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Would you love your girlfriends lover

Several years ago reading a Raelian booklet called Intelligent Design by Rael,latest prophet who
suposedly met Yahweh,a four foot magnificent balanced being with almond shaped eyes, among other things these words cought my eyes: Yahweh told Rael that You people of the Earth need Love.
He farther told Rael that you should love the lovers of your girlfriend too,cause if you love your girlfriend
you should be happy to see her doing whatever she loves to do. So even loving the other boyfriends of
her cause they are going to make your girlfriend very happy too.:):):)
Those words resonated with me perfectly cause I'm not that jelous person after all,and I never forgot those words.Those words always gave me a smile on my face,but I could never share that way of thinking with anyone before.It made sense to me cause if anyone loved lover's lovers we wouldn't
have any rival problems or suffer for love at all.Imagine plenty girls and planty guys for everyone.
So I have my girlfriend now and because I'm very easy going person I allaw her to go anywhere she wants,and she comes home anytime she wants,even very late at night .It's just fine for me to see her
being happy.
Well! she sometimes now brings home some male friends from work,who also act as her workfriends only.Well still is fine with me,even that I know they like her a lot too,cause she is pretty.
:):):) So thinking Yahweh's words ,I think now here is my test to see myself how can I love my girfriends lovers now.I keep laughing to myself often..... how much of love I really am.Common Besim test yourself now,is any jelousy or fanatizm left in you after all:):):).
Deep inside me I know Love should be left to circulate freely,cause is love that unites us ,and change this world for better.Even if you have to love your lover's lovers :):):)lol.
See the pic of my girlfriend.Would you love her boyfriends??? :):).
.....She is free to do anything she wants, but honestly i'm still working in the inner-most deepest
..of me to go completely clear and to shine the way I truly want ...LOL
Is it really,that hard to do that:):):) .
''ahhhh lovely higher vibrations I want you so badly and I want to shine fully,but can't I keep at least just a little jelousy da:):):)'' . ahahhaha . namaste
........................................................................give your opinion. love to all you light-sparks.

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Dearest Besimi,

You are a very wonderful and special being indeed. With great love and compassion for you and your girlfriend,
I will respond by answering from and to the three major levels of awareness:

Level I :Earth plane; Why does your girlfriend feel that she needs so much male attention? What part of her male side hasn't she come to integration with? What past issues remain where she feels that she needs to feel loved and balanced only when many males are affirming her worth?
What about you? Yes, you may be testing yourself to see how tolerant, open, forgiving, loving, non-judgmental and free you are, but where is the true intimacy where both of you can be completely raw and vulnerable before each other with all the ego splayed out in its' oftentimes not so pretty side?

Level II: Spiritual plane; You are both working out the kinks of possession, insecurity, the Other, need for external reassurance and adoration, affirmation of the body as the reality, control issues, old karmic issues, Soul lessons and dissolution of the ego.

Level III: Since we are all One, then it is the One expressing Itself, there is "no body" here, it is the movement of Consciousness being, if we get caught up in the illusion that there are 'others' then we have not stepped out of the illusion of separation and must continue the dance of Consciousness apparent and Consciousness in disguise.

Hope this is illuminating.

Love and Light,

Sweet lovely friend you Natasha:):):) Thanx so much for reply and for that great smile you got on :):):)
-Actually the reason that I keep this blog on isn't much about me and girlfriend, ..but there is a great Light here to this ,I'm
trying to bring it out. ...I would call it Freedom of the Genders.
To raise that clear awareness ,that we don't own eachother, ...that we should be togather only on the bases of true love,
and to wish eachother all the happiness unconditionally. ahahha :):) Not only when partner is with you ... ...
People still living on the Victim-Controller mode, you made a commitment ,and than it's it,... ...
.....I could go on a lot on this, ..but I think you can understand me what I mean. ..this ''love'' is enslaving indeed... .
I would like to shine a lot on these ''relationships'', ..not that I want to seperate people,but there is more to it that they
want, but lack the courage and light to express it. ...people suffer ,for not realizing that we are All One,
..only than all jelousy and ect. vanish quickly. ..nature of the Human is to have lots of offers :):):)
let the excitement continue:):):) be it.


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