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Now you can make very powerful orgone generators, without using a specific material! This 
method out smarts the standard way of making Orgone generators, because it is not 
dependent on specific materials. You can make anything into a powerful Orgone generator 
(Life Force intensifier), without using precious gemstones, resins and metals (called Orgonite 
by some). 

You are actually changing the material on a sub-atomic level, so it will become a powerful life 
force antenna in itself, which will never wear out! And they only take seconds to make! 

Make Orgone/life force pendants, earrings, finger rings, wands, blankets, crystals, massage 
oils etc. 

Can be implemented into any Radionics & manifestation device. 

Orgone Life Force Attunement course notes 

Basic use 

You can make Orgone/life force tools as you create Tacyon tools (please view Tacyon course 

Example of creation: 

Hold the material in your hand or have it on the table. As an example, you can use a little glass 
stone. Say the following mentally: 

“This glass stone will now become a life force antenna.” 

Wait some seconds and the antenna is ready. 

You can make antennas with different strengths. An example: 

“This glass stone will now become a life force antenna 
with 6 X strength.” 

Advanced use 

Let’s say that you would like to make an Orgone wand. Find a little wooden stick (like 6-12 inches). 
Decide from which tip the energy should emit. Mark this end. You would like the wand to have 
these properties: 1 - Energy will only come out of one end. 2 – Energy will stop emitting from the 
tip, as soon as you put down the wand or tell the wand to stop emitting energy. 

The Chamber of Attunements – 

Therefore, this could be the definition sentence: “This stick will now become a life force antenna, 
where the energy will solely emit from this tip (point at the tip or just look at it). Whenever I put 
this stick down, the energy will stop emitting from the tip. This will also happen, if I tell it to stop.” 

That’s it! 

To make the wand stronger, you could add how many times strength you want the wand to be. 
Example: “This stick will now become a life force antenna with 10 X strength….” Or 100 X etc. 

It all has to do with how you define your tool! 

Let’s take another example: Let’s say you would like to make a pendant with the life force energy. 
First, find a suitable pendant. Then you could say: “This pendant will now become a life force 
antenna, which will supply me with all the life force I need, for as long as I wear this pendant. It 
will balance me.” That’s it! If you like, you can add more “virtues”. 

You have the energy (Orgone/life force) and then you just have to tell it what you want it to do 

Orgone vs. Reiki 

Orgone/life force is not the same as Reiki, even though this means “universal Life force”. Yes, 
many will be surprised to hear that, but if you are sensitive to energy, try this test: 

Take 2 small pieces of paper (like 2 X 2 inches). On the first, you write “1”. On the second, you 
write “2”. 

Say this mentally:”The paper with the number 1 on it will now become infused with Reiki. The 
paper with the number 2 on it will now become infused with life force.” 

Feel them one by one. Do you notice any difference? 

Radionics notes 

If you are into Radionics, you probably know that there are dials on a traditional Radionics device. 
Further, there is some kind of circuit in it. Some have a real circuit inside and some contain only a 
drawing of a circuit. Some are operated by power and some are not. No matter how they are made, 
they work! That is because the Radionics device is what you could call a physical “intention 
machine”. The device itself is not a source of energy. It is depended on an “outside” energy source, 
which are the user and maybe an Orgone generator. 

Instead of using dials to tune into the right frequency and circuit to boost it, we can define what we 
want the device to do. When we know this, we can actually let go of the dials and circuit! This way 
we can make any material into a self-tuning Radionics device. This can be further combined with an 
Orgone generator. The following is an example… 

The Chamber of Attunements – 

Self Tuning Radionics Plate 

This is actually an Orgone Generator and a self-tuning Radionics device in one! 

Start by making a design for your device. It could be hand drawn on paper or computer made. The 
design really does not matter. An example, which you can use, is shown below: 

Self-Tuning Radionics Plate 
Orgone Generator 
This can be laminated before or after energising it. 

Now let’s define the properties in the plate: “This plate will now become a life force antenna, and a 
self tuning Radionics device. These 2 are connected. It will always operate to follow my 

It is now ready! 

To use, just place a photo of you or another (or a written note with a name on) and as an example, 
you could think “For balance”. This is your intent, so the Radionics plate will immediately tune into 
this frequency, with some extra help from the built-in Orgone generator. 

Between the photo and the plate, you can place a “trend”. This will “flavour” the energy with the 
desired “virtue”. The trend could be a tarot card, a planetary sigil, symbol etc. 

The Chamber of Attunements – 

For more information about Trends, Radionics & orgone, try searching on the Internet. Also, check 
these links: 

Orgone Attunement Instructions: 

To pass the attunement visualize life force energy being generated surrounding you for a couple of 
minutes--say "Higher Self I request ___________name to be attuned to the Orgone Energy. 



The Chamber of Attunements –


Orgone Life Force Energy Introduction 

The Orgone energetic connection was channelled by Mr Ole Gabrielsen. This 
attunement can give you the ability to make your very own Orgone products to 
aid your spiritual and everyday life. 

Now you can make very powerful Orgone generators, without using a specific 
material. You can make anything into a powerful Orgone generator or Life Force 

You are actually changing the material on an etheric level, so it will become a 
powerful life force antenna in itself, which will never wear out! 

Make Orgone/life force pendants, earrings, finger rings, wands, blankets, 
crystals, massage oils etc. 

Plus, you will to learn to make a powerful Radionics manifestation device. 

There is one attunement. 


Ole Gabrielsen > Jean Myrner > Kristen Dietz > Alasdair Bothwell Gordon

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Some of the main benefits of Orgonite are:

-Negative etheric energy will transform your home, community, healthy and positive energy.
-Atoms of water purifies, the most abundant molecule in living things.
-It benefits the overall growth of plants. Repels insects.
-Promotes cell regeneration in all living things and their immunological capacity.
It increases the levels of vitality and optimism in the air. 
If you have negative energy in your home or workplace then transform the negative energy into positive life force energy
Silly question ‘if’ I know because all electrical items give off negative energy and most homes and workplaces have electrical equipment

Let me list a few

Electric incoming box/ meter ,  Computer, Telephone landline or mobile, Fax machine, Printer, strip lights, Energy saving lights,  Television, Every electric sockets (switched on or not), Electric Cooker,  Microwave, Paper Shredder, Electric heaters in fact any item powered by electricity or battery.

The electrical wiring circuit is designed as a loop which goes all round your house / workplace. This loop means you live and work within a negative energy cage or fence.

Break this cage or fence by placing these transformer blocks on electrical item around the house / workplace to enrich your environment

Cut down or eliminate negative energy and this allows the natural healing process of our bodies to take place.

The blocks do not produce the positive Orgone or Tachyon energy they just act as magnets to attract these energies from our atmosphere.

Orgone energy transmutes negative energy into positive life force energy.

Tachyon energy is slowed down to below the speed of light and is collected around the outside of the block for us to use. Tachyon is a carrier energy which holds with in it the blue print for perfect health.

Outside dangers which can have influences on your lives are as follows

·       Electric pylon.

·       Overhead power cables.

·       Mobile phone transmitter.

·       Radio or TV transmitter.

·       Transmitter of any kind.

·       Mind control mast.

. Do you work under florescent tube lighting?

·       Do you live near a chemical plant?

·       Do you live near an electric transport system?

These Transformer blocks are ideal to break down the negative influences the above have on our lives.

You can also carry a block in your pocket or purse to work on the blockages within your aura helping the natural healing process to take place.


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