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Thnx P.A....What else am I going to do with my time? Find pug pictures, write funny caption, have breakfast, look for work, fail to find work....Find pug pictures....etc.
hehehehehheh .. you're back ..
Tell him to confront one after a few of these ... Should do the trick ..

This poor fellow failed to handle his ladybug issues in his youth, and this is what became of him. It's called in the literature, being "ladybug whipped." Let this be a lesson to us all...or we too may find ourself in Tijuana someday swollowing the worm with this guy!

Well done LiP!
Sure sure... blame the ladybug for pugs inability to find his balls, hence... drink his life down the toilet... he found the shot glass alright. Pug needs to find his inner ladybug and become one with ladybug...


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