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One way you can do this (and by my experience I can guarantee this) is by tuning into the 13:20 calendar, see or We have gone out of synch with nature, through living by our artificial 12-month calendar and clock which have no relation to natural celestial cycles. 13:20 time is a modern application to re-attune us to natural cycles, using the Mayan sacred Tzolkin calendar combined with the 13-moon cycle in our year of 28x13=364(+1)days.

Each day is a different energy: a solar frequency (1 of 20) combined with one of 13 tones (the dynamic intention), and all the different combinations of these make up the 260 units of the Tzolkin. Once you become familiar with the energies and tones, and explore your own birth energy (your kin code) you will be synchronising with the sun, moon, planets and seasons of our galaxy, as well as hundreds of thousands of people around our earth who are re-attuning to natural time this way.
As you become more advanced you can holographically tune into many different cycles at once, improving your ability to time travel in the future! Have fun!

Love Caro

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