taking back control in Australia-

Dear All,

Glorious news from Mother's Day amidst a chorus of kookaburras outside!

Yesterday, Mother's
Day, Mark and I met at Sydney University in an Sovereignty Forum three
of the leaders of the Original Sovereign Tribal Federation.

They are:

1. Jagamarra - a
Warlpari man, a Nyunkari who is initiated into his Law and Culture.

2. Uncle Doug
Williams - Chieftain/Custodian of the Githabul Ngarakbul people
(formerly fraudulently known as the Bandjalung). The G.N. are the first
Australian Sovereign Nation to have their own Cnstitution and Flag
recognised at the International Courts of the Hague, they have received
an unofficial offer of a seat at the UN and they are fully Sovereign.

3. Mark McMurtrie,
our old friend, Lawman, initiated into Law and Culture who has
researched and steered the Sovereignty process which is now culminating
in a return of this country to the Original Custodians. Yes, true! This
process has already commenced when the Governor of NSW invited these
Senior Elders to Government House, where she told them she'd been
waiting for this to occur - ie the awakening of Sovereignty in
These leaders are
being given endorsement by a majority of mobs - the numbers increase
daily as the word spreads - speak and act on their behalf in this
process. The OSTF will be in Adelaide and Coober Pedy this coming
weekend - ie 15 and 16th May.

We learned that
some 64 countries of the African Union are waiting to sign Treaties with
the Original Sovereign Tribal Federation.

Many South American
countries are poised to treaty and numerous nations of the South
Pacific - Tonga, Fiji, Cook Islands, Samoa etc. have already signed at a
ceremony held in mid April, details of which follow in Mark McMurtrie's
own words.

Since they met
earlier this year, Mark McMurtrie and Jagamarra recognised a need for
swift action. Their special skills and knowledge have combined to make
them a formidable team who have galvanised the bush telegraph to send
out the good news, ie of the means to exit the fiction system which is
gradually and deliberately eroding our civil rights.

These and many
other like minded individuals have been working in isolation for
decades, some for their entire lives, in the knowledge that a great
injustice existed and needed to be resolved, not just for blackfellers
but for all fellers. We owe them gratitude and support for assisting all
people to see the legal fiction in which we have all been subsumed and
to offer us all an exit, ie to treaty with "our" Elders in our own
locations and thereby come under the aegis - literally the shield of
support - of the OSTF.

The protection of
the Military Forces has been called in. Under the Pacific Islander
Protection Act of 1872 and 1875 amendment, the Armed Forces are required
to protect the Original People from harm. This poses an interesting
situation as the Police come under a different jurisdiction and are, in
any case, corporations registered at the US Securities Commission.

The presence of
Senior Admirals, particularly two Maori Admirals in full dress uniform
who came to formalise treaties with the Original groups at the earlier
ceremony in mid April caused consternation amongst Police who arrived to
quell what they doubtless imagined would be an unlawful gathering. They
were invited onto the Ceremonial Ground - Sovereign territory - only if
they removed their shoes and their Crown badges. They declined and

This situation is
likely to arise again on 22nd April when thousands of Original mobs will
be gathering at Bondi Beach (from 9.30am - according to yesterday's
plans) to sign treaties amongst themselves and do sacred ceremony. All
multi-cultural people are invited and will be able to sign treaties with
their local Tribal Councils which are also tribal Parliaments. This is a
deeply significant moment in Australia's history. Please be there if
your heart guides you. One of the paramount chiefs explained that the
OSTF will extend to multi-cultural people the right to be adopted. They
fully recognise that many of the Stolen Generation children were brought
up with great affection and full care by their multi-cultural families.
Therefore the same duty of care is offered to all of us, the
multi-cultural peoples, if we choose this.

No confrontation is
expected, it will be a joyous day. However, the Truckers' Federation is
keeping a watchful eye on proceedings, and will blockade all cities on
the continent if the need arises. We would hope that the current
government comes to the party, literally and acts with honour to
recognise this long awaited transition back into Truth. As I write, we
understand that New Zealand is in the process of being handed back to
the Maori Privy Council, under the protection of the Military Forces who
have a duty of care to protect the native peoples. We pray that the
transition will occur peaceably.

All businesses are
invited to sign treaties with the Original Sovereigns in order to

All mining
contracts are currently suspended. Production at Olympic Dam has ceased.
The reason for this - given to a local independent newspaper - was
"something fell down the shaft". A document!

The team have a
plan in place for the new financial system and a Sovereign Bank has
been formed.

All legislation
passed by the unlawful Parliaments will be reviewed and any that is
deemed contrary to the rights of Sovereigns will be torn up - literally -
including the Taxation System. Plans are in place for a share of the
financial abundance, to generate from a fully asset backed Sovereign
Bank, to be distributed to all people who have treatied and claimed
their Sovereignty.

All house and land
owners will be able to treaty with their local Tribal Council
/Parliament and receive full title to their Land. At present we only
have the right to walk on our land and pay government taxes. We do not
own our Land. This may come as a considerable shock to those who regard
their homes as their major assets. The former government had the right
to remove it at any time.

It must be
understood to newcomers to the notion of Sovereignty that the Law of the
Original Tribal People harks back to the Dawn of Time and this claim
has in the case of the Githabul Ngarakbul, been accepted at the Hague
Courts. This Law supersedes all whitefeller Law, which is only 200 years

A very
exciting future for all people awaits, in which fairness, compassion and
generosity will replace oppression, greed and division. Above all, the
Earth - a living, breathing organism - will once more be respected.

Kimberley Elders, from the far NW of the continent, telephoned recently
to say they feel the Law coming back onto the Land.

Here are Mark
McMurtrie's own words to describe the first Treaty signings which took
place last month. These amazing people are short on pinstripe suits,
business cards and self-importance, but are steering a rapidly moving
process with dignity, intelligence and humour.

Never was a truer
word spoken than those Shakespeare gives to Brutus in Julius Caesar

There is a tide in the affairs of men.
Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
Omitted, all the voyage of their life
Is bound in shallows and in miseries.
On such a full sea are we now afloat,
And we must take the current when it serves,
Or lose our ventures.

So BE THERE on 22nd
May, Bondi Beach.....

Love to you all

Fiona Reynolds
OneEarth Foundation
PO Box 207, Lane Cove, NSW 2066, Australia

Mark Mc
Murtrie wrote:

21st April 2010
Here is a
short run down on recent events ONLY.

As of dawn
Saturday 10 April 2010, due to a dawn ceremony held on the beach at
Sanden Point near Woolongong with subsequent ceremonies being held the
same day between there and Jervis Bay in the South, a number of
significant advances in Our efforts have been realised.

On Saturday
12 March 2010 the Githabul Ngarakbul Tribal Council (Parliament) [GNTC]
was reconvened in accord with traditional custom and law and has decided
to advise the Crown and 'Australian' governments of its' decision to
administer their own territories according to their own will. This was
also made known to the Governor of NSW in person during Our meeting with
her on the afternoon of 28 January 2010.

The GNTC has
now assembled on three separate occasions and has passed a number
resolutions relating to their territories and an approach has been made
to the Federal and State members notifying them that in order for the
GNTC to properly administer their people it is necessary to have Our
people currently incarcerated within the Crowns' institutions etc...
released to us for appropriate Tribal Law. We informed them of the
project we intend to run and informed them that we intend to do same in
accord with GNTC law and their responce was 'give us a budget and we'll
give you the money.

significant time has been instilled into preparing and finalising that
budget and program.

At the dawn
ceremony the Maori Paramount Chief and two other of his chiefs attended
Our shores and were welcomed into Tharawl lands (my mums country) by
appropriate Elders and Lawmen. these chiefs then undertook ceremonial
welcome to country, and offered to treaty with the Tharawal Tribal
Council (Parliament). This offer was accepted, but the chiefs were
advised that the Ewon Tribe from Sthn NSW also wanted to reconvene their
Tribal Council (Parliament) the same day and to also treay in on the
same treaty with the Maori.

We held small
ceremonies along the Song-line from Sanden Point to Jervis Bay and met
with the Ewon Elders Council at Wreck Bay and celebrated the reconvening
of their Tribal Council (Parliament) with them, culmiinating in the
signing by some 8 separate Tribal group reps of a treaty presented
to us from the Maori Chiefs, in accord with their right to so treaty
pursuant to the Declaration fo Independance of 1835. This
Declaration established equity status between the UK parliament and the
Maori Chiefs Council (Maori Parliament.

treatying in with them affords us a similar status - equity with HM

The treaty
presented was on a document of non-standard (IE non-admiralty) form
dimensions, displayed the Maori flag and was written in an ancient Maori
dialect recognised by the Uk parliament as being distinct and
representative of the Maori peoples since 1066.

present at the ceremonies were two of HM Admirals. One being the
Ex-Admiral in charge of the ANZUS South Pacific Fleets. We trust you
appreciate both the effort and resoursefulness and time necessary to
achieve this, not to mention its' ramifications under Admiralty
jurisdiction given these gentlemen watched and participated in the
concerned ceremonies in their FULL ADMIRALTY UNIFORMS as ADMIRALS of HM

This whole
event was also professionally filmed for the purposes of creating a
documentary based upon our activities over the past ten years or so. One
mob truly beleives what we are doing is about to change the planet.

We now have
all of the South Australian Tribes preparing to reconvene their Tribal
Councils (Parliaments) , with the Dharagh Tribes to reconvene theirs at
Parramatta-gul in western Sydney at a dawn ceremony - folowed by a
Traditional fire ceremony and feast on Bondi beach on May 22nd.

We have many
people turning up for this event including two Pacific Island Kings,
Rambukka, the Chiefs of Eatoroa (NZ), various ambassadors, and other
diplomats, not to mention representatives of the various Tribes across
the continent who are bringing their ceremony, song and dance to help

Once the
ceremonies of 22 May 2010 are completed, the public will have no opption
but to take notice of what we are doing and saying.

Much more
detail, obviously, but I felt this needed to be done as we were going
nowhere fast, and as this process fell into place we NOW have the
platform to move forward from - the base which was missing is now in

McMurtrie - Chieftain Githabul Ngarakbul Nation

Mark has another few irons in the fire that will shake the foundations of Australia once they're implemented, again i am not allowed to discuss
now but will when Mark emails to tell me in future.