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An extremely important perspective on the Galactic Federation. By Marshall Vian Summers. I say this is an absolute MUST WATCH and an absolute MUST READ.

The Reality of Life in the Universe

Ethical Contact

Extraterrestrial Intruders


Amazing 6 part briefing as well.

First Briefing: The Extraterrestrial Presence in the World Today

Second Briefing: The Challenge to Human Freedom

Third Briefing: A Great Warning

Fourth Briefing: Manipulation of Religious Traditions and Beliefs

Fifth Briefing: Threshold: A New Promise for Humanity

Sixth Briefing: Questions and Answers

Final Words

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I'm having some trouble with the written material. I'll be honest and say that I haven't watched the videos yet, but from reading the 'briefings', I must say that this feels... odd.

It is very subtle, very well hidden in the words, but picking out true intent has always been one of the skills I've been able to rely on. The way the information is presented, in writing, is done in such a way that it raises more questions and doubt than it answers. It remains purposefully vague on many issues, while stressing that 'they' are the only ones who are looking out for Humanity's interests, while at the same time claiming others will claim the same and not speak truth.

Be very cautious about this. Many of the words and phrases used are only there to sway your mind to a distinct way of thinking, and then takes you around in loops until you go full circle and thus have 'confirmation' from your own thoughts... thoughts which they initiated in the first place by leading you around verbally like that.

My personal opinion? Manipulation to create fear, doubt and dependency, which only 'they' can help with.

Nice try but no cookie.
I couldn't agree more with you Ullan,i had red flags galore with allies of humanity at their website months ago.They are all about how it's all our fault,we have no power and must give over to the ET's Tech.The Et's they are talking about strike me as lower 4th dim.All about shortage and "battles for Resources".Higher beings don't speak in terms of shortage or limitation.They do not resonate with me at all.Esther Hicks and Abraham on the other hand are all about our total Empowerment.As a matter of fact she is the only Channell who totally resonates with me.88.
I really just can't put any energy into this. It's a carry over from one ego based existence to another. Struggling to maintain an illusion of what? More of the same ego struggle we face in our world today. This information Zero resonated with me
The inclusion of all information and opinions on any given topic is the absolute necessity for an enlightened debate about an issue. Therefore, we would be remiss indeed not to be acquainted with this information, and I thank you for providing it.

There are always more than two sides to each coin, as it were. Each issue is like a multi-facet crystal, which each opinion and interpretation one of the colors, refractions or shadows. Only when you have observed all the colors, refractions, shadows and facets, can you see the crystal, and describe it to others.

Pleiadian Agenda said:
Understand I will post, and ask everyone to post, ALL viewpoints. If I say, its a MUST watch, or a MUST read, that doesn't actually mean I concur or resonate with a particular philosophy or another. But all viewpoints need to be posted for honest debate. :)

Just for the record.


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