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Amazing two hour lecture on the Galactic Confederation of Light. One of the best lectures on the subject, by a (supposed) member of the Federation itself. An ABSOLUTE MUST SEE!!!!!!!

I know this is a repost, but this is a very profound lecture, and needs to be watched, whether it be fact or disinformation. You be the judge!

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What a great way to start this discussion. this holds a lot of information to take in and digest.

I for one don't doubt much of what he has toi say here. I am sure there is life everywhere he mentions. My first initial question is the name Federation Of Light itself. it might just be me and my trekky background. Shouldn't this lighly love based beings be named differently? AS it perhaps a feeling for a name, or a specific thought perhaps. or simple a frequency? But tha's just the way to identify them :).

After that comes the rest of the discussion such as goal, purpose and so on.

For one thing, if All Being is reading this, I'd like his input on what is telling him that the GFOL is bogus as he claims. What part of him, what higher self told him that, and so on...Sinc ewe've all been united under this GFOL among other reasons, to me it was just a big thing to just ocme in and announce that the GFOL is not what we think so a bit of background on this would be appreciated. at the 3D level that we are as biological beings. :)... if you please All Being.


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