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Brad Contact Sirian Multi Dimensional Self to Explain Nature of GFOL and More. - REPOST

Originally posted by Brad Johnson (thanks Brad)

Adronis: Hello Brad we are glad that you have decided to contact us.

Brad: Hello my Sirian brothers. I am thrilled to contact you in this manner at last

Adronis: We can tell that something has been troubling you this day.

Brad: Yes, events with my wife and other matters. I feel betrayed by knowing about the GFOL’s truest intentions.

Adronis: Yes, it is unfortunate. Let us answer the matter with your wife first of all. Brad, you have got to let go of this frustration to cure her what is that you call depression. It is a battle that she must resolve in her nature, by herself. It is good that you have given her support, but you must have the decency to step back and allow her to conquer this on her own. We see your love for her, your unconditional love, but we suggest that you step back your power a bit. Always show love and support, but relinquish your need to constantly coach her. Although you believe she may not have your guidance “sunk in”, it is apparent that she does and she is indeed coming to terms with herself. Give it time and you will see progress through her.

Brad: Thank you for that. I have been a little stressed about decently.

Adronis: We have seen this. We love you with all our being our brother. You are us. And we are so proud to see that you are on your path to become whole. You are exceeding spectacularly. You have our love and support.

Brad: What about the GFOL? What are they? Imposters?

Adronis: They are a manipulation group. It is a group of imposters. It is a group with their own agendas with false promises as you have seen through October 14th’s event. Even though it was you and your friends, your earth brothers and sisters that had made that event possible. It was a day of many awakenings, and that is what you need to be proud of. Not the fact that there was a “no show” but that there was the fact that many awoken, and you saw the result for yourself.

Brad: Yes, this is true. That’s what I take pride in for that day.

Adronis: These beings do whatever their own agenda and claim to be of the light. They are master manipulators and result in darkness, only to show false light. Do not succumb to their beliefs or their words, for they will lead you down a false path of discontent and separation forum the loving energies you are feeling now. We are very glad you have been able to keep strong.

Brad: May I ask a question about who I am contacting?

Adronis: Certainly you may. I am Adronis from Sirius. I am residing within 5th density consciousness.

Brad: Thank you. I always like to know the identity of who I am channeling. And you are me in the future, correct?

Adronis: This is correct Brad. I am indeed you in the future.

Brad: I want to thank you for your words, they do provide a lot of clarity for me.

Adronis: I am you Brad. We are all you. We love you unconditionally. We know you have thought of the past incarnation you know as Jewawan, and yes, you were this being. Your wife was your soul mate with you on this planet. All that the one known as Clinton, your incarnated mentor as you call him on Earth has informed you, it is all true. You do not need to revisit this. Stand strong Brad and embrace the path and continue to follow your heart. Let yourself know that there are many in the nonphysical who are here to assist you as well as those in the physical on your world. You are love my friend. Stay true in light and love.

Brad: Thank you . Namaste my Sirian friends.

Adronis: May love and light be with you.

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I am very sorry to hear about your wife and her depression. I know what it is to be depressed. But I found most of my cure in the revelation on your site 10-14-08 search for truth. And now further here among my new family as I may say so. Slowly it goes but I am getting stronger every day. So I hope it will do good for your wife as well. Many many Light and Love for you and your family dear Brad.
Dear Brad.

This reply has been delayed by a day due to circumstances which kept me from forming coherent responses. Suffice to say that thanks to a member of this community, I am now feeling much better, and can resume adding to the whole that is Saviors of Earth.

Until you posted this piece, I had no idea your wife suffered from depression. It is very hard to see a loved one suffering like that, and I speak with first hand knowledge. I'm currently sharing my life with someone whom I met while he was depressed, and I've seen him slide down deeper and deeper over the course of two years. But right now he is one of the most positive and cheerful people you can hope to meet. And he did that all by himself.

He has likened depression to a valley, rather than a pit of quicksand. While we stand at the top of the mountain, someone suffering from depression is standing in the bottom of the valley. All we can do is stand there, and encourage them to climb, letting them know that it is possible to get there. But in the end, this is a journey someone must make alone. You can throw them a rope, but they must still climb by themselves.

So to all reading this, wishing to help Brad in this endeavor: if you meditate for something, ask not for uplifting, but the strength to climb.
WOW that is pretty spectacular. You in the future, i hope one day i will be ablei to channel, i know it is not for everyone. I think that my Fiance John is well on his way, you may know him as johnny11 11. Well take care and best wishes for your wife:D


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