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The Origin of Life and Structure of the Universe, by Radivoj Radivojevic


Evolution is evolution, but the combinatorics are combinatorics.
What evolutionists won't tell you ...
Simple organisms are not simple at all, and can not be.

The creation of life can not begin with 10, 100 or 1000 nucleotides of DNA.

Viruses are small, from 3500 to 1 million of nucleotides, but they can not replicate themselves.
Their DNA have instructions for the structure of one or more proteins that perform a function. However, for anything to function or replicate, they need to be inside of complex machinery of self-replicating organism.

The simplest self-sufficient organism have about 1 million nucleotides (plankton type).
Other self-replicating start from around 150 thousand nucleotides, but they depend on a symbiotic relationship with various other organisms because not all can synthesize all of amino acids or process other compounds.

The evolution have to start with at least 100 thousand nucleotides arranged in the proper functional sequence, while large majority of DNA sequences are dysfunctional.
How many combinations there are?
For this number of 100 thousand nucleotides, the number of possible combinations is 4 ^ 100000 (number consisting of 60 thousand decimal digits).
By comparison the number of atoms in the known universe is 10 ^ 80 (80 digits), and in the Earth 10 ^ 50 (carbon much less than that).

But DNA alone can not do anything.
Besides DNA, many function proteins are needed (several hundreds different).
Each of these proteins consists of exact arrangement of amino acids.
22 types of amino acids are arranged in chains of tens, hundreds or thousands of amino acids and folding in a 3D shape of a molecule (protein). Each amino acid fits to each other on both sides and then make connections on other points of the molecule.
One wrong amino acid, and the molecule will function differently.

Some proteins serve for duplication of DNA or RNA sequences, some decode sequences of amino acids according to instructions, and connect them together in chains, some react with each other and make logical reconfigurations, some perform variety of chemical reactions with inorganic compounds.
Each simple reaction requires much more complex proteins to perform it.
This works like a factory, where big machines are needed to make small objects on the production line.

Ribosome is a protein of several thousand amino acids.
Its role is to decode the sequence of RNA, and for each combination of three nucleotides attract one appropriate of 22 kinds of amino acids, and add them to the chain.
This molecule and other proteins have a complex 3D quantum logical structure, like for example today's 2D logical structure of micro-processors.

When we consider hypothetical possibility of accidental ribosome formation, it is one of order of 22 ^ 5000 possible combinations (6700 digits number).
If we take one molecule of each combination, we would need unimaginably more than the size of visible universe to fit them.
If we have 10 ^ 45 molecules, which is theoretically the size of the planet, all of them are a different amino acid combination, and we make that each of them exist only a pico second after which we make from it a new combination, then repeat the process every pico second until you list all combinations, so that in a long period of time every combination existed only in one place and only for 1 pico second.

1 sec = 10 ^ 12 pico seconds
1 year = 3x10 ^ 7 seconds
1 year = 3x10 ^ 19 pico seconds
3x10 ^ 19 x 10 ^ 45 = 3x10 ^ 64 molecules per year
10 ^ 6700 / 3x10 ^ 64 = 3.3x10 ^ 6636 years

To list all combinations of a proteine of 5000 nucleotides we need 3.3x10 ^ 6636 years (number with 6637 digits).
For comparison, age of our galaxy is 11 digits, and each new digit multiply previous period 10 times. This is unthinkable exponential difference.
But this would not be enough to form live, because a handful of proper molecules would appear with a large distance and unmeasurable time difference, against all chances to be in the same place at the same time.
Even if we reduce the diversity of amino acids and some have a similar function in the geometry of molecules, and reduce the molecule, we still get too large order of magnitude, for example 10 ^ 1000 years is equally unthinkable.

In addition to ribosome many other specific molecules are required.
For ribosomes and any other function proteins to exist in an organism, the organism must constantly create them from instructions of DNA code.
For organism to be created and function, there must be both, whole DNA, and equivalent set of ready proteins, in the same place, and each in a sufficient number of copies.
Also, scaffold proteins are needed to connect in the lattice and form cell membranes, or the molecules would move out.
Even without membrane, a large density of only few relevant types of proteins in water would be required. For whole ocean on the planet to be concentration of only a hundred of appropriate protein types, out of say, 10 ^ 1000 possible is one too incredible coincidence.
To find these compatible molecules together in a small area formed by random recombining, we multiply hundreds of all those oversized exponents, and get ridiculously unrealistic probability, and far beyond unthinkable exponents.
Things become even more complicated with the development of complex organisms. In multicellular organisms, RNA is divided, discarded if needed, and recombined to form dozens of different proteins from same sequence parts.
Some plants and animals, have over 120 billion nucleotides.
The human DNA is a small number of harmonious variations of 4 ^ 3400000000 possible combinations (beyond-astronomical number of 2 billion digits (billion is number of 10 digits)).
The number of different proteins is in the order of 2 million, and some are composed of 27 thousand amino acids, or one of 22 ^ 27000 possibilities (far more than in the case of ribosome).
It is unusual how those molecules know where exactly to be and not to wander off, suggesting a complex quantum logic and precisely defined flow of energy around the DNA and proteins, caused by their structure and the resulting field in the cell and whole organism.
With accidental "trial and error" there is an excessive number of possible changes, and chaotic approach can not form such complex organisms in a billion years. The choice of changes in many cases must include the cosmic intelligence.
Even 13 billion years in perfect conditions with a maximum concentration of organic compounds is ridiculously short period for a simple life form to organize from chaos.
Chaotic approach requires infinite time.
To use the famous quote, like if tornado sweep through the car junkyard and assemble jumbo jet.
When programmer writes a program, he carefully selects instructions and complete solutions, with his intelligence, and fit them together in a way that can work.
If we let random generator to arrange bits or instructions, it will take eternity to come to small program which work.

Amino acids float freely, but don't tend to connect. Ribosome protein is needed to bring them together in a chain, and other proteins that shape it further.
Although it is possible to synthesize amino acids in complex process, it is not known that they form by it self in the sea. Justification of evolutionists is in "religious statement" that on early Earth, electricity and cosmic radiation enabled creation of amino acids (although it is known that radiation damage most of organisms), which brings us to the point that a complex external influence is required for some kinds of compounds to form.

The universe does not consist of a limited number of atoms, particles or structures.
Vacuum is not an empty space, but rich medium. We can not have something moving through an undefined "nothing", because there would be no reference to define the speed, size and structure of that something.
So everything that exists, consists of wave interactions of the fundamental polarity that define each other, and their current relationship.
This interaction gives form to any part of the universe. All this is in constant movement and self-changing.
Some parts push others, and go around making recursive functions. Every bit radiate and absorb simultaneously. Thus we have 'communication' of everything with everything else.
This 'radiation' is just change of state of polarity between one form and another. There is no empty gap between something, there is only a lower or higher concentrations of the first or second fundamental polarity in any part, but both are always present.
Their interactions form infinite details in the structure of space and matter, and tend to expand universe to external infinity.
Dynamic interactions manifest themselves as quantum fluctuations (for example, background noise). In case of superposition of waves they are manifested as a seemingly solid matter of geometric structures. Particles are just the effect and the component of waves.
A form can be infinitely small but it is in gravitational harmony with greater forms to which it belongs. Structures familiar to us, may exist on different orders of magnitude as well.

In measurement of movement of galaxies, it doesn't mean that the space is expanding, but the density of the space medium changes, with influx of one, or outflow of other polarity.
Intergalactic medium may have a different density than the vacuum inside the solar system.
The red shift may be the effect of passing through the intergalactic medium of different density.
Propagation velocity of something will depend on the density of the medium (which is fundamental relationship of polarity), and the wave will move faster somewhere and slower elsewhere.
Some parts of the universe are periodically expanding, and then shrinking, while others do the opposite, but they don't fully compress or spread. Galaxies can form in some areas while they dissolve to energy in others and back in circle.

Each propagation is spectrum of speeds, and most notable to us could be the speed of light, however it is only one of the resulting components and directions of propagation.
In this changeable medium, parts that have a higher density in a moment, compared to the rest, are manifested as small and smaller curved and intertwined threads. They conduct signal much faster, up to infinite speeds, proportional or inversely proportional to density of the polarity in the thread.
This explains the experiment with laser in cesium vapor, where the signal travel 300 times faster than the standard speed of light.
The density and structure of the medium also determines the rate of changes (speed of time).

The consequences of these dynamic fluctuations are overall vortexing, distinction between space and matter, gravity and perpetual motion of everything in the universe.
This perpetual motion can be utilized in a much better way than burning fuel, collecting sunlight or breaking radioactive elements.
Specific arrangement of waves coming from all directions and all distances in the universe, result in various effects such as, star formation, destruction, supernovae and black holes.
All these phenomena are subject to change, and the matter can manifest, unmanifest, and change its structure.
For example short-lived isotopes represent unstable geometry, but under special external conditions, these isotopes could be stable, while otherwise stable would tend to dissolve.

Teleportation and fast interstellar travel are possible.
For that we need to create adequate vortexing of quantum field around a craft.
It would act so that the structure of matter of a craft would not mutually change, but the link of its matter with local space would be modified.
From the viewpoint of the space craft, space would compress and distant destination would appear closer, making the propagation to it fast.
The craft would not physically pass through all the mid points in space between origin and its destination, but its structure would propagate at superluminal speed.
From the external point of view the spacecraft was turned into superluminal electromagnetic / gravitational wave, and in the space between it will manifest only as micro energy changes in the field.
Besides superluminal travel, in similar way, time travel is also possible.
However, every moment is always new moment, and what we can do is to transform our matter or consciousness through field that will unwind reality around us to what it looked like in past, or what it will look in version of the future.
We would retain our knowledge, but only thing that matters is causality which goes in all directions, so changing time is normally experiencing parallel realities and adding causality out of infinite possibilities.

To discover the unified field equations, it is necessary to explore mathematics of quantum fluctuations.
By simulating with computer programs, it is necessary to explore many versions of equations and matrix geometry, where each point would have value of both polarities and change by interacting with surrounding points, resulting fluctuations.
For example three-dimensional matrix can be cubic, tetrahedral, sphere packing, etc.
We may use seamless matrix where going in any direction would arrive in the same point from opposite direction.
If the equation which is tested is stable, for each point we can obtained a complex signal that can be visualized as an animation, or converted in the audio range.
Important constants in nature and geometry are Phi and Pi.

The effects of any event of any size, propagate at spectrum of different speeds, from slow to infinite, and leave a fractal and geometrically harmonious trail in every point.
This trail acts as a historical record, and depending on precision, it can be decoded no matter how small and distant event is viewed.
DNA and matter in organism have in itself subatomic informations and codes for accessing remote informations, consciousness states, and records of past events.
The so-called "junk DNA" certainly perform this role. The more advanced DNA codes, the more abilities being have.

Interference of universal waves make complexity of infinite details. From it arises intelligence, which then accelerates into infinity.
The whole universe including inorganic matter and space is made up of information and have a collective consciousness.
Ocean of informations and links through the quantum field, gives to all beings consciousness and intelligence.
This is like a giant cosmic internet, and the centers of galaxies are the hubs.
Consciousness also stabilizes DNA and functions of organism, and more advanced organisms manifest telepathy. Thoughts are manifested in the field and have universal geometrical structure.
In addition to the characteristics of the body, DNA determines the spectra of consciousness and informations to which organism have access.

The formation of stars and planets can be directed from the collective consciousness.
Creation of life happens under the influence of collective consciousness of planets, galaxies, universe.
The goal is to start from simple organisms and see where the development leads.
This is nothing mystical, but quantum mechanics of infinite details in the structure of the universe. If the beings known to us have the intelligence, then the universe have much higher.
Interaction of consciousness of an organism and consciousness of environment, which alter the DNA in a positive direction, represent an evolution.
The collective consciousness is infinite and have all the knowledge in itself. It can use it for the physical manifestation or influence on the flow of energy leading to the formation of something.
This is the tree of knowledge that is allegorically mentioned at the beginning of the Bible.
When a solution is created in the non-physical, infinite, pool of informational field, quantum mechanics of consciousness enables it to be quickly applied to all remote parts of the universe.
Thus, for each useable planet in the universe we can have similar DNA solutions, where other branching of code made a variety of species. The main pieces of code would be the same or similar everywhere, as the geometric language is universal.
In addition to the slow evolution, in specific cycles we can have a cosmic evolutionary jumps, where a multitude of species have experienced huge changes in a short period.
For example the position in relation to the center of galaxy and galactic slow waves will allow the flow of specific energies and informations in a short period and cause changes.

Conclusion: Evolutionists and creationists are both partly right.
The problem in science is that physicists don't know biology, biologists don't know math, programmers don't know anything of the previous, and theologians and the population doesn't know anything except what is narrowly suggested to them.
Therefore, we have various divisions and incorrect beliefs.
Here we must see the obvious and assemble the whole picture.
It is time to take advantage of a quantum potential that evolution have in store for us.

Radivoj Radivojevic
August 2, 2011.

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