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This is what my 5 year old Grandson Jordan told his mom

[my daughter Kim]


He was just sitting on the couch and started to talk.

June 16 -2014
Jordan says Amber his sister. is a Cat-tear-re-um, they run fast are loud and eat a lot .they can talk and understand with their mind and that is why animals like her. I'm from space, I can live on the moon but come from the sun . Earth is a funny planet , it is dieing. 
Humans/animals live on Venus/mars with dragon toenails and some have red eyes. Saturn has a

hydro-hi-lift-ta-co. There is a new Planet coming soon. Not the one that is already here called plant x ,it is not a real one. A new planet X is coming ,this one has really real life on it.
 people need to watch the sky and listen something huge is starting .
June 18 -2014
Jordan says," do u know u can bend air? Space.. hydro space time chamber .
 Over in the west it will start.. a dark hole. mostly good but some are bad, they're cold blooded high jumpers.I don't like them ,their magic is not pure. they talk in clicks and hissing sounds. have u heard of the big ? .... mommoy the ones they call down.

 I have one on my school bus he is a super mind. He is half....{I asked half what?} ...I don't know he didn't say. I think half space ,he is my friend.

He was born cleaver ,first he spoke a strange language before he learned English ,I would talk to him in a  a off world language I know but really don't understand it well and he would just steer at me and laugh .He was a premi and very tiny as I feed him his night bottle so my daughter could get some sleep the lights in the room would flare up brightly .My daughter was shocked by that and I told not to worry abt it it was just Jordan playing with them. He loves science and asked for a telescope for x-mas when he was 4 years old.

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