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Everything in existence is energetically connected.

The Moon influences the Earth greatly based on its phases throughout its 28-day cycle. Its gravitational pull impacts the tides; it impacts our bodies since we are mostly water. As such, working with the moon phases is beneficial; it keeps us in tune with nature’s cycles of seed planting, drawing in energy, growth, reaping, and releasing. Metaphysical tools such as crystals, resins, and natural incense like white sage and palo santo holy wood are natural Earth elements that add extra electromagnetic power to your practices!

Here is your guide to the Lunar Cycles and recommended practices for each Moon Phase.

Manifesting with the Moon

1. New Moon/Dark Moon – cleansing, intention-setting

This time of new beginnings is your blank slate for the month! Become clear about your creations for this lunar cycle, and use selenite (pictured above) in meditation or to cleanse and charge other crystals as you plant the seeds of manifestation at the New Moon. Selenite is a cleansing crystal whose name is derived from the Greek name word “Selene,” which means “goddess of the moon.”

2. Waxing Moon – building, drawing

The Waxing Moon phase occurs after the New Moon, as the Moon slowly becomes larger in the sky. This time is beneficial to lay the foundation upon which you will expand your desires. Fertility rituals can be worked at this time, whether it is for love, conception of a child, or giving birth to any other creative endeavor. Rose Quartz and moonstone are wonderful crystals to use for cultivating self-love, womb wellness, and creative expression.

3. First Quarter Moon – attracting, cultivating

The First Quarter Moon is when the Moon is half-full in the sky. As it grows in size, use your focused attention to maximize your intentions. Continue to build upon your desires through meditation and altar work with incense and crystal grids. Tap into your manifestation energy and work your prosperity magic! Unakite is a metamorphic crystal featuring several minerals and is perfect for bringing things together.

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Raw, juicy citrine points for prosperity & abundance.

4. Waxing Gibbous – amplifying, manifesting

The Waxing Gibbous Moon is about three-quarters full in the sky. This time is the final push to amplify your intentions! Abundance, prosperity, protection, success, love and friendship should be at the forefront of your mind. Update your journal with a list of that for which you give thanks. Work with green aventurine and citrine; these crystals are for good fortune, prosperity, and abundance.

5. Full Moon – recognizing, energizing

Raw clear quartz crystal points for crystal elixir.

Raw clear quartz crystal points for crystal elixir.

Harvest time! The Full Moon is bright, energetic and abundant. This Moon phase is when we reap the fullness from our New Moon seeds. At this time, keep gratitude at the forefront of your mind and reflect upon that which you’ve brought forth.

At the Full Moon, emotions are at an all-time high, and sexual energy peaks. At the Full Moon, work with clear quartz crystal to balance all of your chakras and bodily energy centers. Place your stones outside or near a window for a Full Moon bath to cleanse and naturally recharge them.

Now is also the best lunar time to make Crystal Fire Water Elixir! Put a few raw clear quartz points in a glass container filled with distilled water, and place it outside or in a window for three full days before, during, and after the Full Moon is exact. Using distilled water ensures that the only minerals present in your Crystal Fire Water Elixir come from your raw clear quartz. Drinking the charged water after the Full Moon is a way of internalizing the metaphysical properties of quartz, plus high-powered solar and lunar energy!

We know how people turn into werewolves at the Full Moon, so it’s also good to meditate, cool out, and revitalize your aura. :)

6. Waning Gibbous – reflecting, liberating

The Moon becomes smaller each day during the Waning Gibbous Moon phase. You will have more clarity on what did or did not manifest during the first half of the cycle, for “better” or “worse.” Now is the Moon Phase which supports releasing that which no longer serves. In your meditations, reflect upon that which serves your greater good, and recognize any unnecessary attachments.

Various frankincense & myrrh resins.

Various frankincense & myrrh resins.

7. Last Quarter – releasing, detaching

The Moon is once again half-full in the sky at the Last Quarter Moon Phase. This energy brings powerful opportunities for ending things, dealing with perceived enemies, and banishing negativity. In meditation, focus upon replacing the negative energy of any situation with its positive aspects. Reflect on how your perceived limitations are only unresolved aspects of your own subconscious. Raw frankincense and myrrh resins burned on a charcoal disc are also good for cleansing your physical space at this time.

8. Waning Moon – clearing, banishing

White sage and palo santo. Always be burning something!

White sage and palo santo. Always be burning something!

As the Waning Moon reduces down to a sliver in the sky, it’s time to powerfully clear house! Make a concerted effort to banish negativity, illness, and things that no longer serve. White sage (a dried herb) and palo santo holy wood (natural aromatic wood from a mystical South American tree) are wonderful for smudging, or energetically cleansing yourself and your spaces.

Recognize the metaphysical causes of any dis-ease you may be feeling. Go into the depths of meditation to integrate your shadow. Write and reflect on the lessons of this cycle in your journal, and transmute anything negative into something powerful and productive.

After 28 days, we start back at 1 and the cycle continues. Prepare for the quiet clarity and new blank slate to come again with the New Moon!

Now is the time to recognize the ONEness in everyday life. The universal law of “as above, so below” applies to the heavenly bodies spiraling above us, the crystals that form below us within the earth, and the herbs and trees that grow upon the surface.

By following the phases of the Moon, we entrain ourselves to the ebb and flow of nature’s rhythms. Tune in, and watch some powerful manifestations come to fruition!

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