed! You have an engagement with the Solar Tribunal on Saturn"

Everyone here in government top posts--including Barack Obama--have had to be somewhat compromised to play their roles. Others wearing two hats (dark/light) are Bill Clinton, who signed the NESARA Law and is now overlighted by St Germain, House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, Majority Leader of Senate, Harry Reid. They are under a microscope and they must now fulfill their final roles or be removed. It is believed that they will pass their tests and very quickly, NOW, take the appropriate actions to lead us into the next phase.
Some asked Mother Sekhmet whether, if or when Obama is taken into a closed door meeting with the Cabal-representatives, and asked to sign the War Powers Act, as has all his predecessors, would he sign? The answer Mother gave was:"They might lead him to that room and then, as they opened up that door, there would be St Germain standing with a smile on his face and his arms crossed waiting. That will end any such attempts.

We have been reporting for some time that the new President-Elect will assume office early. No date was reported. We are days away from that happening, now. W has ordered a WH Christmas Party for 2000 or so 'Guests' as his goodbye party, this next week. He will be the one not receiving pats on the back but advised that his presence is requested elsewhere...along with many of his Administration, according to Mother Sekhmet. Accountability is rising to the very top of the list, NOW.

In response to a question about the Star Wars series, Mother Sekhmet, said that George Lucas had some 'galactic visitors' and was 'inspired' in depicting the 5000 year Orion War. "Yoda" told Lucas about "The Force" and the "Dark Side of the Force". The 'fictional' Princess Leah's home was actually Aldebaran. Further more, Machu Pichu; the Nazca Plain were Intergalactic Landing Facilities and will be revealed and will resume their operation shortly. There will be "No Return of the Sith", as the renegades had hoped to call forth. All Wars are Over!

Thom Hartmann, today, on Air America Radio, had a soldier who was taken into a Ziggurat in the Iraq and was amazed to see that the ZPM (Zero Power Module Generator) was fully powered up and filled the inside with brilliant white light. These ZPMs inside the stepped pyramids{Ziggurats} throughout the MidEast are now powered up and will link together to create a forcefield that will make hostile actions impossible.

Mother Sekhmet stated that "We have our powers/abilities back now, and to Use them wisely!"
The veil is gone. We will be hearing Admiral Sananda and Captain Ashtar's voices very shortly and that could be on the Solstice,{No Dates} at a time and method of their own choosing.
Mother stated that: "We are the gods/goddesses who integrated into balls of plasma in 100th Dimension; then fell to the 12th Dimension and subsequently to the 3rdDimension, and now are returning to the 5th Dimension and beyond.

Rama went OOB (out of body) during Mother's presence tonight. He was drawn to the Solar Tribunal on Saturn. A huge intergalactic meeting was occurring. He was just there as an observer. He wondered around listening to different congregations of different species huddling. They were a bit disturbed as the discussions had to do with the calling to justice of the renegades we call the 13 Families. They saw that these criminals did not intend to submit peacefully to arrest, and they all regretted that other measures may have to be employed, as the decision was made that the Earth and humanity must be freed according to divine decree, now.
The actions that will be forthcoming will involve so many actions and revelations that it will be quite amazing for those who have not been prepared. A definite, positive, experience of a "Shock and Awe" event that will dwarf 911, is on our threshold and may include decloakings of ships across the planetary skies. The Wing Maker Motherships are already in orbit around our North and South poles and around the Equator. The arrival of the NIBURU completes the key prepatory elements involved in insuring the safety of the earth and all life. Understand that all life is about to be upgraded to a level of awareness sufficient to take our next steps. We are completing our 9 day Gateway Transit and re-connection to our other aspects on this Solstice of Dec 21st, 2008. Everyone has been preparing for many lifetimes and during our nightwork activities, timelines are merging too rapidly to count. All non-viable timelines are being erased. We have succeeded and it will become very obvious as this Solstice completes this phase of our journey.

Enjoy the climax to this long-running drama. Source has decreed that you will receive all the help needed to be quickly prepared for working together with your galactic families who you will recognize immediately. They are in most cases our future selves who have travelled back in time to congratulate us on our success, and they are the evidence that we did make it or they couldn't be presenting their presences to us.

There will be much to accomplish before the Third Wave completes their work and we can join the planet in a full planetary Ascension in 2012.

There is absolutely no need for anyone--except the Cabal--to feel anything other than joyous expectation that all the evidences of what has been occurring is now concluding for the highest good of all concerned. Everyone's life will be improved dramatically by the Announcement of NESARA and all the benefits that result. We are all winners and we will soon see the evidence that will be indisputable and indescribably enriching in too many ways to enumerate. All who now know of the provisions of NESARA will be asked to help those they know who ask, understand that what is happening is truly a joyous gift of Grace from our Creator.
There will be more information posted as it becomes available in the coming days.

Mark Huber

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Comment by Rebecca Shannon Ling on December 20, 2008 at 3:51am
merry early christmas to all. will be joining in the solstice meditation to bring down the veil.

we have been waiting many lifetimes for this, haven't we?
Comment by Becky on December 20, 2008 at 2:44am
I am so happy about this and I just feel it in my soul that its right around the corner!!! :-)
Comment by torz on December 20, 2008 at 2:25am
I'm speechless and fidn I don't know what or who to believe anymore but damit this makes me feel the love big time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment by Mosher79 on December 20, 2008 at 1:52am
WoW!!! that's allot of info....... If it is as you say, I will help people understand to the best of my abilities. But holy cow that's allot of heavy stuffffffff. I hope something happens.
Comment by CrystalClear2313 on December 19, 2008 at 9:32pm
This truly makes me smile my friends! I can only say we should stay focused on the good of this planet and send love and light to the ones that need it the most at this time. If all this is going to happen lets make it happen by remaining positive...
Comment by Ted on December 19, 2008 at 6:55pm
Sounds very good!
But hey, we still need your help on the 21st with the mass medidation
Bringing Down The Veil To Drop 3rd Density Structure

Thank you Sananda, St-germain, Ashtar and everyone for your help..
Thank you christalm for sharing this info..
Comment by tranceman on December 19, 2008 at 6:41pm
WOW! VERY COOL! I very much want this too be true!
Comment by R.L on December 19, 2008 at 6:33pm
to Sunbeam, according to the NESARA website, it's being known as the Reformation Act. asking about NESARA is allegedly a shot in the dark, as a ) it's not to be spoken about yet and b ) some do not even know of it

that's according to them, we will see
Comment by arash on December 19, 2008 at 5:58pm
Comment by sunbeam on December 19, 2008 at 5:55pm
**would** be awesome!!

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