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Radivoj's Blog – August 2011 Archive (2)

Yugoslav pilots speak about UFOs

UFOs had regular flyovers above former Yugoslavia
JNA lieutenant: They ordered us to shoot down a UFO!


Ive translated texts, feel free to copy and spread.

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The Origin of Life and Structure of the Universe, by Radivoj Radivojevic


Evolution is evolution, but the combinatorics are combinatorics.

What evolutionists won't tell you ...

Simple organisms are not simple at all, and can not be.

The creation of life can not begin with 10, 100 or 1000 nucleotides of DNA.

Viruses are small, from 3500 to 1 million of nucleotides, but they can not replicate themselves.

Their DNA have instructions for the structure of one or more proteins that perform a function. However, for anything to…


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