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1/1/09 New Years update on NESARA and Aden Stargate

wanted to share the lastest interesting post from Mark Huber....sometimes Truth is stranger than fiction.

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Begin forwarded message:

> From: Mark Huber
> Date: January 2, 2009 1:45:43 AM PST
> To: ""
> Subject: 1/1/09 StarGate Round Table with Mother Sekhmet
> Mother Sekhmet, Jan. 1, 2009
> Mother Sekhmet: Greetings, wondrous beings of light. We would say
> that events are rapidly unfolding on your planet to the point where,
> like the Captain [Ashtar] said, “We are here. Get over it. Get used to
> it. We are amongst you and integrating our cultures and philosophies
> so that we can interact in the best way to get the mission
> accomplished.
> How we do that according to universal law is peace, first and
> foremost. Hmmm… Sooner than later, which is what is going on in your
> world. The events we speak of is the fact that all of your navies are
> focused on this one little the Gulf of Aden. They are
> trying to figure out an anomaly that they cannot comprehend, because,
> hmmm, then they really will let the 'cat out of the bag'.
> [Laughter.]
> And it would not be in the sense that we wish to upstage Mr. Obama.
> We want to allow him to do what he needs to do. There is time enough
> for us to show up. But we will also just say that the moments … are
> rapidly converging on each other as the timelines erase themselves and
> new ones are formed in different realities, so to speak, with other
> agendas that have to do with ascension rather than “descension” [or
> “dissension”].
> Everybody’s got this ascensionitis going on. Epidemic proportions.
> Change. Quite an interesting dance, this guy, the new sheriff in town
> [Obama], chose this word, "" Think about that. For what is
> there but change. This is how we shift into the nagual where we get to
> walk with you, talk with you, at the same time, as giving a Council of
> Solar Tribunal “roast pig” [the cabal], so to speak.
> Mark: No lipstick?
> MS: No lipstick. We’ll leave that to Sarah {Palin}. She has that
> choice in lipstick. L’Oreal. Major corporation. Not made by Burt’s
> Bees.
> Tara: Rama heard that there were hundreds of thousands of
> indictments. It seems as though they’re going to root out the entire
> right wing around the world.
> MS: Yes, Mr. Fitz-mess [Patrick Fitzgerald] is going to have to
> really open up that bag of tricks {indictments} and it involves the
> world because they laid before him the riches of the kingdom – Lucifer
> said here it is {$1 Billion} and he's not going to touch it. Allow you
> to take it away. He took it {because the other option was a bullet in
> the head.} and put it in a safety box account as evidence against the
> so-called mob. “Democracy,” you call it here. But who’s democracy? It
> is “mob” rule and the biggest boss, it seems, can’t even tie his
> shoes. [Bush?]
> It is very sad with what has occurred in the last eight years of the
> issues, but that is over, because there is a new shift in the wind and
> that has to do with everything called change because you are in a
> different reality than you were yesterday.
> It has to do with the shifting of the timelines. No accident Mr.
> Obama is meeting with Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and maybe St.
> Germain{on Monday}, the real beloved, ascended master St. German, who
> is the true pay-master and economist who taught all these … hmmmm…
> banksters,{the financial methods} the Medici family – ha, you speak
> of merchant banking - it does have to shift the reality where they
> destitute the working poor, the middle class, “we the people,” what is
> it called, the teamsters, truckers?
> Everybody will get covered. Uh, universal health care for everyone,
> flat, across the planet, no questions asked, from cradle to grave, if
> that be your pleasure, in this holographic matrix. Of course the
> mainframe has it all stored within the memory banks.
> But it is that place, that little [inaudible] has to do with the
> shifting of reality. It has to do with what is occurring now as the
> 'doctor' has showed up to tinker with the timelines and correct them
> so that we do not have a constitutional crisis rather than a galactic
> crisis, called one-third of the Milky Way Galaxy gone and you are
> mining borite in Orion. It is NOT going to be that reality this time
> around. Or this yuga, this sathwic yuga where we sing with Laxmi
> [Hindu Goddess of abundance.]
> This is why it is time for a hundred thousand years of peace, already
> occurring. … This is what is occurring as the order of the day. … The
> gangs are already figuring out, “Can’t do this with war; gotta put
> down the chain and the sawed-off shotguns and talk.” Pass the talking
> stick. Ah, maybe pass the chain if that be your pleasure, in the
> circle of your members, your cadre of friends….
> We are humanity. We are saying, we are making the choice on this
> planet for peace and the thirteen families [of the Illuminati] don’t
> get to say anything in the matter. They have already made their
> choice, if you will. That is why Ashtar has set the stage, it is
> there. The hook with the cane, it is out there. And Mr. Hook don’t
> mean maybe.{King of Swords(KOS) will 'help' the 13 Cabal Families off
> the stage!}
> It is at this time, we would just say, this is why first and foremost
> we have to have a stable economy here. There is gold and latinum for
> everybody now. … Everybody will get covered first and foremost. He is
> not going to be talking about a stimulus package of 1B [$1 billion].
> Maybe 3B. Maybe 3T [$3 trillion].
> Aha! Three Trillions would cover maybe $10 million…
> Tara: For every man, woman and child in the United States.
> Mark: And elsewhere,{ as the distribution systems move forward with
> new prosperity programs.}
> MS: Do you not think that the Council of 9, the Blue Lodge, has
> already covered this? At the same time, it is all part of the plan.
> We have to go to this place of Universal Economics, where everybody
> is covered, not just the Ferengis or “you and I” or East LA or the
> people of Kenya….
> What is going on in Sudan, Mogadishu? Rape is the order of the day.
> By the U.S. military, trading the so-called soldiers. This is what is
> occurring what you so-called news media won’t cover. But they will
> cover the crazy Santa who shoots people on Christmas Eve. …
> Despite the fact that bullets are there on both sides of his head,
> this guy [Obama] said, “I’ll do the mission this time around, folks.”
> And it won’t be coming from the right or the left. It will be coming
> from above. And it’s about universal law. How we do this new form
> called love. It is the whole new way how we get through … "the eye of
> the needle".{The Eye of AN, middle star in Orion's belt, passage back
> to Antimatter as "Shinning Ones" as a unified Light Body of One} …
> We speak of the fact that we do this under the frequency of the
> understanding where the lawgivers, they have a way of working with the
> people so that we work out our issues and differences.
> We are different species, but that does not mean we cannot co-exist
> alongside you, build our structures, help you build your structures
> too, teach you about some healing methods so that your water is clean,
> your air you can breathe. We can teach you how to heal some bones with
> some simple techniques – no tools, just your hands. The energy that
> flows through the chakras of the hands can lift up a 747. …
> [The dark forces] came and raped your women, stole your babies. …
> That is why so there are so many will come forward that have to answer
> for that.
> [Father Alcyone {Mother's Twin Flame and also is known as the Great
> Central Sun} joins us but people cannot understand his low vocal
> pattern.]
> Alcyone: What we are sharing is the fact that how we do this is
> through universal law, all 23 special universes, multiverses. … It is
> in this reality that we are coming forward with the understanding that
> there is a new way of doing things. …
> You are going to have peace declared, as well as the war crimes being
> handled, and the perpetrators being put to the place where, according
> to the laws on this planet, it calls for an international war crimes
> tribunal, does it not? {In the Hague: International Court of Justice}
> MS: And we would just say that these events are happening right now,
> It has to do with the fact that Whistleblowers are having to come
> forward right now with what is needed, the evidence, and the evidence
> is about to be presented before the people. …
> [Barack Obama coming forward early] has to do with economic treason,
> first and foremost. This is why the natives are restless and many we
> heard what you shared, Shirley, that many want to remove Members of
> Congress [whom Hal Turner has said are being bribed by Israel, with
> documents being currently supplied to prove the point]. This will not
> heal anything. It would create more war and we cannot afford that at
> this critical juncture in terms of negotiations where our cultures and
> technology can meet with your cultures and technology. …
> Right now one lobbyist in your Congress, Dr. Stephen Bassett, has a
> voice in your Congress speaking for us{Galactics}. And it is a place
> where there is level-headedness, and not woo-woo. It is a place where
> Members of Congress can take seriously the idea of intergalactic
> communication, and how we can have a conversation, pass the talking
> stick, and not have the Men-In-Black{MIBs] in the wings waiting with
> their Uzis or their AK-47s or whatever they have. …
> If we can call ourselves dignified when we have committed atrocities
> like … the city of Faloujah … or New York City, Ground Zero. This is
> why, first and foremost, we must have accountability. We cannot move
> forward without this…. A passing of the talking stick where everybody
> gets to share, including Hamas, including the people of Iran, Iraq,
> all the disqualified folks who have been given names that have not
> been true….
> 911 was not done by the Arab world. It was done by the U.S.A. And
> people had better get that, and get it good. It has to do with the
> fact that your unlawful government needs to be taken out NOW. And it
> is being done, hmmmm…. right now, by the lawful dignitaries and proper
> protocols.
> This is why your military … hmmm… There is a coup going on within a
> coup. Maybe that had to do with your [inaudible,] Mark, in the sense
> that a strange sort of story of events going on. We’re going all over
> the map here. It has to do with the fact that we are here. The
> presence of that {StarGate} Ring over the Gulf of Aden has everybody
> sweating bullets, very much, because they are defeated in all ways.
> The best thing they can do is to stand aside and we will have
> peaceful negotiations because we have things to teach you you haven’t
> yet even begun to dream of. And it has to do with love and peace, with
> no weapons here. It is only about healing the feelings. How else can
> we create magic? …
> All the PTSD that every member of the culture called humanity has
> experienced in the last eight years, you all need a session with the
> ship’s counselors, and believe me not all of them look like Diana
> Troy, but some of them do. …
> It is not about the lengths that the mind takes it to. It is about
> that understanding about how we feel, all the feelings, whatever they
> may be, concerning race, creed, color, religion, speaking, even
> getting to this point to understand, “Who is this crazy person,
> talking like this?” …
> We all made a choice to come here at this time and to do this mission,
> right here, right now. This is why everybody has been called to active
> duty or you wouldn’t be listening to this phone call. Hmmm….
> Everybody gets to be heard because how else can we heal this whole
> story…? …
> How would you describe this strange ring, this stargate ring, that is
> hanging over the Gulf of Aden … what does this mean? Eden … Garden of
> Eden … Marduk, Anu,NinHerzog{Master Geneticist}, our whole story here.
> This is why Saudi Arabia is very concerned, the whole of Qatar’s
> central command, they are more concerned to create a fiasco in
> Palestine and Afghanistan than to speak about the Gulf of Aden and
> what is occurring.
> And we would just say the timing of this … the Stargate itself is a
> living technology, you might say, a living machine, living life,
> living love. … It is a sort of energy that knows when it is to appear
> and disappear. Its appearance is no accident. This is why all your
> navies{300 Warships} are scratching their heads and going: "how do we
> discuss this even in the most serious of circles, with your bluehairs,
> with the medals that go down to the floor, your generals. How do you
> describe anomalies of this sort, other than due to the fact that
> we{Galactics} are here?
> How we deal with it is we communicate with each other rather than
> war. I pass the talking stick.
> Mark: Mother, on the subject that you mentioned earlier, about the
> meeting on CNN with Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, and you
> mentioned perhaps St. Germain. Would this be in the form of Bill
> Clinton perhaps?
> MS: No we were speaking of the Ascended Master, St. Germain. … He is
> the paymaster, not Bill Clinton, by any means. … That guy Bill, let’s
> just say that he’s been a stand-in. Hmmm.… He is the last living
> President before the fiasco that occurred,{fraudulent 2000/2004
> Elections} called Al Gore, as the duly-elected President. …
> This is why the 'new sheriff'{Obama} is calling the shots. We get the
> image of Blazing Saddles. Not to make a bad joke, but to say it is the
> awareness of the understanding how we can do this through the ability
> to love each other, even more, when there is an issue going on.
> Like Ashtar has said, many are leaving the planet in droves, faster
> than we can count. It is not that we are asking for this. It is just
> that the ascencionitis symptoms are raging at an exponential level.
> Because Mother has said turn up the heat, all the way, honey! YESS!! …
> Mark: Speaking of turning up the heat, the ziggurats in the Mid East,
> they’re being turned up, right?
> MS: All the ziggarats{ZPMs(Zero Point Modules/Power Generators)
> stepped-pyramids} under this area that is called Uruk {Iraq},YES.
> Mark: And what percentage are they up to right now?
> MS: 95.9 percent.
> Mark: When they’re fired up to 100 percent, doesn’t that create a
> force field?
> MS: It creates a force field that may glow with a lovely blue
> electric aura. It is like the Tesla energy towers that you have seen
> with the sparks and the bolts that come out for quite a distance. …
> It creates negative ions so that you can breathe better. Cleans the
> air. It gets rid of the evil fairy dust. [Depleted uranium?]
> Tara: Balances out weather patterns, mother?
> MS: Yes.
> Mark: Your ship and the nine Wingmaker ships, that’s a total of ten
> major vessels that are in earth orbit now?
> MS: Along with the trillions of other ships that are in all sectors
> of the seven super-universes as backups.
> Mark: Thank you.
> [Line back up on Q&A.] …
> Roxie: It was said that you had {StarCraft lifted up} some of the
> people from the 911 Twin Towers disaster, that they are with you. Will
> they be coming back to greet their families? Or did they die on 9/11?
> MS: Many that got beamed up to the starcraft, are aboard the ships
> and will be coming back to share their stories after NESARA is
> announced.
> Roxie: Did the children in the nursery and the babies get beamed up
> with their mothers? Are they with family.
> MS: Yes, they are. Yes.
> Shirley: Do the Bush/Clinton illuminati families know that Obama is a
> Sirian from the Council of 9?
> MS: They do, but they don’t pay it any attention, because they think
> it is an ancient tale that bears no weight in 3D. … They have not had
> contact with the Dark{Renegade} Sirians for many aeons in the sense
> that what is occurring on your planet; the ONLY ones that have been
> playing these games, are the Dark Reptilians, shape-shifting into
> other various races.
> Shirley: So they’re in for a surprise, then?
> MS: In for a big surprise. …
> Jana: All the people who are in need, no matter where they are, will
> they be taken care of no matter where they are, as soon as the
> announcement has been made.
> MS: We would say that, as soon as the announcement known as NESARA
> has been made, they will be taken care of, yes. … One of [the people
> who will be handling the funds] will be Goldy Hawn from Laugh-in, Lily
> Tomlin is another, and Kurt Russell, [Goldy’s] husband. …
> Caroline Kennedy is another one. And we would just say, as
> she{Caroline Kennedy} would take Hillary’s seat, she would get to tell
> the truth. … Hillary will be taking that role as Secretary of State
> as she has chosen. All the criminals will be caught. …
> Tara: Which means she{Hillary} will be arrested, correct? …
> MS: Very much. … We cannot say what could or can or can’t occur. We
> will just say that timelines are shifting faster than we can keep up
> with and any number of events could occur. We will just say that the
> truth will be revealed and the war criminals who began this fiasco
> called 911 will have to face their reality. High treason is the name
> of the game.
> Big Will: Once NESARA is announced, if a person has an illness, will
> our star-relatives be able to help us heal our illnesses almost
> immediately?
> MS: We will say that as NESARA is announced, and after that, there
> will be facilities in the way things are done so that people who are
> destitute will be cared for in the way they need. They will not be
> turned out in the streets. … Houses of healing [the hospitals] are
> not; they are houses of decay. … We will be showing up and will be
> helping with the construction almost immediately of facilities that
> are called healing centres. And already it is being integrated with
> what you have here, but it is being tinkered with here, with new ways
> of construction where you will have almost instantaneously what you
> need.{New Buildings/Healing Centers, etc} …
> There will be the proper distribution of medical technologies where
> your medicine will take a quantum leap and the drug companies,
> biomedical military-industrial complex, will be dismantled, removed,
> and the lobbyists from Wall Street are going to the gallows. …
> As NESARA gets announced you will be able to have a lawful government
> in your state.
> Mark: After NESARA is announced, is there not going to be a review,
> if it hasn’t already happened, of those who are incarcerated but not
> for true crimes?
> MS: The ones who have been put in jail for having the sacred
> medicine will be released. And people that have not done what they
> have been accused of. You have innocent men, many. Two we can speak
> of. Leonard Pelletier and Mumia Abu-Jamal, need to be released today,
> yesterday, and given back the millions, trillions, that they are owed.
> All the native American people, the indigenous people, who have had
> their land raped, pillaged, plundered, their women killed, their
> children tortured, time for it all to be given back. This is what
> Kennedy, Sr., was going to do on his way to Dallas, to let everybody
> know that the galactic presence was here and that we were going to
> give it all back.
> But instead they killed the 'clone'{JFK Sr clone was killed. Original
> JFK Sr, is 91, and still in a physical body and will be present at
> NESARA's Announcement}. Murder is still murder. And this is why
> Caroline Kennedy will be telling the truth. And they are desperately
> afraid of her taking the seat {because she has money and can not be
> bribed. She is also a fully competent Constitutional Lawyer.}
> And she WILL take the seat {currently held by Hillary Clinton.}
> As Mother departed, Rama returned from his OOB travel to the Halls of
> Amenti {The Halls of Amenti is a school, star gate, and cosmic energy
> vortex located in the exact center of the Earth on the Astral Plane.
> Also connects to the star gates of the Universal Templar Complex
> through the D3- Earth Star Gate-3.} and observed Sanat Kumara, Lady
> Master Venus, Merk and Lady of the Sun talking about how our sun, Sol,
> is upshifting and raising it own and our frequencies. This is very
> interesting because today--during a 7 person gathering locally--we did
> a New Year's Day meditation and other channeled tasks and witnessed
> twice, our sun,Sol, over-lighted by Helios and Vesta {Sun behind the
> Sun}
> projecting 144 thousand color frequencies of a Cosmic Rainbow to us
> in a star-blast of color which went right into our heart centers. So
> this message was a verification of an experience we have been having
> in our sun attunements over the last few months, but did not know that
> this had reached this stage.
> All of these comments by Mother Sekhmet and by Ashtar are evidence
> that we are NOW in the NESARA Announcement period with daily events
> compounding to accelerate events towards an early office assumption by
> Obama. The CNN broadcast that Obama, Pelosi, Reid and...St Germain
> {Mother said this is possible} will meet on Monday Jan 5th, with Obama
> cutting short his stay in Honolulu to participate in this meeting, is
> great news. He has been meeting in Hawaii with earth and galactic
> councils and other high beings and has been working on our shift to a
> galactic form of government as part of NESARA.
> Mother indicated that Obama is not talking about routine political
> objectives. He has been working on how to bring galactic government;
> justice and accountability; abundance through NESARA's fundings and
> other advanced objectives. We are definitely on the threshold of
> massive changes. I hope that many of you have observed the beautiful
> sight of our moon and Venus brightening up our post sunset
> SouthWestern sky view. Just below and to the right of them is Jupiter
> and Mercury, although they are a bit harder to see with the naked eye.
> MarkHuber with thanks to Steve Beckow for a rough transcript of
> Mother's comments on tonight's CC.

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Comment by christalm on January 5, 2009 at 2:15pm
honestly, for now I choose not to dive in and chase down what I feel are facts on NESARA and it's origins. It's like trying to confirm these channellings as 'fact'. I'm just going by f'eel' or vibration or whatever you want to call it, which always proves to yield the highest outcome for me. I suppose that I am not convinced of any 'facts' on this topic (especially not sure that nesara originated from Dove - I'm guessing that Dove originated just one VERSION of nesara....)....I'm just staying with the highest vibration for the good of all. Thanks for your input iDom. :)
Comment by christalm on January 5, 2009 at 11:35am
Well, each resonates with their own feelings and their own reality. I focus on what feels good and positive. 'Dove of Oneness' does not feel to me to be at all related to these other channellings.
Comment by christalm on January 4, 2009 at 10:51am
iDom - thanks for the rickross link, but I feel that these two sources have a different intent and are not directly related to these roundtable discussions coming from Mark Huber, no?

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